How To Move A Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts?

How to move a front load washer without shipping bolts – Do you want to move a front load washer without shipping bolts? Looking for the possible ways to make it possible? If yes, then this guide can be helpful for you to understand about everything.

In general, moving a front load washer without shipping bolts is not an easy task and it must require some better planning. If you try to do it on your own without any experience, then sure you end up in damaging your front load washer.

Most of the time, it is not recommended for every to move a front load washer without shipping bolts, since it may damage your machine.

Impact of Moving A Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts:

In case you could not able to use the shipping bolts, then you have to ensure that there is no water present at the bottom of the tub.

You can fill it with the help of the furniture blankets. You can remove the power cord and drain hoses, then wrap the washer with some dolly straps and then load it onto the dolly or truck for transport.

You have to try to get a better hold of shipping bolts if possible so that you can make sure of the safety of the washer. Have a look at below to find out some of the effective procedures for moving a front load washer without shipping bolts.

By following it properly, you can get your job done on time.

Where Shipping Bolts Are Located?

Generally, you can find the shipping bolts at the back of the front load washer. Usually, there are around four shipping bolts are available, but some manufacturers install only two shipping bolts.

Most of the front load washers will never have the shipping bolts and this includes the top load washers which don’t have anything. Now you can find where the shipping bolts can be located in the washer.

Possibilities for Moving A Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts

Of course, it is possible to move the washer without shipping or transit bolts. But manufacturers advise you to get the help of an expert instead of trying it on your own.

At the time of transportation, the shipping bolts on the front load washer can be helpful to keep the machine safe in a most advanced manner.

It is mainly since homeowners usually remove the shipping bolts during washer arrive and most of the people lost them during important processes.

This made the homeowners try moving the front load washer without the requirement of shipping bolts.

Hence it is better to put the shipping bolts somewhere while you want to move it from one location to other.

The shipping bolts are having the possibility to hold the washer’s drum in a particular place and hence it will never face any issues while moving.

If you maintain it in the upright process, then it is effectively possible to move a front load washer without shipping bolts technically. Before doing so, you must prepare for the safe transit and then proceed further.

Procedure for Moving A Front Load Washer Without Shipping Bolts :

Generally, moving a front load washer without shipping bolts mainly requires more attention and care.

By keeping the shipping bolts upright and protecting the drum you can move it very effectively. Follow the below mentioned procedure properly.

Drain the Washer

It is a must for you to drain the front load washer completely before going to start the transportation process.

At first, you need to turn off the front load washer, then unplug the machine from the outlet and then tape the cord to the washer’s top.

You need to carefully slide the washer completely away from the wall and then inspect the back for the water supply and drain hose.

Regularly you will find the color-coded knobs that associate to the hot and cold water supply lines in a most enhanced manner.

Then you need to turn the blue and red knobs in the opposite direction to close the water supply. Get the bucket and then completely pull the drain hose in the wall out of the drainpipe and then put the hose into the bucket.

Here the 50-gallon bucket must be more than enough and through it, the water can quickly rust out of the hose.

Slowly you need to reduce the hose and position it further since the water gets reduced completely. You can remove the drain hose once it gets empty and then tapes it to the back of the front load washer.

Reinstall Shipping Bolts (Optional)

In case you are going to move the front load washer without shipping bolts, then this step is optional. You can ship it once you have another plan.

You need to find the small plastic covers which are readily available at the time of purchasing the shipping bolts.

Then you have to remove the plastic cover with the screwdriver tool and set it separately, therefore you can now insert your shipping bolts.

Make use of your hands to put the shipping bolts into certain holes and secure it with washers if it is readily available.

Generally, the washer is the major part of ensuring that the movement is reduced while moving the washing machine. At first, you need to insert the bottom left bolt, after that go with the bottom right and then top right and top left shipping bolts.

Once you reached your destination, you are required to hold onto the plastic bolt covers, and then you can effectively reinstall them.

Fill the Drum With Blankets

In case you could not able to install shipping bolds, then you can compensate for it by putting the blankets in the drum of the front load washer.

The furniture blankets are considered to be the best bet to reduce movement while the front load washer is in shipment.

The shipping bolts are having the capability to hold the drum and without it, the furniture blankets can be the better additional support.

You need to open the front load washer and then load one to three furniture blankets into your drum, therefore inside will get full.

You have to ensure that your blankets are doesn’t heavier, since they will never damage that drum. You need to place the blankets so that they can touch the walls located around the washer drum and don’t leave any wiggle room.

By shaking the washing machine, you can test its durability and find how many benefits these blankets provide. Along with that, you are having enough blankets to fill the drum without any overstuffing required.

Sure it damages the inside. At present, you have to use the dolly straps to cover the washing machine; therefore the door to the drum will never open initially.

Keep Washer on the Dolly

You are required to place the front load washing machine on the hand truck or dolly; therefore it is possible for you to transport the machine very easily.

Whether you make use of the dolly or hand truck that can help in keeping the washing machine upright as you move it. Tilting or slanting the washing machine may cause the drum to rattle and then lead to more damage.

Before you are going the place the front load washer on the dolly, you must ensure that the water hoses and power have been taped to the back.

When you hear the thrashing sound of the drum, then have to stop and then sure that the blankets are readily available in the right position. If everything goes well, then you can proceed further and take the front load washer to its destination or truck.

To increase safety, you can load the front load washer into the truck very effectively. Therefore the washer will never fall on you or anyone else. Hence keeping the washing machine on a dolly is the best choice for you.

Final Verdict:

From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got a clear idea about moving a front load washer without shipping bolts.

So why are you still waiting? You can find more about the impact of moving the washing without the transit or shipping bolts. Proceed further and then get your job done on time without making any delay.

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