10 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

Dishwasher brands to avoid: Repairing or replacing it can be costly, not to forget the time spent cleaning dishes manually while you wait.

Therefore, the most efficient way to avoid it is to avoid it altogether. Before buying the dishwasher, be sure to go through this list and be sure to stay clear of these 10 horrible dishwasher designs and manufacturers.

What Makes a Dishwasher Brand Bad?

There are two kinds of dishwashers that fail:

  • Dishwashers that weren’t branded were incredibly inexpensive and poorly manufactured,
  • Branded dishwashers which can be described as “lite” models, or the “affordable” model in a range… that’s simply a code word to mean “we cut all the corners we possibly could when manufacturing it.”

There are certain brands to avoid completely. However, there are also some brands that are mixed. Sometimes, it’s a single model from the line-up of a brand that isn’t as good or performs the way it is stated.

The list is based on particular brands we’ve discovered as the most harmful. A few are unidentified brands, but some might surprise you!


This is among the most difficult issues that a dishwasher faces. Most of the time, you purchase an appliance that will fit the size of your family. If you own a tiny dishwasher for a flat with two beds or a huge dishwasher for a household of 6, the likelihood is that you’ll use it constantly.

If a dishwasher isn’t reliable, whether it is broken frequently or isn’t cleaned properly enough, it’s not usable.


As with all products, occasionally, dishwashers fail. It’s not necessarily an indication of a damaged dishwasher. However, there are a few signs to be aware of:

  • It breaks frequently,
  • It breaks after light use or minimal use.
  • The same component is broken over and over and
  • Nobody can pinpoint the reason why it fails!

Bad Customer Support

If there is a problem with your dishwasher reliable dishwasher brand is ready to assist. The manual will provide some tips for troubleshooting, and they’ve got a help section on their site. The best brands provide videos that can help.

If you do not, a reputable dishwasher manufacturer will send a repairman quickly or assist in ordering replacement parts.

The truth is that not all dishwasher brands are this accommodating. The most unhelpful ones will not assist you with the repair, while others keep your phone on hold for hours in the hope that something will be done to fix your dishwasher.

We would have wanted to test every dishwasher that is available across the US (because we’re dishwasher geeks and all that) it was not possible. Instead, we donned our hats of investigation and chatted with online customers to determine which brands of dishwashers had the most negative (and the best) reputations.

From there, we picked the most well-known poor dishwasher brands to try our own experience with them. Here are the results of the top 10 most dangerous dishwasher brands, along with the reasons why they failed and our experience dealing with customer support to repair them.

10 Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

These are the ones! Here’s the most awful of the worst and then ending with the top of the group (although it’s too bad to be a good dishwasher to use in your kitchen).


  • The reason Reason: Low-quality parts and expensive price tag leaky problem
  • The warranty: 2 years
  • Customer Services The service is good, but not necessary.

There’s a chance that you have a Viking refrigerator or freezer that functions as well, but the Viking dishwashers are an entirely different story. To keep with their image as a brand, They charge quite a bit for the dishwashers they sell. However, they’re just not worth the price.

There are some serious issues in the design and production that makeup Viking dishwashers. Viking the dishwasher line. They’re constructed with low-quality components, for starters, and often leak! The most annoying thing is that Viking does not seem to be making any adjustments to fix this issue.

If you’ve notified Viking of the issue and requested a replacement dishwasher, it’s likely there is a chance that the leak will occur, too. Viking simply isn’t able to solve the issue.

To be fair, We have found the Viking customer repair and service to be quite good when compared with other companies in the field… however, it doesn’t change how their dishwashers work. Defective in the first place.


  • The reason: Inefficient and noisy cleaning
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Customer Service: Unresponsive!

Frigidaire is less expensive than Viking; however, they are still costly enough to warrant getting a good dishwasher from their brand. But that’s not the situation. The most frequent complaint we receive regarding Frigidaire is its customer care. The staff you speak to via the Appliance Repair Services aren’t particularly experienced. Sometimes, the customer service may be unresponsive, too.

Although there’s no huge issue with the dishwashers, as is the case with the frequent leaks from Viking, They are, in general, quite noisy, and the internal parts, like racks, are ill-constructed. This means that sometimes the dishes aren’t as tidy as they ought to be.

For more information about the warranty terms, read the specifications brochure in PDF format. We compared a variety of brochures and discovered one year of parts warranty and one year for labour was the standard for Frigidaire.

Given that the majority of dishwashers have been designed to last for about 10 years, it seems like Frigidaire do not have confidence in their product.


  • Cause: Inefficiency in energy and a loud
  • Warranty: 1 – or 2-year warranty
  • Customer Service: Middling

Electrolux is part of Frigidaire, which is why it’s no surprise that they share similar issues. First of all, they are loud dishwashers. When you consider the fact that Electrolux dishwashers for washing clothes are said to be extremely silent, it’s a surprise.

We have also found numerous customers who complain that in the long run, Electrolux appliances are very high in power consumption. Be prepared for your monthly expenses to begin to rise after you have installed one of the Electrolux models.

In terms of warranties and service to customers, they’re not outstanding. The warranty is one year in the standard warranty, but certain products are able for a two-year warranty instead. Whatever the case, it’s certainly not looking very good. If you look at how many people have bought replacement parts for Electrolux dishwashers through Amazon, We’d suggest that the repair offered by the manufacturer doesn’t make sense.


  • Cause: for the error: Design flaws and components of poor quality
  • Warranty: 1-year (upgrades available)
  • Customer Service: Poor

Samsung manufactures one of the top electronic devices available. Their TVs and smartphones are extremely popular and trusted by millions of people. We can’t claim the same for their dishwashers.

There are affordable and expensive dishwashers from Samsung However, and they’re not worthy of a test. Incorrect parts and design flaws can cause lots of problems for their households. Problems with drainage and broken parts easily from usage are some of the most frequent complaints.

In addition, the customer service provided by Samsung regarding fixing or replacing your dishwasher can be a challenge. The response times are slow, and you might prefer an independent repair facility…, even in the event that it is a violation of the small 1-year warranty. The warranty is extended for a fee and differs between models.


  • The reason: The price is too high and it has only basic features
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • customer service: Customer Service: Not the greatest

When it comes to this brand of dishwasher, It’s a mixed bag. Certain models and some customers have found that their dishwashers function perfectly, but for others… the experience is the complete opposite. With all the false reviews on the internet, it’s difficult to determine whether the positive reviews are actually genuine. That’s why we wouldn’t recommend buying from this brand of dishwasher. It’s somewhat of a risk.

JennAir has a few restrictions on their warranty as well. Apart from the typical “don’t try to fix it yourself” clause and the requirement to be installed by a JennAir certified installer. This is an inconvenience for a dishwasher that could be damaged!

The bottom line is that JennAir dishwashers cost a lot, and they don’t have the array of incredible (and productive) features you’d expect from a price.


  • The reason is that it doesn’t cleanse effectively.
  • Warranty: 1-year
  • Customer Service: Awful!

If your dishwasher isn’t able to clean food particles and stain off your cutlery and dishes, it’s not worth the investment. You’ll end up washing dishes on your own or exerting an immense amount of effort to clean them half before utilizing the dishwasher to complete the task.

This is the most significant issue with the Insignia dishwashers. If you are considering one due to its affordable and low costs, we suggest thinking twice before you make a decision. It is much better to choose a dishwasher that will effectively clean your dishes, even if it will mean making your budget less.

There’s also a rumor that Insignia’s customer service is awful, so you better be praying that the dishwasher isn’t damaged if you decide to purchase one! There was only an ordinary 1-year warranty when you purchased this Insignia dishwasher at an authorized dealer.

Fisher & Paykel

  • Reason: it is extremely expensive and can break within one year
  • Warranty: 2-year
  • Customer Service: Not bad

Fisher & Paykel are a premium brand, which means their dishwashers can be pricey. You must be full to be able to afford the cost of one. The costs aren’t stopping there! Many customers were required to redo their kitchens to accommodate it, and a large number had to deal with costly breakdowns and faults during the very first year.

It is one of the things that annoy us about high-end brands. If it’s a dishwasher that’s cheap, it’s almost expected to be some mistakes. If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on it, you’d expect more.

The warranty is better than the one from this model. The warranty is two years in the standard warranty. However, they usually run promotions that allow you to extend the warranty at no cost. It’s a good sign that there’s some accountability from the company. Their customer service is decent. However, it doesn’t affect the overall quality.


  • The reason: Hit and miss models
  • Warranty: 1 to 5 years
  • Customer Service: Decent

Bosch has some excellent features as well as some negative aspects. The best features include a one-year standard warranty, a 2-year extended warranty, and a five-year electronic warranty that covers the various parts of your washer. Some of their models, especially those from their 800 series, are exceptionally reliable. No matter what model you select, the service for customers is excellent.

However, this doesn’t alter the fact that some of their models are terrible. The 500 series and the Benchmark dishwashers are known to malfunction and fail quickly. There are reports that over a third of the models sold are returned for service within the first year (although we can’t verify this).

Because of this mixture of bad and good models, we are always somewhat anxious when we review the latest Bosch dishwasher. It is impossible to predict which category it’ll fall into!


  • Reason: Average No parts to repair
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Customer Service: Unhelpful

MOOSE Is a Chinese appliance manufacturer that has determinedly tried to get into the US market in the last twelve months. However, the customers they’ve gotten were not impressed by the quality of what the dishwasher can offer.

It’s not only that the performance isn’t great and the parts are of poor quality. It wasn’t designed properly at all. We discovered stacking all our cups and plates to be a bit awkward as we filled it up. Additionally, we needed to wash the dishes well to ensure that we had a clean surface following the cleanup.

When your MOOSOO dishwasher fails, getting spare components in the USA is virtually impossible. It is necessary to purchase an entirely new dishwasher or attempt to import a component from China. If you’re in the first two years of warranty, the manufacturer could be capable of helping. It’s a long and tedious procedure.


  • The reason: Reliable and complicated electronic components
  • Warranty: 1-year (extensions available)
  • Customer Service: Middling

The final dishwasher brand to stay clear of is LG. As with Samsung, We think that they should concentrate on TVs and smartphones. Their dishwashers aren’t very excellent!

LG has attempted to overdo it by using their dishwashers. A lot of their models come with extremely complex electrical systems that allow the dishwasher to perform a variety of different functions. The issue with going high-tech is the fact that LG has lost its reliability and endurance down. Although their dishwashers might come with a variety of sophisticated settings, they also fall apart quickly.

Fortunately, LG offers one of the most comprehensive warranties of all dishwasher manufacturers. The majority of their models come with one-year warranties. However, you can decide to extend the warranty by five years for the rack and control board and 10-years for the motor, stainless-steel tub as well as the door’s liner. If you’d like to avail of this LG repair service beyond the warranty period, it will cost an additional fee.

In general, LG dishwashers are not designed for use in a heavy-duty environment. For many, this means they’re not suitable at all.

What to Look for In a Good Dishwasher Brand

We’ve examined what the worst dishwashers look similar to, but what are the top ones? Here are some of the most important features that you should look for in a top dishwasher:

  • A well-known brand name that typically guarantees that, at a minimum that it is repaired (in the majority of instances).
  • Excellent warranty with repair and replacement options.
  • Good reviews on the web. Don’t just trust Amazon reviews. Check out Reddit, AO, and other sites to get a complete image.
  • The size that is practical for dishes and for your household size.
  • Also, take a look at water efficiency and energy efficiency as well. A poor-performing dishwasher can have your costs rising each month!


What Is the Most Reliable Dishwasher?

Viking, Frigidaire, and Electrolux top our list of the three dishwashers with the lowest reliability, and Viking only claims to be the most unreliable overall.

Dishwasher Brands to Avoid? Which One Is the Most Difficult to Repair?

The more complicated the dishwasher more complex, the more difficult it will be to repair. Also, large models or models that have hundreds of features will be difficult to repair. The brand’s credibility is important as well – some dishwashers will make arrangements to have it repaired quickly, while other brands won’t even supply the user in the form of spare pieces.

Which Dishwasher Brand Is the Most Trustworthy?

Based on our own experiences and general popularity, Thermador comes to mind as the most trustworthy brand. But, be sure to study and compare particular models prior to purchasing.

Which Are the Top Five Most Popular Dishwasher Brands?

Thermador as well as Whirlpool are considered to be the most trustworthy across both, and you should be sure to check the two brands first. Kenmore is also fairly excellent, particularly with their customer support – they’re but not the best when you’re on a limited budget.

Also, Maytag and KitchenAid make some decent dishwashers, so don’t let their poor models turn you off completely.

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