10 Colors That Go With Gold

Colors That Go With Gold – If you’re looking to achieve an upscale look within your living space by adding gold accents or even by making use of gold as a base color, get inspiration here from our color selection which complements gold.

10 Colors That Go With Gold

Navy Blue

For those who want an elegant look or a nautical style, gold and navy blue make the perfect color combo. To create a modern and sleek look, You can add a touch of dark navy blue wall surfaces with fittings made of gold like gold faucets or towel racks in a bathroom decorated with navy or gold pots for plants and photo frames for the living room of a navy. Rooms painted entirely in navy blue, and gold accents look elegant and intimate.

When you add gold, white, and navy, give a totally distinct look. If you want to create a beach-themed space, paint your walls white, and add large pieces of navy blue like a sofa or curtains. You can also add hints of gold like an enormous gold-plated clock or a globe on gold-colored stands.

Gold can also be a good match for navy blue and white stripes, giving a casual nautical feel but also a little more formal and elegant.

Emerald Green – Color That Go With Gold

This deep color of green is hugely well-liked right now, especially for interior design. Combining gold with emerald green provides a striking and luxurious appearance that could be used in living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, as well as dining rooms, and bedrooms.

To create a more intimate atmosphere, think about painting the entire area in emerald green, and then include gold accents like gold metal furnishings or leaf art.

You can also choose an appropriate wallpaper that has an earthy pattern and gold highlights. Patterns inspired by forests are extremely trendy and feature tropical leaves over the wallpaper in a variety of shades of green, complemented by gold highlights like gold birds or gold-colored flowers.

Blush Pink

Blush pink is a lovely shade that is ideal for bedrooms. It can appear too sweet if it is paired in the incorrect shade, but gold is a great option to pair with this shade. Accents with gold in a pink area can instantly make the space look more classy and make sure it doesn’t appear juvenile. 

This is a fashionable combination of colors in bathrooms, bedrooms, or kitchens.

The doors of your kitchen cabinets in blush pink will appear stylish and elegant with gold handles. You can coordinate these handles and a faucet in gold and gold accessories such as cups, coffee, and tea canisters.

If you’re decorating a room using gold and blush pink can be done with sleek and modern gold or an older, slightly bronze-gold, depending on the style you’re seeking. You can even incorporate gold accents to a room if you’re looking to add a touch of class to a room for your child.


Black combined with gold makes a timeless combination of colors that always manages to appear opulent and dramatic. In the fashion world, gold-colored dresses are often coupled with black accessories, such as belts, shoes, and bags, because both colors have been praised for years for being perfect for one another.

There are also designer bags with black leather, usually including gold-colored zips and buckles to give them that sought-after look of high-end. It is possible to use this combination in your interior design to create an elegant and refined look.

There are many ways to use black and gold together in a space. For instance, you can paint the walls with matte black paint and let the artwork shine by placing the artwork in gold metal frames. Mirrors with large gold frames also make stunning statements on walls that are black.

If you’re not confident about decorating your home with black, opt for a neutral shade such as light gray. Then include gold and black decor objects like candles and cushions. When you do this, you’ll get the same elegance without the overwhelming effect of walls painted black.


Beige, as well as gold, comprise two hues with very similar tones. To create a modern interior, consider using neutral beige shades that are accented by gold. By combining various shades of beige and gold, there’ll not be any hues that are noticeable, making the room appear seamless.

This is a great strategy for smaller rooms as its visual tricks can make a room appear larger than it is. The use of gold in a space with beige can add a touch of elegance to make it appear more formal. Beige is enough to make an interior appear informal.

Color That Go With Gold – White

Include gold-colored decor elements in rooms that are predominantly white to enhance the look and create a sense of elegance. A room that is white is airy and spacious; however, the addition of gold accents will boost the aesthetics and give a touch of elegance.

You can also choose to make gold your primary color in your space and then break it up by adding white components. For example, cover walls with gold wallpaper or metallic paint.

Then, you can add numerous white furnishings or accessories like white bed linen as well as white lamps and white towels. This can make a room appear luxurious but not overly gold.

Gold and white is an iconic combination for weddings and festive displays since this pair of hues create a pure and enchanting vibe. To get the most out of this, use beautiful textures like the white feathers that decorate lampshades or gold sequins on pillows, and crushed glitter on your candles or art.

Gold and white also complement each other beautifully with an additional color in 60 percent white and 30 percent gold, and 10% in the 3rd color. An excellent choice for the third color could be hot pink, charcoal gray, and turquoise blue.


The color purple is considered to be a regal and elegant hue, and it is further highlighted when it’s paired with gold. Choose a deep aubergine shade of gold with purple for an imposing and striking look. 

This is especially effective in a chic dining room or in a luxurious bedroom. Also, the plum color works well with gold because they are both rich, deep hues.

Gold accents look great with purple, both in vibrant golden yellow shades and also more orange-gold hues, which tend to be copper-colored.

This is due to the fact that orange and yellow are the complementary colors in the color wheel, and they both make one stand out. To enhance the elegance by using gold and purple, choose fabrics that provide pleasure for the senses, like velvet and satin.


Gray is a well-known neutral shade that can bring out the best in combination with gold. If you choose to go with the dark slate gray or the pale grey marble, it is sure to look elegant and stylish. Gray and gold go well when combined in minimalist design, appearing sleek and contemporary.

Sage Green: Color That Go With Gold

The pale, earthy hue is a natural hue that is derived from the herb sage. It’s a great choice when you’re looking to add color to your space but are unsure about picking a strong shade because sage could be used as a neutral foundation.

The combination of gold and sage gives the room a more formal appearance that can be ideal for an elegant living space or dining area where you’d like to entertain. Sage green has a gray component that is a bit gray, which might be the reason it pairs so well with gold since gold and gray are classic matches. 

The color sage green has become a very popular color for country cottage decor since it connects the inside of your home with the meadows and outdoor gardens. Gold accessories can be added to the country cottage sage green interior to highlight the room and make it appear more sophisticated.


Although brown is not a commonly used color for interior walls, It is nevertheless a popular shade for furniture made of wood. The dark, rich, and dark brown woods like mahogany appear elegant and magnificent when combined with gold.

Select solid, heavy wood furniture that has gold hardware like hinges and handles. You can also add subtle gold accents through candle holders or photo frames. For a masculine, strong appearance, consider the furniture in brown with metallic accents to create a study, library, or cozy space. To create a cozy feel, it is possible to cover the walls with dark wood panels. There are many other shades of brown that are a good match for gold, such as tan or camel brown.


In fashion styles, these colors are typically observed together as gold makes the tan hues look more expensive and richer, and silver will contrast with it. To create a relaxed and casual area, go with white as the main color, then add gold and brown accents. This gives the room a sophisticated look.

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