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Unquestionably after a long day in the workspace, everyone thought is to have a nap with complete silence.

However, if your noisy neighbor won’t allow you to sleep means will make you affect in many ways. People may create noise for so many reasons.

Also, there are some upstairs apartment noisy neighbors stomping on purpose to give a life lesson to those toxic people. So it would be best if you chose the right way.

So be it is anyone quality of life is always means a lot and you know having sleepless nights will make your life terrible.

Thus, once you find that your neighbor is making constant noise intentionally, you can easily handle this situation using the beneath tips. Our ideas will surely help you and give you the right solution that suits you.

Create A Good Image

Undoubtedly, creating a good image isn’t a challenging task. You are needless to spend a lot to make your neighbors friendlier with you.

Without your knowledge, you may have hurt anyone, so all you need to do is try to remove that hate in such a case.

Simply smile at your upstairs neighbors whenever you see them. It is more than enough to create a good impression.

You can also introduce yourself and then start a conversation with them, and it helps a lot. If you try to be more personal to your neighbor, they will begin to see you in the same way.

At the same time, if they try to be rude to you as well, it will make them have reluctance. For sure, your neighbor will never choose to hurt to again. So for those noisy neighbors, all you need to do is be nice and make friends.

Knock The Roof As Much As Possible

Most people do this step alone whenever they hear a tremendous noise. Make use of hand or else you can use some other item.

If they ask why you did it, then you can tell them to reduce the sound. However, it will create a sudden attack and make your neighbor lessen the noise. The reason is that some people never know how much noise they are making.

Thus, if you create the same noise, it will make them remain quiet. All you need to do is simply taping on the roof, and then you ought to spot the place where the noise is coming to knock there and keep it down. s

Make Them Aware

Of course, sometimes people make noise unknowingly. If your neighbor creates noise in such a way, then you can tell them.

Creating noise is rude, so you ought to make them aware of it. So, your neighbor, stop doing it with your kind words.

That’s why consider giving a note, and if they receive it with a smile, you are needless to do some other steps.

Mostly Try To Solve: Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Stomping on Purpose

The only way to bring an easy solution is to write a note and visit their home simply tell them about the noise that comes from their place. Plus, never fail to say the impact it has created in your life and ask them to keep quiet.

Make sure that you have hurt them silently. Sometimes neighbors will intentionally disturb due to that reason as well. But, most of the time, it will work well, and they will stop creating noise.

Face The Situation 

Even if you try to be pleased with your neighbor and don’t get your feeling, you must face the situation. Some people never respect other’s feelings at any cost. On occasion, your neighbor creates loud music better you hear your favorite music.

Even you can spend time on some other things as well. It will make your move and simply stay away from such toxic people. Also, if the situation exceeds after some point, better look for some other solution.

Talk With Neighbor Personally

Suppose you have a noisy neighbor who creates a vast loud, then better talk with them. Instead of thinking about yourself and doing some other steps, it is always better to talk with the person who makes the issue.

If the neighbor is making noise in their bedroom, you can swift it to the living space, and it will be pretty fantastic. It will help your neighbor understand your situation well. At the same time, talk about the noise creating odd hours.

Ask them to use headphones when they create noise on TV. To bring a better solution, you can even buy them one. Don’t think of it as an unwanted spend. On the contrary, it will help you to have peaceful quiet hours.

Approach The Management Certainly

Talking to your management is the primary step you must take. Speaking to your landlord or management of the place will assist you. It is also only when your neighbor being loud apart from the given hours, such as 10 pm to 7 am.

If your neighbor makes a noise between those hours, then even the management can’t help you. It is essential to talk with the administration because they will notify your neighbor’s door about the noise.

But one thing you should consider before talking with management that is your neighbor may stop creating noise; however, they will do some other issues. But, you have no other choice as well, so go for it.

Get Help From Management

For those who live in an apartment, for sure you will have management who take care of all the things. During this situation, if you have tried all the ways, but still you can’t find a solution, you can move.

Everyone has the right to enjoy their life within the provided hours. So, if you ask management for help, then they know how hard it is to bear this issue. In case if you have a young child who will easily get affect via noise and music.

For those who rent a house, then you must talk about the lease earlier. In case if you have an idea of owning a house, you better don’t do anything and simply go to your sweet home.

Avail Law Enforcement Action Against Noisy Upstairs Neighbors Stomping on Purpose

Involving law enforcement is the last and final situation is the important step that you to do in this situation. Suppose your neighbors are creating a lot of noise between 10 pm to 7 am, then you can’t do anything. All you need to do is bearing that sound.

Since there is a law that you can make sound between 10 pm to 7 am. So, you can’t fail a noise complaint. Also, if neighbors make noise other than that hour, you are all set to involve calling law enforcement, your local police, or even a fire station.

The force will reach your neighbor house. If they behaved rudely, then a fine will be asked. This is what the punishment offered.

Try To Have Evidence For Everything

In case if you have asked them to stop the noise as well, they didn’t respect it. All you ought to do is collect proof. You need to record proof and then involved law enforcement. The reason is that in case of law enforcement came and your neighbor didn’t accept the noise, the proof will speak.

That’s why you ought to record proof. When it comes to proving its, nothing but take notes on when they are creating noise, and also take videos or else audio recording. This is the best evidence that you ought to offer to the police, and it will help you in many ways.

At the same time, never miss getting support from other fellow neighbors. Not everyone will be okay with the noisy sound. Thus, you need to ask for help. People who get frustrated due to that noise will give better support.

Choose To Invest In A Ceiling Vibrator

The market is filled with lots and lots of vibrators. Amongst all, you ought to purchase a ceiling vibrator. Once you purchase it, you need to place it on your ceiling. It needs to vibrate and bring an earthquake to your neighbor.

But the thing is that you should not go for this step all of a sudden. You must give it a try on other options in case if everything fails, then use this option. It cost only $20 and you ought to follow this step until you find a solution. That’s why you must choose it.

Choose To Annoy Your Neighbor Seriously 

In case even if you made a complaint against your neighbor and the police involved as well can’t find any solution for that. Plus, your management also doesn’t fix this issue. You alone need to take action. You are needless to do anything violently.

Simply choose to play tennis on your ceiling using a racket and ball. For sure, it will make your neighbor feel disturbed, and it will give them a good lesson.

Is It Necessary To Call Police?

Of course, it is your choice whether to call the police, making your management solve the issue. Also, you have another option that is to fight and make sure it will give a solution. At the same time, if your neighbor turns it on loud in the interval of 7 am to 9 pm hours, then you have no other choice other than to adjust it.

In case if you choose to talk personally, still they didn’t convince you it is bad. Understand there are some beings in this world that never think about other’s enjoyment. That’s why most of the time, try to avoid it and then look after your work.

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Here Are The Related Questions And Answers 

Is It Okay to Use Law Enforcement?

Of course, you can. In case if the problem exceeds its limit, then its better to use law enforcement.

How Many Instances You Can Excuse Them Before Going to Consult With Management or the Landlord?

Consulting the management or else the landlord will come under your preference. But the thing is you can offer three chances to them.

Are There Any Laws That I Can Use Upstairs Neighbors Stomping a Lot?

Undoubtedly, you have the rights to quiet enjoyment. Plus, in most of the city limits, you will be offered 10 pm to 7 am hours. So there are some noise laws.

Things to Gain

Of course, neighbors who make a lot of noise upside will make you stress in many ways. This kind of people have no care about the lives of others and never respect your feeling as well. But you are needless to bear this torture.

You are all set to take action against this issue and make it better. Even you can easily handle it by directly talking with the neighbor, or else you can bring management into the issue and find a solution for this problem.


Thus, these are the ways you can use to stop stomping, plus you can easily resolve it with simpler steps. You can use anything based on your preference.

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