How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key?

How to open a sentry safe without a key – The toughness of the lock determines the strength of the safe. But what happens if you misplace the key! What happens if you lose the number if your safe is equipped with the mechanism for a combination lock?

The sentry safes are high security and fireproof measures that are backed by ETL. Even with the extremely secure boxes, losing the combination or misplacing access to the keys for the locks are a frequent problems.

The most frequent question is how do you unlock a safe in a sentry without a key or know the combination for the lock? Here, I’ll guide you through some amazing tricks you can employ to open a sentry safe without the need for keys.

Are All Sentry Safe Keys the Same?

The answer is in a nutshell: No it’s not true that all Sentry safes have the same unlocking keys, with the exception of certain very rare cases. All keys to safes are unique to the code that is imprinted or engraved that won’t be identical to another key.

If you’re lucky enough to discover two keys to safes for sentry that have the same code on them, they’re identical. You could open the second safe by using your key in this case, but it’s very uncommon.

Certain keys will have a rounded top while others will have pointed edges to preserve the incomparable key variations. Additionally, if you choose a premium security lock you will find that they include the keypad lock mechanism, which is customizable. Therefore, there’s no chance of finding an exact duplicate of the code that you insert into the keypad lock.

How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key or Combination?

If you have forgotten the number of the lock on the Sentry safe or have lost the keys and you are unable to open it, try these hacks to unlock it. Here’s how to unlock a safe from a sentry without keys using tools that you have at your disposal:

Open Sentry Safe With a Paperclip:

Paper clips are the most well-known lock-picking tool , and they are very effective for its purpose. Here’s how you can make use of a paper click to select the lock of your Sentry safe’s lock in case you’ve lost the keys:

  • Make use of a paperclip, and bend the larger leg over to create a 90-degree angle on the clip. Use your fingers or plier accomplish this.
  • The other leg can be bent by the clip for as long as you can hold the clip as an ax and extend the clip slightly at the top.
  • Make another paper clip and bend the longer leg to an angle of 45 degrees where it can function as a handle that can be used to twist the lock.
  • Place the second clip in the hole in the lock; you may use a screwdriver minus for this as well. Whatever you choose, insert it and apply pressure clockwise. This is similar to how you open locks.
  • Use the first clip to insert the pointed end into the upper part of the hole. This is the area at the point where the locking’s teeth are.
  • Continue to twist clockwise, and laugh with the sharp edge of the first clip that is inserted into the lock’s teeth.
  • It is necessary to repeat the process till you can hear”Click” “Click” sound in the lock, which means that you have opened the lock.

Open Sentry Safe Using a Drill or Cutting Tool

This technique will damage the lock, and you’ll must replace it later Therefore, you must be certain that you pick the lock using this method:

  • Use a drill and connect the power source, beginning the drill in the safe’s lock.
  • Be sure to drill right into the locking, instead of into the body of the safe, or you’ll end up destroying the safety completely.
  • If you are able to drill through the lock, it will open and you’ll be able to change it later.
  • However, make contact with the manufacturer if you’re able to swap the damaged lock with a fresh one.

Open Sentry Safe With a Nail Cutter:

In order to open the lock with the nail cutter it is necessary to have an appropriate nail cutter and an edging nail. If you own some of these nail cutters use this procedure:

  • Make use of the nail cutter, and take the nail file. Straighten it then hold it in the same way as you’re holding onto the key.
  • Make use of a small screwdriver and place it inside the same way as you would for using a paperclip.
  • It is also possible to avoid the screwdriver in case the nail file can do the job by itself and, in that instance place it inside the lock.
  • Play around with the file and try rotating the file clockwise. Try several times in case it refuses to rotate.
  • Continue to juggle and rotate your file till you can hear the click that means that the lock is opened.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key

Below are the most frequently asked questions concerning sentry safes, and the locking and unlocking mechanisms to be aware of:

Does a locksmith have the ability to open the doors of a Sentry safe?

Yes, skilled locksmiths are able to open an enclosing safe using the appropriate tools they’ve got.

How long will an emergency lockout for a sentry last?

A safe lockout with battery power lasts for five minutes. Do not press the button until then.

Is it possible to obtain an alternative key for the Sentry Safe?

Yes, you can create an entirely new sets of keys to your Sentry secure from third-party suppliers.


Generally speaking, sentry safes are extremely durable and safe enough to protect it from fire or any kind of impact. One example of the strength of a solid sentry safe is that fire can’t be able to penetrate it for two hours.

The credibility of the manufacturer is contingent on the rigidity of the safe they design. But you may lose keys to safes or losing the password is a frequent occurrence that can happen to you.

Being able to open a safe sentry without keys will assist when you need to open it in the event of an emergency. The methods I’ve described in this article won’t harm the locking mechanism. The safe can be used by using regular keys whenever you discover them, or you can remember the password when you return.

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