10 Contemporary and Stylish Ideas to Upgrade Your Living Room

If the living room is the place at home where you indulge in family movie nights, relax with a good book, or socialize with friends, it needs to be outfitted with the right interior design products.

Moreover, since the living room is utilized in so many different ways, it also presents an opportunity to show off different design aesthetic.

Upgrading Your Living Room

Whether your goal is to refresh your living room for the season or completely upgrade it, here are a few ways to find the perfect option for you.

1. A Modern Touch of Glamour and Luxury:

With some cleverly chosen hacks, your living room can look glamourous for a fraction of the price you’d expect.

Stick to greys, taupes and a soft neutral palette for a glamourous and expensive look. Including vintage pieces from high end furniture brands are a great way to infuse your space with some luxury furniture.

Try repurposing something like this old, vintage steamer trunk as a coffee table to make it look luxurious and modern.

2. Make Your Space Elegant with A Pop of Colour: 

Homes are not always dramatic and dazzling, but little details make a huge difference even in the most superficial areas.

Functional furnishing with a pop of colours can create an atmosphere that is inviting.

Creating colourful spaces or adding bright coloured elements effortlessly seem to make the place larger, brighter and happier. 

3. Add Mirrors & Curtains: 

Amongst all living room mirror ideas, adding a decorative mirror can act as a lovely addition to your living room, adding character and finesse to the most visible space in your home.

If you choose new curtains, opt for floor length ones, even if your window stops halfway down the wall. Also, opt for lighter coloured ones; this can make a difference, making the room feel brighter and fresher.

4. Consider a Coffee Table and A Dining Set: 

Create a tenacious look in your living room by echoing colours or finishes from the room’s centrepiece, the coffee table, throughout other accessories.

For an eclectic-style living room, place a lovely candle, your favourite books, fresh flowers, and treasured travel mementoes to make the arrangement look cohesive.

The focal point of your living room will look like something that came straight out of Pinterest, in the budget, of course!

Along with a coffee table adding an elegant dinning table set would amp you your living room. A section of your house where your family spends some time together while making beautiful memories.

5. Go Bold for An Eclectic Look: 

Invest in pieces that are the centre point of your space, articles that you can build the whole room around.

Bold elements can make your home look like you’ve hired an interior designer. Redefine elegance by using the correct pattern and colour combination. 

6. A Monochromatic Effect: 

A monochromatic living room can quickly gather inspiration from nature.

Prints and textures compose the extra dimension needed to bring a refreshing, inviting feeling to a neutral living room.

Light-coloured wood is a great choice and an easy way of earthing the overall living room decor.

7. Curated Wallpapers & Artworks: 

Swap out your living room’s photographs or paintings for new artwork of the same size. This will make it easy to get an updated look in your living room with little effort.

In addition, fabric wall hangings are a quick and cheap way of brightening up your standard-issue blank wall and adding an on-trend bohemian flare. 

8. Mix up The Lighting: 

Lighting in a living room can set a mood, make a small space appear more prominent, and illuminate a colour scheme.

Consider swapping existing bulbs with LED versions to brighten a dark living room. Other ways to update your living room lighting include installing chandeliers or simply trading lampshades or painting the base of a floor lamp.

Layering your lighting this way will create relaxing pools of light that can quickly change the mood of a room. 

9. Roll out A Rug and Punch Throw Pillows: 

Updating a traditional living room can be done by just incorporating a bright patterned area rug.

The right rug can pull all of your accent colours together, add pattern to a neutral colour palette or soften hard edges in a contemporary room.

Additionally, throw pillows are the easiest way to decorate a space. They instantly add a pop of colour, make a room cosier, or effortlessly update a space.

10. Tuck in A Play Nook for The Kids:

Add a colourful rug to create a play zone and carve out a special playroom nook to create a visual partition from the main space.

This is also a great way to let kids know where it’s ok to leave toys out for play. In addition, this gives the kids a designated area to play while grownups can watch over from nearby.


While upgrading the living room, be mindful that the layout and furniture in your living room should always be functional. 

Work closely with your interior designer and don’t limit yourself and buy what you need from local stores without exploring.

Keep in mind that you can source interior products from around the world from a reliable online sourcing platform.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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