How To Reduce Moisture In The Bathroom

Your bathroom is the most susceptible to the emergence of mould. Its environment provides an ideal breeding ground for mould spores to thrive, with one of these elements being moisture. By removing this element that mould needs, you could keep it at bay and prevent its growth.

For effective mould removal, you can rely on ICE Cleaning’s effective methods and technology to remove all traces of mould. As the UK’s leading mould remediation company, its technicians provide high-quality services that result in excellent outcomes.

Read on to learn more about excess moisture and how to reduce it in your bathroom.

What Are the Dangers of Excess Moisture?

A comfortable moisture level is somewhere between 50% to 60%, where the amount of water vapour in the air is acceptable. Moisture levels can fluctuate depending on the temperature in the air, so cold air feels dry, whereas hot air is humid and suffocating.

When there is excess moisture in the area, this usually means that it is warm, and it attracts some unwanted elements. Surfaces that become moist will break down over time and may harbour bacteria or pests like mites.

Mould spores seek out environments like this and settle into porous surfaces where they can begin growing, using the excess moisture as a water source. When this happens, you will need mould specialists to step in and assist.

Ways to Reduce Moisture in The Bathroom

Moisture can also be affected by home appliances or extreme weather that causes leakage in the structure of your home. Conducting maintenance on your home often helps you spot issues like these early on.

When the source of excess moisture is due to your actions or outdated infrastructure, then there are ways you can change these to ensure less moisture. Some ways you could reduce moisture include:

  • Using dehumidifiers
  • Installing extractor fans
  • Identifying and fixing leaks
  • Ventilating the room after use
  • Lowering the temperature of bath and shower water
  • Using a fan to circulate air

A way to ensure humidity levels remain acceptable in your home is to buy a humidity detector. This can help you identify potential sources that increase humidity and guide you in keeping it at a comfortable level.

What to Do when Moisture Causes Mould

If moisture causes mould to grow in your bathroom, you must hire a mould specialist to remove it for you. It is hard to remove and cannot be done with conventional cleaning methods or DIY solutions.

Mould spreads through airborne spores, which continuously exist around us, so even if you remove the surface mould, it will return. It also permeates surfaces deeply, hiding in porous spaces where it can hide from cleaning chemicals.

It requires industrial cleaning methods to remove, and you need to take control by lowering humidity levels in the bathroom. Without some work on your end, the mould will continue to return and eventually damage the structure of your home.

ICE Cleaning’s mould specialists can take control of your mould problem, effectively identifying it at the source to ensure it does not return. ICE Cleaning’s mould remediation comes with a lifetime guarantee* where its technicians return free of charge if the mould returns.

To learn more about ICE Cleaning’s industrial services, you can visit their website.

*subject to advisories


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