Quick Home Improvements to Increase Storage Space

Regardless of the size of your home, it’s uncommon to find someone complaining about having too much storage space. In fact, most people are looking into different ways to increase their practical storage space.

If you are considering undertaking a home improvement project, planning for additional storage space and making your home more functional is prudent. Here is how you can increase your storage space;

1. Install Shelves, Cabinets, and Hooks

Cabinets, shelves, and hooks can help you maximize the vertical space in your rooms. Typically, shelves are great for keeping items you need to see easily, like glassware, decorations, and books. You can also include baskets on the shelves to conceal smaller items that are less appealing. If you have unused areas above the TV, in the garage, and kitchen, it pays to add shelves strategically. Most importantly, installing shelves inside the cabinets in the kitchen can make your space more practical and organized.

On the other hand, cabinets are great for keeping supplies like toiletries that require quick access. Drawers and cabinets with modern designs can help conceal gadgets like printers and other smaller appliances if you incorporate electrical outlets. Most importantly, you can install custom cabinets to match the shape of irregular items that may be hard to fit in standard cabinets.

Hooks can help you to better utilize the space on your walls and the backside of your doors. When installed in the garage, you can create a great space to keep your garden supplies, and they can help you organize your closet.

2. Utilize the Space Under the Kitchen Island and the sink

Your kitchen island should go beyond providing an additional seating area and increase the storage space. Upgrading to a larger kitchen island creates room on every side, including where you slide the stools. This ensures you are utilizing every available space under the kitchen island. Before you start remodeling your kitchen, determine the practical layout depending on the size of your room. Most importantly, it should be functional and stylish.

The space under your sink is a tempting spot to fill clutter, but you can remove all unnecessary items and repurpose the area into a usable space.

You can install a modern cabinet under the sink and include hanging rods and hooks inside the doors where you can keep your dish rags. The hanging rods create an ideal spot for keeping your grocery bags. In addition, you can install shelves in the cabinet for better organization.

3. Multifunctional Furniture and Practical Baskets

While your furniture should be elegant and compliment your interior design, choosing pieces that provide additional storage space is best. For instance, chair storage units, ottomans, small chests, and tables with shelves or drawers can be great spots to store your magazines, books, extra linens, and other items.

Beds with storage drawers help you maximize the space under the bed, and you can keep your beddings, clothing, and other items in the bedroom to eliminate clutter.

While digital books and magazines have impacted the popularity of book storage furniture, bookcases can be a good option for storing other items in your home.

Modern units with modular designs have doors and drawers so you can have open partitions for display and create hidden storage compartments for household items.

4. Built-in Space

When planning your home improvement project, consider adding built-in storage options to your space. A good cabinet shop can design solutions for specific areas and enhance organization by eliminating armoires, entertainment centers, and dressers; fixtures that often occupy more space and reduce flexibility.

For instance, floor-to-ceiling bookcases with drawers, cubby holes, and shelves can be a great place to display your movie collection, books, and orchids. Built-in storage solutions in the hallway also add more space to store seasonal clothing, extra beddings, and decorations. Regardless of the size and shape of your available space, you can install custom storage.

5. Utilize Storage Space Under the Stairs and Corners

The space below the staircase often goes to waste in most homes, but you can convert this area into a functional space by installing drawers and shutters for storing and sorting your items. In addition, stair risers can be excellent storage spots for toys, linens, and files.

If the area is large, consider repurposing it into a walk-in closet with shelves, hooks, and a storage area to keep your cleaning tools and supplies. Most importantly, contemporary staircase storage designs can make your interiors more attractive and practical.


Adding more storage space to your home doesn’t have to be complex, especially when planning your home improvement carefully. Installing shelves and drawers in unutilized spaces like the staircase and under the sink can provide practical storage space. Most importantly, built-in storage options can convert any area into a unique storage spot.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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