Dark Academia Bedroom | Create the Perfect Paradise with These Ideas

Dark Academia Bedroom – Are you feeling the cosiness of a dark academia bedroom taking over your soul? Then let’s get to it. Let’s transform your bedroom into an oasis of cosy dark academia vibes that will make you feel like you belong in a novel.

From lighting to decor, it’s possible to create a dark academia bedroom with the right pieces and a few essential design principles. Ready to learn what they are? Read on for some tips on how to create the perfect dark academia bedroom paradise.

No matter what your budget or style preference is, these ideas will help you create an environment that you can comfortably curl up in and drift away from reality. So read up, grab your notebooks and pens, and pull up those comfy slippers—it’s time to dive into dark academia bliss!

Incorporate Vintage Touches

Adding vintage touches to your dark academia bedroom is a great way to capture the essence of the style and create a calming atmosphere. Think of incorporating these elements by using vintage colours or use second-hand items such as antiques, thrift furniture, or even just vintage-inspired decorations. A few ideas could include adding a vinyl record player, old books as décor, a bespoke rug, or a vintage-style armchair. All these touches of nostalgia will bring that cosy ‘study in the library’ feeling right into your bedroom!

In terms of color scheme, you can go for classic neutrals like beiges, browns, greys and cream – all inspired by time-worn appeal. If you’re looking to go bolder, look up ‘dark academia’ on Pinterest for some ideas that incorporate deeper hues like navy blues and emerald greens.

Wall Decorations with Paint & Plastered Arts

Dark academia style is all about the details. And when it comes to wall decorations, the possibilities are endless! From paint to plastering arts, you can create a unique and inviting space that feels like an oasis.

To give your walls a dark academia feel, consider painting them with warm colours such as navy blue, forest green, deep brown or even dark grey. These shades will give your walls an elegant and sophisticated look that complements the design of dark academia bedrooms.

If you’re looking for a more subtle and personalized touch, consider plastering art into your walls. You can find a variety of art that matches the Dark Academia theme: antique book covers, classical paintings or beautiful landscape photos. Mix and match to create a unique gallery wall that expresses your style!

Silk Hanging Ivy Garland | Dark Academia Bedroom

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Are you ready to take your Dark Academia bedroom up a notch? If so, consider adding a silk ivy garland! Whether you hang it around the bed frame, around your desk chair, or along the wall—ivy is a cost-effective and beautiful way to add some more greenery.

Not only does it look esthetically pleasing, but having plants in your bedroom can also improve air quality. Silk plants require no maintenance and they’ll stay looking lush and beautiful all year long.

Pick out a silk ivy garland that fits your budget and aesthetic. Measure out where you want to hang the garland and mark out corresponding points along the wall (or furniture) where you’ll be placing nails or thumbtacks. Hang the garland in the desired areas and secure it with nails or thumbtacks if needed. Add extra accents like a string of lights or small figurines to make it even more special!

Take some time to experiment with different arrangements until you find something that works for you—you’re sure to adore the end result!

Literary Accessories & Book Arrangements

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When it comes to creating that perfect dark academia bedroom, you can’t forget about the books! If you’re a book lover, you know how great it is to prop yourself up in a comfy bed and read for hours in a cosy space—and this is your chance to do just that.

Not only does having books in the bedroom add beauty and depth to your design, but books can make reading and studying much easier. A bookcase is a great way to display your literature collection, and you can make it as fancy or simple as you like!

If you already have a bookcase that isn’t quite giving off the dark academia vibes, why not dress it up with some items? Place vintage decorations like small classical statues or ornate picture frames on top of your shelves. Mix and match different sizes of books together (for example alternating fiction novels with coffee table books). Add in some antique vases or trinkets for an extra touch of sophistication. You could even try arranging the books by colour or paper size — whatever works best for your space!

Use Opulent Fabrics

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Who doesn’t love a bit of opulence? You can evoke the sumptuous style of Dark Academia with some luxurious fabrics, like velvet and silk. These fabrics bring a little touch of decadence to your bedroom paradise, as well as being really comfortable to touch.

Adding a bedspread and throw pillows made of plush fabrics will also add some warmth and cosiness to your room. To make it look even more sophisticated, you can add velvet curtains, either in classic dark colours or in jewel tones for some added colour.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on these fabrics either—there are lots of affordable options out there, so you can get that coveted Dark Academia to look without breaking the bank. So don’t hesitate to shop around and find the perfect pieces for you!

Candles for Ambience & Aromas

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Candles are one of the most classic ways to add a calming and cosy ambience to any room, even more so in a dark academia-inspired bedroom. They also make your room smell lovely with scented candles of your choosing. There are so many different kinds of candles that can help you really bring your dark academia goals to life.

One popular choice is pillar candles, which are perfect for larger open spaces where they can be seen without the risk of being knocked over. You could also light up those hard-to-reach corners with tea lights or votives—just make sure you have holders to keep them in place and safe. Scented jar candles or wax melts are great for when you want a more gentle aroma without constant flame. For an even subtler approach, try using essential oil diffusers and fragrance oil warmers to make your bedroom smell like sweet, sweet nostalgia every time you enter it!

It’s not just about lighting up the room; it’s about decorating with those beautiful candles too! Candles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes from clusters like tealights floating in glass containers to beaded pillar holders that look like art pieces on their own. As for colour, choose warm shades such as tans and browns for that classic Academia to feel, or if you’re feeling daring try bolder colours such as mustard yellow, deep red or navy blue that still match the general vibe but have a bit more personality.

There’s no wrong way to enjoy adding cosy vibes with candles in your dark academia bedroom paradise!

Elevate Natural Materials | Dark Academia Bedroom

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One way to bring the dark academia look into your bedroom is to bring in some natural elements like wood, stone, and textiles. These materials evoke a sense of nostalgia and character that will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom.

Adding wooden furniture pieces like a bed frame or dresser will bring a warm and cosy feel to your room. There are various types of woods that you can choose from depending on the look you want to achieve. Hardwoods like oak, walnut, and beech are durable and have a luxurious feel while softer woods like pine give a more rustic vibe. You can even mix different types of woods together for an eclectic look.

Stone accents like shelves and wall cladding can add texture and depth to your dark academia bedroom decor. Travertine tiles or flooring can make an attractive statement piece while still being neutral enough to fit in with other elements of your room’s design.

Soft fabrics like velvet, linen, and wool are essential for any dark academia bedroom paradise. These materials will add warmth as well as visual interest to your space. A velvet upholstered headboard or armchair can not only serve as a focal point for the room but also provide extra comfort when reading or working at home. You can also use textiles as wall hangings or window coverings for added warmth and charm.

Introduce Woven Elements

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The more classic elements you can bring into your dark academia bedroom the better – and introducing woven elements is key. Whether it’s a basket or a few pieces of wicker furniture, these accessories will bring a rustic, vintage feel to the space.

Wicker furniture is especially great for bringing in that classic Academia look– not to mention you can use it as extra storage space! For example, an old-fashioned wicker basket is an amazing way to store blankets or other cosy items.

And when it comes to lighting, you don’t want anything too modern – use woven texture in the form of lanterns or candle holders instead. These will bring the perfect ambience, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your dark academia bedroom feel extra cosy.

Balance With Warm Tones

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When creating your Dark Academia bedroom paradise, it’s important you don’t go too dark. You want to make sure to balance out the darker elements with warmer tones.

Warm tones make the room feel snug and inviting, but also calming. You could bring in hints of warm colours by adding in pillows or throwing in warm colours, like beiges and ochres so that your Dark Academia bedroom looks less like a horror movie set and more like a cosy place to relax.

You can also add warmth texture-wise with rug and carpeting in muted earthy tones. Thick blanket throws and chenille bedding can really up the cosy factor, as well as introduce a warm visual tone. Finally, any vintage-looking candles or lanterns can add an intimate glow to your bedroom paradise.

Opt For Grandeur – Dark Academia Bedroom

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If you want to take your dark academia vibes to the next level, opt for grandeur. That means you can fill your bedroom up with statement pieces that will exude opulence and sophistication. Think about things like gold or silver-framed mirrors, ornate bedframes with four posters, velvet tufted armchairs, and vintage lamps and chandeliers. These kinds of pieces will elevate your space and really bring out the dark academia vibes.

To keep it in the dark academia theme, choose colours that are moody and atmospheric but still neutral enough to keep the bedroom feeling calm and relaxed—black, navy blue and deep green are great colours to go for here. And if you really want to get creative, add an accent wall using wallpaper or paint in faux textures like wood or marble.

These finishing touches will give your bedroom an ultra-luxurious feel without making it feel too over-the-top—and they’ll help you create a perfect little space for studying, relaxing or just taking in all the beauty of dark academia style.


Creating the perfect Dark Academia-inspired bedroom doesn’t have to be an intimidating or expensive endeavour. With a few simple steps, you can be well on your way to transforming your bedroom into a Dark Academia paradise.

From introducing romantic lighting and cosy textures to creating a dedicated reading nook and maximizing storage space, these ideas can help you transform your bedroom into an oasis of classic and chic aesthetics that will inspire you and help you reach your academic goals. So go ahead, get creative and make your bedroom a personalized escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life.

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