Minecraft Medieval Houses Ideas | How to Built it Easily?

Minecraft medieval houses ideas – It became extremely popular almost quickly after its initial release, and now everyone is glued to this great game (including me).

So, with this game, you can design any style of house. And if you’re looking for home design ideas, you’ve come to the correct place. I’m going to teach you about the Minecraft Medieval House today in this blog.

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In What Shape Does the Medieval House Have to Be Built?

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You can build a house in any shape or size, whether it’s a sturdy Minecraft fortress made of stone or a simple rustic village housing made of oak. These homes will provide you with an authentic archaic aesthetic.

So, if you’re eager to start building your own mediaeval home, keep reading. I’ll show you how to build a Minecraft mediaeval house in only ten easy stages in this article. But first, let me go over some of the basic characteristics of any Minecraft mediaeval home.

What Are Some of the Most Common Items Found in a Minecraft Medieval House?

•There are furnaces in the basement, as well as a lot of chest storage. There is also direct access to the mineshaft from the basement (a small area to install a furnace).

•A kitchen is often constructed on the main or ground floor. It comes with plenty of storage and a crafting table.

You can build a bedroom, a part brewing space, and a walk-out balcony for sniping mobs on the second floor (enemies).

•You can even add a library or extra relaxation room on the top floor.

•You can also construct a farming area and a stable for your royal horses or donkeys to rest in.

How to Make a Simple Medieval House?

BlueNerd designed and built this mediaeval home. This is a straightforward construction with some classic architecture. This structure would look great in the heart of a mediaeval village or the middle of a woodland.

This house, which is rather simple to construct from gathered items, could be an excellent survival shelter. So get ready to plan, develop, and construct.

What are the steps to build a medieval house?

The first step is to plan out your layout and gather the materials you’ll need.

First, let’s go over the essential materials that you’ll need to construct this project. The following is the layout in which we will construct our home:

mediaeval house in Minecraft

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What Do We Need to Build a Medieval House?

The following is a list of everything you’ll need if you want to create this survival house:

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•trunks of oak trees

•stone brick stairs with cobblestones

•stone bricks with cracks

•choice of glass panes for door

•slabs of stone brick

•Acacia wood planks with a spruce trapdoor

•stairwell made of acacia wood

•glass shards

•trap doors made of wood

•slabs of acacia

•fence gate of your choosing

What kind of place to search for building a Minecraft medieval House?

Step 2: Locate an Appropriate Flat Area for Your Minecraft Medieval House

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The house will have an L-shaped overall shape, so select a suitable level place to build on. Find a piece of land where you can dig simply if you wish to create a basement!

What to build first for a medieval House?

Step 3: Build The Foundation Minecraft medieval house

Now let’s start building the foundation with the layout provided. You may use stones/ blocks and with a total of 5 blocks high, stack them together. You can further add cobblestone and stone bricks for the texture. Just place it randomly to give it a more natural look.

What to replace with main corner blocks?

You can replace the main corner blocks with polished andesite. You can do the same with the blocks at the corner of the tower. When you’re done with this, your structure would somewhat look like the picture given below:

Minecraft medieval house

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What to install next?

Step 4: Construct a Doorway and Install Flooring

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In order to make the main entrance for the house, you will need to break some stones on one side of the wall. Then at a little free section, place three stones and three spruce fences. After you’re done doing this, put three spruce trapdoors and then finally add a door.

Now take some spruce planks and start filling your ground floor. Try the same thing on the top of the walls in order to make the base for the second level of the house.

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Minecraft medieval house

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What you must do to add frames?

Step 5: You need to add the frame

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You must shatter certain stones on one side of the wall to create the house’s main entrance. Then, in a little open area, place three stones and three spruce fences. After that, install three spruce trapdoors and a door. Now start filling the ground floor with spruce planks. To make the base for the second level, repeat the process on the tops of the walls.

How to Finish a Medieval House?

Step 6: Finish Your Minecraft Medieval House by Adding the Frame.

Let’s get started on the upper level. Add upside-down spruce planks on the sides of the construction, with one conventional block or spruce slab in between. Now, in the middle of each side, place four spruce slabs that are level with the corners.

To build a rise, put six strip spruce blocks to the top. Remember to use the same spruce blocks to join the tops of the pillars. (As a guide, use the photographs.)

How to build medieval House walls and towers?

Step 7: Build the Minecraft Mediaeval House’s Walls and Tower

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Now we’ll build our walls out of smooth sandstone. Place sandstone two blocks wide and four blocks high to fill up all the spaces (save one).

How to build a tower?

To build a tower, start by filling the empty space with the same smooth sandstone pieces. Arrange them in a square configuration and raise them to a total height of nine blocks. This will resemble the following:

mediaeval house in Minecraft

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Put some spruce slabs on one side of the house if you wish to build a balcony. You’ll see that certain holes have been left behind now. Spruce logs should be used to fill in any leftover gaps.

mediaeval house in Minecraft

How to construct the roof of the house?

Step 8: Construct the Roof of the Medieval House in Minecraft

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You’ll need dark oak steps for the roof. Begin by laying them out side by side, with one extra block draped over the edge. Do this on each of the structure’s four corners. To get a lovely A-line roof, follow the same method on both sides. This is how your roof will appear:

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Let’s get to work on the tower’s roof now. You’ll need slabs, dark oak plank, and dark oak steps for this. Place planks on top of the planks, raise them twice and then place three dark wood fences on top of the planks to complete the top.

mediaeval house in Minecraft

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How to Add Shutters and Windows?

Step 9: Add Shutters and Windows

mediaeval house in Minecraft2-row

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It’s now time to add some windows to your home. After all, without it, no home would be complete, right? As a result, shatter the two stones and place an upside-down stone on the bottom. Use spruce trapdoors for the shutters and a glass plane of your choice. Carry out the same procedure for all of your windows.

You can also install spruce fences for further décor and a more polished effect. Simply take them and begin placing them from the second level’s bottom to the roof. To lighten the space, hang lanterns above all of the windows.

Where to Place a Chimney in a Medieval House?

Step 10: Place the Chimney in your mediaeval house in Minecraft.

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When it comes to creating a mediaeval dwelling, a chimney is an important and necessary feature. The chimney is made of fractured stone bricks, while the steps are made of stone bricks.

To make this, start at the bottom and work your way up the roof with 2 X 2-row bricks. Granites and polished granites can also be used to add a few embellishments.

Where to Place a Cobblestone Block?

Then top it off with four rows of bricks and a campfire. Don’t forget to add some pine trap doors to the mix. Finally, place a cobblestone block on top of the fire to complete your chimney. Don’t you think it’s lovely?

How to decorate the house to look more good?

Step 11: Finish Decorating Your Minecraft Medieval House

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After you’ve finished adding the chimney and other details, you can add some leaves and flowers to your pathway. You are free to decorate the interior of your home as you choose.

What are the basic three levels in Minecraft medieval house designing?

•An open kitchen with plenty of storage cabinets can be found on the bottom level. A stove and a heater are also available. A small living area with a work table is also available.

•A large bedroom with a fireplace and several decorative shelf sections can be found on the upper floor. You may also brighten up your space with chandeliers and lights. The master bedroom also has a balcony that can be accessed from there.

•Finally, there is a small spot on the top level that can be used as a reading nook.

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