Maximalism Home Decor: High-Impact Home Decor Inspiration

Maximalism Home Decor – Is your home decor feeling a bit…blah? Are you ready for a change? We can help. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your interior design, maximalism is where it’s at.

Maximalism is an “in-your-face” style of decorating that oozes confidence and creativity. It’s a mix of colours, textures, shapes, and patterns that come together in an eclectic way. Think of it as the opposite of minimalism—instead of one colour or piece dominating the space, multiple colours and items are used to create a maximum impact.

If this sounds like your kind of style, we’ve got loads of inspiration for you! In this article, we’ll show you how to achieve the look with our top picks for maximalism home decor ideas. Get ready to channel your inner designer as we dive into some high-impact maximalism design ideas!

Showcase Bright Colors and Patterns

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Maximalism is all about celebrating the beauty of living with a lot of fun and bold elements. To get the full effect of maximalism in your home, showcase bright colours and eye-catching patterns to create a bright and vibrant atmosphere.

You can start by choosing your favourite colours, and then mix and match different types of decor pieces in shades that represent your unique style. Try mixing prints, such as polka dots, stripes, checkered designs, and more to achieve an exciting visual that stands out. And don’t forget to add texture variations by mixing solid colours with fabrics like velvet or knits.

These colourful pieces can be used to draw attention to an area in any space—for example, a bedroom corner or a small dining area can come alive with bright colours and bold shapes. You can also add a statement piece such as an armchair or statement wall art. Don’t be afraid to use different textures, materials, shapes and sizes—you never know what amazing design ideas you may come up with when you experiment!

Striped Surprise

Maximalism Home Decor
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When you hear the word “maximalism,” your mind may immediately go to bold, vibrant prints and busy patterns. While these are certainly part of maximalism decor, they can be so much more than just clashing hues and chaotic designs. Stripes are one way to bring the look alive without going all-in on a riot of colours.

Stripes create an instant impact when used in wallpapers as they form a dramatic backdrop to all types of furniture and decor accessories, helping to highlight your unique style. Consider eco-friendly materials like a cork in organic stripes for something different, or pair classic black-and-white stripes with an upholstered headboard to make a traditional space come alive.

If you’re feeling a little wilder, try multi-coloured stripes that demand attention, or combine a number of different stripe widths for an eclectic finish. Regardless of the colour scheme you choose, stripping it back just enough with stripes can bring your new maximalism look into focus.

Incorporate Statement Pieces With Bold Designs | Maximalism Home Decor

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When it comes to maximalism design ideas, don’t be afraid to incorporate statement pieces with bold designs. After all, that’s one of the most fun parts of maximalism! Whether it is the centre of attention in the room or a hidden piece tucked away in a corner, having a standout item that draws the eye can make all the difference.

For example, you could get:

  • A patterned rug with large and colourful geometric shapes
  • A statement chair with bright upholstery
  • A wall mural with an abstract nature-inspired design
  • A modern sculpture that stands out against neutral tones
  • A conversation-starter coffee table with a unique shape

You can also make use of textured materials, such as rattan mats or woven baskets to give a room more depth and character. Plants are also perfect additions to any maximalism home decor scheme – they add life and energy to any interior. The possibilities are endless!

Kitsch in the Kitchen

Maximalism Home Decor
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The kitchen is also a great place to show off your maximalist style. If you’re looking to go bold, you can start by adding some kitsch! Add some colour and personality with bright kitchen appliances, colourful utensils, and plenty of decorative elements.

Brighten up your kitchen with appliances in unusual colours like green and yellow. This is both an excellent way to add a unique look to your space, but also an easy way to maximize the impact with minimal effort.

Think outside the box when selecting utensils for your kitchen. Consider retro-style flour sifters or melon ballers as they will create an edgy juxtaposition with modern appliances. Plus, you can find these vintage styles in all shapes, sizes, colours and designs so you can truly make it a one-of-a-kind centrepiece!

Spice up the kitchen even further with decorative elements like vintage art prints or antique pieces such as glassware or plates. Even if it doesn’t go with the rest of your decor – when done right – it will create an eclectic and charmingly mismatched vibe that only maximalism styling can do.

Add Unique Touches With Wall Art and Sculptures

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Maximalism is the perfect way to bring personality and charm to your home, and one way to do that is by adding wall art and sculptures. The key is to choose pieces that have personal meaning, or that bring a unique touch to your space.

Sculptures can be anything from a small ceramic figurine like a mythical creature in the corner of your living room, to a large metal piece you display on your mantel. Look for pieces with interesting shapes and textures that will draw the eye.

Wall art can range from abstract paintings to photographs; again, look for pieces with unique colours and meaningful subjects so that you are never bored with them. Don’t shy away from large pieces either—a great way to give maximalism an extra impact is by displaying big art pieces. You could even mix up both sculptures and wall art together – creating an intentional, eclectic look that adds depth to the space.

Try to Use Plant Power – Maximalism Home Decor

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If you’re looking for a surefire way to infuse your home with maximalism, use plants! They’ll add some much-needed life to your home and will instantly make it look fuller, warmer and more harmonious. And luckily, plants come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that looks great in any room.

For a larger statement piece, consider a tall and large fiddle-leaf fig tree—it’s one of the more popular options right now. For something slightly smaller, try a snake plant or even indoor palms. Or if you’re looking to liven up the kitchen or living room space, hang some potted succulents in midair—they look great against the wall!

Now with plants come some maintenance responsibilities… but don’t worry, they don’t have to be too overwhelming. You can also opt for artificial plants that still give off the same vibes as real ones—just make sure they’re good quality!

No matter what kind of plant or pot you choose for your maximalist home decor ideas, keep in mind that it’s not just about esthetics; plants have huge health benefits too. So take a few extra moments to pick the perfect ones for your space and enjoy the beauty and fresh air they bring!

Personalize the Space With Photos and Memorabilia

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Sometimes the best way to make a maximalist room feel cosy and inviting is by personalizing it with photos and memorabilia. This can be anything from framed photos of family, vintage artwork, or even travel souvenirs from around the world. Think outside the box and find items that speak to you, as they will add depth and texture to your space in an interesting way.

Think of your walls as a canvas. Swap out any old prints for something bolder—you can even use wallpaper to add impact without painting an entire wall. Or get creative with it, like creating a gallery wall filled with mementoes collected over time.

If you have the space and budget, consider adding statement pieces, such as a vintage chest or armoire that speaks volumes in the room, custom shelves that are one-of-a-kind and quirky mirrors or lighting fixtures that set the mood for your maximalist design.

By personalizing your home with unique items that tell your story, you can create a look that’s completely yours!

Bookworm’s Paradise

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Ready to create your own bookworm’s paradise? It all starts with your books — since they will be your featured decor item, make sure you make the most of them by displaying them in an eye-catching way. Try stacking them vertically, horizontally or diagonally, in creative shapes and patterns. Or you can use custom shelving to store and show off your books without taking up too much space.

However, you choose to showcase them, don’t forget to add a layer of cosiness with some comfy pillows and a soft rug! Your living area should become a haven for reading, so adding textures like velvet, faux fur or chunky knits is the perfect way to make it inviting and warm.

And lastly, lighting is key—try adding a dimmable lamp for spotlights in certain areas. With its adjustable brightness, you can set the mood when you want to relax with your books!

Create a Layered Look by Types of Textures

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Sometimes, more really is better. And that’s something you have to learn when it comes to maximalism home decor. To create an impact, you should mix different textures in your space. This could mean adding throws and pillows with different fabrics and textures, or using mixed materials such as wood and metal, for example.

Creating a layered look is super easy — try adding a plush velvet sofa with bold print cushions, a faux fur throw blanket to add texture, a few patterned rugs to anchor the space and some abstract art with gold frames for the finishing touch. The combined effect creates an interesting look that oozes luxury at the same time.

You can also play around with fabric finishes — velvet goes well with satin and silk, while cotton is great with chunky knits. Think of these combinations as a way to experiment with different textures in your design in order to achieve an amazing maximalism look!

Gorgeous Guest Bed

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When you’re looking for interesting home decor ideas, a guest bed is a perfect place to start. When you invest in a quality, eye-catching piece of furniture with maximalism design elements, it will make quite a statement in any bedroom.

Go all in with colours that will draw attention and set the tone. Whether it’s an unexpected colour like salmon or royal blue, or something more traditional like navy and white—using colours that draw attention will make a statement in any room.

Mixing and matching patterns and textures can create a cosy yet luxurious feel. Velvet upholstery, bold wallpaper patterns, and lush rugs—creating layers of texture can make the room feel much more inviting and give your guests something to remember when they look around your home.

Choose pieces that stand the test of time so you don’t have to worry about home trends changing annually. Invest in timeless pieces like headboards with intricate carvings or furniture with classic silhouettes to give your guest bedroom a luxurious feel which will be appreciated for years to come.


With maximalism, the sky’s the limit! If you want to make a statement with your home decor, the maximalism design is the perfect solution. It can be bold, beautiful and unique. From bold colours and patterns to unique furniture pieces and accessories, maximalism provides a great way to express your creativity and make an impact in your home.

Not only that, it can be incredibly comforting—nothing like a warm and inviting living space to relax in! So don’t be afraid to think outside the box and take a risk when it comes to maximalism home decor. You never know what kind of incredible statement you’ll make!

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