How to Remove Pop Socket

How to remove pop socket? – Smartphones are a distinctive and powerful technology in their own right. The most under-appreciated source of money is the variety of accessories that are available on these smartphones. Cases have been an enormous source of income.

Pop sockets are a trend at the moment and can be used to do various things. What happens if you get bored with the current style and wish to switch it out with another?

The removal of a pop socket is easy and can usually be done with a hand. In the event of a malfunction, it is possible to make use of a sharp edge to aid in prying it off to allow repair or maintenance.

How to Remove Pop Socket? Removing a Pop Socket Step by Step Directions

Step 1: Push in The Pop Socket

Before proceeding with anything else, be sure there is no pop socket that is not expanded. Push gently to fully retract. If it is stuck when pushing it, Try gently moving the pop socket before you attempt to push it out again.

It is essential not to attempt to take the pop socket from your phone while it’s still fully expanded. The attempt to disconnect it when it’s expanded could result in separation from the bottom of the socket, damaging it completely.

Step 2: How To Remove Pop Socket Using Your Fingernails

Once the socket is completely retracted and the pop socket fully retracted, we can proceed to the removal procedure. In the majority of cases, the fingers of your nails will be sufficient to accomplish the task since the adhesive to the pop socket isn’t very strong.

Put your fingernails on the edges of the base, and push until you sense them beginning to slide under. It’s not necessary put your fingers down too far but only far enough to be able to grasp onto the base of the pop socket.

If you don’t see the bases peeling off and aren’t already, a gentle but firm pull can take it off.

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Step 3: How To Remove Pop Socket by Pulling Gently

The “gently” cannot be emphasized enough if the pop socket is feeling as if it’s stuck but don’t force it. You may scratch its base. Socket damaging it for the rest of your life. Begin pulling slowly, and you will begin to feel the base beginning to rise.

You could also try peeling from the top of your pop socket. Start on one side of the base and move towards the opposite end. Pop socket adhesives don’t have the strength; therefore, it shouldn’t require much effort to get rid of the base.

How Do You Clean a Pop Socket for Future Use?

In some cases, the removal of the pop socket can be just for the purpose of cleaning it and applying it again. If this is the situation, follow the steps to remove the base of the pop socket from your device.

  1. The base should be submerged in cold water. It is crucial to only run it for a few seconds, if not more. If you leave it in the water for too long can not only cause it to be more difficult to dry but could also damage the stickiness on the basis. This is as we want it to stick again successfully.
  2. Dry it. After quickly washing the base of the socket and letting it dry in the air. Utilize a paper or cloth towel to place the sticky side upwards. It is essential that you do not let it sit for longer than 15 minutes since this could compromise the adhesiveness of the bottom. If it isn’t dry within 10 minutes, you can give it a gentle wipe using an old towel.
  3. Apply the pop socket. If you’re satisfied the socket is dry, put it on your phone or another flat surface. Pop sockets aren’t a good fit on leather or silicone surfaces and don’t perform well on water-proof surfaces. Windows mirrors, tablets, and smartphones are the top applications for pop sockets to keep in your mind.
  4. It should sit for a while. Give the pop socket at least one hour before you attempt to close or expand it. This allows the base to adhere properly.

How Do You Swap out Pop Socket Tops?

Perhaps you’re looking to swap your socket and not take off the base of the pop socket, just the top. It is a little simpler than removing the base, but it requires time and effort to do it correctly.

  1. Shut off the socket. The first step is to close the pop socket until it’s flat. Remember that disconnecting after it has been fully extended could cause damage to the top part or break completely.
  2. Turn 90 degrees. While the pop socket is shut, place your hands on it, and then give it 90 degrees of twist. Pop sockets should come off with ease.
  3. Replace it with a brand new socket. If the old socket has been disconnected, it’s only a matter of popping into a new one. It is possible to be creative and switch out the seasonal or holiday themes, as well.

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Can You Replace the Adhesive on A Pop Socket?

Sometimes the adhesive at the bottom of the socket may be worn or dirty. If this happens, it could not be able to stick properly and could require replacement or the purchase of the entire pop socket.

Replacing the adhesive on the socket pops is quite easy, although it may require a bit of attention and patience.

  1. Take off the adhesive that was used. They are typically 3M adhesives, and they are easy to remove. Be sure to get every bit of adhesive so that everything else runs smoothly.
  2. Cleaning the bottom. With alcohol, the pad wipes the surface of the base until it’s completely dry. If you find any leftover adhesive, you can remove it and then clean it with the alcohol wipe.
  3. Apply with brand new glue. Remove the protective layer of the new adhesive and apply it with care onto the smooth surface that is the foundation. Be sure to check that it’s aligned and covers the area properly.
  4. Press down. Make sure to press firmly against the bottom of your pop socket. Hold for about 12 minutes or so. This will ensure a better bond to the surface you want to adhere to.
  5. Wait. Let the base rest for 24 hours prior to expanding it. This time-out will allow an adhesive with a new design the chance it requires to bond to the base in a proper manner.

Why Does My New Pop Socket Keep Falling Off?

There will be a moment that you purchase a brand new pop socket only to have it break the moment you attempt to stick to it. Although this isn’t the case often, the main cause is that the gel has gotten dirty.

You can swiftly and gently wash off the gel that is sticky but make sure not to overdo it, as it could reduce the power of the stick. Let it air dry but not longer than fifteen minutes. If, after washing your pop socket but it doesn’t stick, the adhesion power could be compromised.

Can You Stick a Pop Socket to a Silicone Case?

The grip gel on the pop socket base has been specifically designed to stick to nearly any surface. It won’t, however, adhere to things such as silicone cases for phones, soft cases, or any cases that have a lot of texture. Be aware of that in your mind before you purchase.

If you aren’t planning to swap out the socket or even make use of the case in the future, then you could always superglue the pop socket back into it. Superglue can be glued to almost every surface and adhered to in a manner that is not designed for removal.

Can You Stick a Pop Socket to an OtterBox Case?

There are tough phone cases available, referred to by the name of OtterBox cases. They are intended to stand against any regular wear, and tear phone owners can inflict on their phones.

One of the disadvantages with regard to pop sockets is that the exterior portion of OtterBox cases is constructed of silicone.

However, there’s positive news. With the newer versions of the OtterBox, you will find pop sockets integrated inside the case. Plus, they’re interchangeable, allowing you to select any design or style you want.

Can You Fix a Broken Pop Socket?

Every now and then, the pop socket could be damaged in some way while removing pop socket. Don’t fear, though. It is possible to repair damaged pop sockets relatively easily. There are many methods to fix it, and it is contingent on the condition that your pop socket has been damaged.

  1. Broken cap. Cap is the component that sits on top of the base. There are a variety of slots and tabs which lead to the removal of the cap. When the cap is damaged, you are able to take it off to replace it with a new one in the event that you wish to.
  2. Loose Funnel. This is the tubing that connects the caps of the pop socket to its base. Sometimes, it gets loose and needs to be adjusted. Remove the cap and try the funnel by moving it with a gentle rotation. Once it is locked in its position, you’ll hear a click sound.
  3. The base is loose. If the base is loose, it means the adhesive has become dirty. Clean it with the instructions above, then install the new base.
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