Why Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Dispenser Won’t Shut Off?

Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser won’t shut off – There are several possible reasons why a Frigidaire refrigerator’s water dispenser may not shut off. Some possible causes include:

1. A Faulty Water Inlet Valve:

The water inlet valve controls the flow of water into the refrigerator and may be faulty or stuck open, causing the water dispenser to remain on.

Usually, refrigerators with high quality water dispensers are available with shut-off water valves. When you face any water leakage from that dispenser, then surely there is a serious problem with the shut-off valve.

In case you are having the refrigerator for some days or making use of the dispenser regularly, then the shut-off may face a fatigue issue.

In order to find whether the problem is from the water valve, you need to check out the water line which is attached to the valve because the sensor arm gets depressed.

The water valve is functioning effectively when the water flows from this valve to the water reservoir.

In case you note that water does not flow, then it may be a serious electrical issue. At the time of pressing the sensor arm of the water dispenser, there may be some slight problem.

The valve needs to be replaced when there is no electrical buzz. You must have the professional to replace this valve in a most enhanced manner.

2. An issue with the water dispenser control board:

The control board regulates the operation of the water dispenser, and a malfunctioning control board may cause the water dispenser to stay on.

3. A problem with the water dispenser lever or actuator:

The lever or actuator that activates the water dispenser may be broken or stuck in the on position.

4. An issue with the water line:

If the water line that supplies the refrigerator is damaged or clogged, it may cause the water dispenser to remain on.

When the air trapped occurs in your water line, and then it is the main reason that your water dispenser faces leakage issues.

The water line is mainly responsible to get water from the source to the refrigerator.

In case you find any air in the waterline, then the pressure will get developed within it and it will cause leakage problem. You need to run the dispenser for 2 to 3 minutes to solve the leakage issues caused by air in the waterline.

In order to make it possible, you should remove the air from the waterline and then stop the leaking issues.

5. Dispenser Is Facing a Leakage Problem:

When your dispenser is facing a leakage problem, then sure it will make your kitchen so clumsy. Hence the frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser won’t shut off due to the sudden leakage issues.

But following some effective procedures, it is really possible for you to get rid of such issues immediately.

The leakage in the water dispenser occurs due to the trapped air in that water line, pressure buildup, the problem with the water valve or you have to make the catch pan empty.

6. Damaged Vinyl Tubing:

In case you have solved the air bubble problem, but sill the leaking issue continues in the dispenser, then there may be some major problem with the vinyl tubing.

In general, the vinyl tubing that connects your water dispenser to the water supply many break or split.

This will cause a leakage problem from your water dispenser. The better way to solve this damaged vinyl tubing problem is to replace it completely with the new tube in a most enhanced manner.

7. Pressure Buildup:

In case the water pressure in the refrigerator is more, then sure it may cause some serious issues to your shut-off valve too. In order to adjust the water pressure in the refrigerator, it is possible for you to install the water pressure regulator on the system.

The water pressure regulator can able to prevent water from spewing out at the top rate when making use of the water dispenser.

8. Empty the Catch Pan:

In case the dispenser is not causing any leaking issue in any situation, then a complete catch pan may cause some spills in your kitchen and make it messy. The catch pan is located under the dispenser and it gets more water that drips after regular usage.

When your catch pan becomes more, the water will leak down at the front of your refrigerator. This indicated that there is no serious problem with the dispenser.

It is a must for you to dump out the catch pan and then add it to the schedule during your regular kitchen cleaning.

9. Normal Water Drippage:

The water dispenser may drip at any instance and it can be during at the time of normal situation. After regular usage, the water dispenser may proceed further to drip for some time and then stop.

Such leftover drips may occur sometimes when you remove the glass very quickly from the water dispenser.

Above are the major reasons that why frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser won’t shut off. It is also possible for you to solve such issues by following some better procedures.

10. Working of Water Dispenser:

In case your water dispenser is facing a leakage issue, then don’t think that you need to replace your refrigerator with the new one.

It is very important to understand how the water dispenser can work to eradicate the problem very effectively.

The piece that you have to push back each time you need cold water is considered to be the sensor arm on the water dispenser. By executing this process, it will trigger the switch in the door of the refrigerator.

This kind of action mainly causes the water valve to effectively operate and then release water via tubes in the back of your fridge effectively.

Then water from vinyl tubing can be stored in the water reservoir when someone again presses the sensor arm. After that, the reservoir is filled; here you can find the water storage in your refrigerator.

Procedure to Solve Frigidaire Refrigerator Water Dispenser Won’t Shut Off:

You need to follow some simple procedures to get rid of the water dispenser leakage problem completely.

Step 1

At first, you need to test the total amount of leakage from your water dispenser. Then you need to hold the glass below the water dispenser after releasing the sensor arm completely. In case there are fewer amounts of drips from the water dispenser, then it would be normal.

Step 2

You have to rinse your sensor arm with the help of soap and water to remove the residue buildup completely. Most of the time, water splashes up from certain usage and it creates some residue which may cause some leak during that time.

Step 3

Then you need to run the water dispenser for around 5 seconds and then you need to stop it for around 5 seconds. You have to continue this procedure for 2 minutes and clear the air completely from the pipes.

[NOTE: Now you have to do this intermittent starting and then stopping of the dispenser at the time of replacing the water filter refrigerator to clear the system effectively]

Step 4

Go through thoroughly and then check if there are any cracks in the plumbing of the refrigerator. If you find anything is loose, then you have to tighten it effectively. Then you need to replace the cracked pipes as required to prevent further leakage.

Final Verdict:

To troubleshoot the issue, you may need to check and test the various components of the water dispenser system, such as the water inlet valve, control board, lever or actuator, and water line. If you are not comfortable doing this, it is recommended to contact a licensed refrigerator technician for assistance.

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