How To Get Nail Glue Out of Clothes?

How To Get Nail Glue Out of Clothes? – If you want to know how to remove glue from fabric, then you’ve landed on the correct page. Here, we’ve shared everything related to glue on clothes and how you can remove nail glue from clothing. If nail glue gets on your clothes, it can be both frustrating as well as difficult to remove. Isn’t it? Of course, a big yes to it.

Are you struggling to know how to get nail glue from delicate materials without damaging them? Just sit and relax now. Yes, you read that right, “Sit and Relax”, as now you have landed on the correct page that will guide you in removing nail glue from your clothes, skin, and fabrics.

Rather than throwing away your favorite shirt or other clothing items, there are a few things you can do to successfully remove nail glue, but you’ll need to know what to use for your particular type of material.

Remember that if you have delicate fabrics, then you can wait for the glue to dry up, as dried glue will be easier to remove. Removing glue can be easy and hard at the same time since you have to know the best ways to do that.

Do not wash the fabric in a washing machine to get rid of the super glue ultra because natural fabrics may get damaged once the glue has gone deeper into them.

What Is Nail Glue and Super Glue? 

According to Hunker, Nail Glue is made up of an ingredient called cyanoacrylate, the same ingredient found in Crazy Glue and Super Glue. It ensures a quick bonding process that dries quickly and results in the formation of a hard, permanent adhesive.

Just even if there is a small drop on your clothes, it dries quickly and hardens the surface before you get up to wipe it off. Its liquid consistency allows it to penetrate the fabric fibers quickly, leaving tough spots intertwined between the clothing. These are a few of the properties of nail glue that leave a stain on clothing, making it tough to get nail glue out of clothes.

To Remove Nail Glue From Clothes, You Can Try the Following Steps:

  1. Begin by scraping off any excess glue using a butter knife or similar tool.
  2. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover to a cotton ball or cloth.
  3. Gently dab the affected area with the alcohol or nail polish remover. Avoid rubbing the fabric, as this can cause the glue to spread or become more difficult to remove.
  4. Once the glue has been softened, use a butter knife or similar tool to scrape it off the fabric.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 as needed until the glue has been removed.
  6. Once the glue has been removed, wash the clothing according to the care instructions on the label.
  7. If any glue remains after washing, you can try using a stain remover or a laundry pretreatment product to help remove it.
  8. If the glue is still difficult to remove, you may need to consult a dry cleaner for assistance.

How To Get Nail Glue Out of Clothes, Furniture and Carpets

Don’t worry, guys! Below are the easy ways how to get super glue out of clothes, furniture and carpets using the recommended products. Since there are different types of fabrics out there, you must follow every method mentioned here to remove the stain of a glue stick.

Nail glue ruin clothes when it dries up, and then you might have a hard time removing them. So, it is always better to treat the glue before it goes deeper into the fabrics.

1. Using Acetone To Get Nail Glue Out:-

Acetone is the main constituent that a nail polish remover is composed of. It is believed to be the most effective chemical to remove nail glue from clothing. This works best on white garments composed of acetate, triacetate, and modacrylic fibers. If the garment is dyed, other mild chemicals or natural remedies can be used.

Acetone or nail polish remover may discolour the fabric, so you must keep that in mind. To avoid any damage, you must apply acetone with a toothbrush or nail polish removers directly on the stain. Also, do not wash the clothing directly with dish soap or laundry detergent, as it can damage the entire clothing.

  • Make sure the glue is dry, then pour a few drops of acetone into the cotton ball.
  • Gently rub the cotton swab over the affected area avoiding the surrounding fabric.
  • Wait for the nail glue to soften after application.
  • When nail glue is dry, make use of a toothbrush to rub it.
  • Rinse clothes with cold water.
  • Wash clothes with warm water to remove residue.
  • Allow clothes to air dry for 12 hours.
  • Repeat the whole process if nail glue stains remain.

Pro Tip:- While washing colored garments, be careful not to allow acetone nail polish remover to come into contact with the surrounding area of the fabric (other than the affected one). Instead of using an old toothbrush, you can also make use of a dull knife or scraping tool to loosen nail glue.

2. Warm, Soapy Water

Soap is an effective nail glue remover and can even be used with synthetic fabrics and colored clothes. Due to its mild nature, it does not affect the color, and you can use it efficiently to remove nail glue from fabrics. In addition to soap, you must also use cold water or petroleum jelly to further enhance the nail glue removal process.

Even if you want to remove nail glue from skin, you can try this method as it does not affect the skin as well. If you want, then you can also add a few pinches of baking soda to wash the garment, and you will not face any issues at all in removing super glue stains.

  • Place affected clothing in a basin filled with cold soapy water.
  • Soak it for a few minutes to soften the glue spot.
  • Scrape off the glue using an old toothbrush until the adhesive is completely removed.
  • Rinse your clothes using warm water and wash them regularly with a bar of good dish soap or laundry detergent.
  • If you’re having trouble scraping off the stained area, try soaking an old toothbrush in any good laundry detergent or soapy water. This technique increases scrubbing power.

Pro Tip:- If you want to have the best possible results for removing nail glue from clothing, then adding laundry detergent will save your clothes from getting damaged, so do try it out too.

3. White Vinegar

Because white vinegar is acidic, it can remove nail glue from clothing pretty easily. It’s not as effective as acetone, though, but surely this household product can be used for a small amount of nail glue stains.

If you can scrub the glue off fabric, then do it beforehand and leave the rest on the vinegar. You have to apply stain remover when the fabric is wet, so rinse your cloth with warm water as it will break down the glue stains and excess glue from the fabric easily.

  • Pour white vinegar into a bowl full of water.
  • Take a thin cloth and soak it in the prepared solution.
  • Gently rub the dipped cloth onto the affected area.
  • Let it sit on the glue for a couple of minutes.
  • Once the nail glue has softened, scrape it off with your fingernail, a dull knife or the edge of a credit card, or even a bristled toothbrush.
  • Put your clothes in the washing machine for regular washing to remove any leftover glue from the fabric.
  • Dry your clothes via a natural drying process.
  • Repeat this process if required.

Pro Tip:- If you’re dealing with larger stains, use stronger chemicals or solutions to get the glue from your clothing.

4. Mineral Spirits

If you’re wondering what white spirit is, it’s a solvent used to clean paintbrushes. It is milder and less toxic than thinner, so if you’ve got nail glue on your clothes, then you can use this to get rid of it. This solvent works as pure acetone, and it doesn’t matter what type of fabric you’ve stained; it can help you out.

If you want, then you can rinse the fabric under cold water for a couple of minutes to remove the loose glue. Even if rinsing with cool water has removed the glue a little bit, it will become easier to further treat the stain.

  • Apply mineral spirits to a dry cloth.
  • Dab a dry cloth onto the stained area and allow the adhesive to soften
  • Once the adhesive has softened, remove it with a dull kitchen knife or razor blade. Be careful so that no damage occurs.
  • Rinse the area with cold water.
  • Go for a normal washing method.
  • Air Dry the clothes in the sun using best wall mounted clothes line
  • Besides a cloth, mineral spirits can also be used to remove fabric glue, wood glue, acrylic nails or nail glue from glass.

Pro Tip:- If at home you don’t have acetone to apply on affected areas, mineral spirits are a good substitute that you can think of giving a try. It is one such method that does not discolor the fabric.

5. Rubbing Alcohol

Because of its active ingredient, rubbing Alcohol can help you to remove the glue from the skin as well. It degrades the glue on the fabric and makes it easier to unravel. In addition to rubbing Alcohol, you should also have a paper towel, cotton ball or cotton swab available to try out this method successfully. Follow the step-by-step guide mentioned below to wash the fabric with Alcohol and remove super glue from the fabric.

  • Soak a paper towel in 1/2 cup of rubbing Alcohol.
  • Place a paper towel on the affected area
  • After about 30 minutes, remove the paper towel
  • Take a cotton ball and dip a cotton ball in it and rub the dirty area.
  • Check if the stain has gone or not, if not, then repeat this process.

Pro Tip:- If the cotton ball breaks easily, you can take the help of a dull kitchen knife to remove the remaining glue stain and end up saving your clothes from spoilage.

6. Bleaching

Bleach is a standard cleaning product that can be used to remove stains, including that caused because of nail glue. This method is only effective at removing stains from white clothing. If you have to remove stains from coloured garments, you can opt for some other methods to avoid damage. Follow the steps and observe the results:- 

  • Soak the garment in warm water for about 30 minutes
  • Pour 1/2 cup of bleach into the washing machine full of water.
  • Do the usual laundry.
  • Natural drying of clothes after washing is to be preferred.
  • Check for the stain removal of the nail glue.
  • Repeat the process to remove any remaining stains.

7. Salt And Water

If you’re dealing with stubborn nail glue, you can use saline water. Whether it’s table salt or coarsely ground granules, salt can enhance the cleaning effect. Surprisingly, it can loosen nail glue from fabric. Follow these simple steps to try out this method:- 

  • Mix salt and a little water in a bowl
  • Soak an old bristled toothbrush in the solution
  • Scrub the affected area with a bristled toothbrush until the adhesive dissolves
  • Rinse clothes to remove glue residue
  • Dry your clothes.
  • Treat the area again if required.

8. Iron

If you’re in a hurry, it’s convenient to use an iron to melt the glue. The heat will only melt the glue on the surface of the garment, and it will not penetrate the fabric. To get rid of them completely, you can use other methods too. But if you want to try this method, get yourself an iron and an old cloth. This is how this method works effectively:-

  • Place your stained clothes on the ironing board.
  • Switch on your iron and set it to the heat setting recommended for your fabric
  • Take an old cloth and place it on the affected area.
  • Now iron over the old cloth.
  • Lift the cloth and check that the glue has been removed.
  • If glue is still on the garment, continue ironing until the glue stain on the fabric is removed.
  • Wash your clothes in hot water
  • Hang your clothes to dry naturally.

9. Metal Spoon To Get Nail Glue Out of Clothes?

Metal spoons can help you in removing nail glue from clothing. Removing super glue is really hard, and if you’ve tried the ways we’ve mentioned above and if the stain remains, then gently scrub with an acetone remover to weaken its grip on the fabric. A lot of people don’t know about this method because it is not discussed much, and you won’t find it anywhere else.

If you want to get glue out of your clothes completely, then you might have to dry it up and then scrape it off with a hard object like a metal spoon. Do not use a knife or pointy thing because it can damage the fabrics.

  • Let the nail glue dry completely for about 15 minutes
  • Place the rounded end of the metal spoon outside the glue
  • Scrape the nail glue off the fabric using a pulling motion.
  • Peel off the glue attached to the material by hand.
  • Place the glue bits on a paper towel to dispose of later.

Pro Tip:- Do not use this method on wet nail glue, as it will only make the problem worse.

Tips To Remember To Remove Nail Glue From Clothes

These tips will help you avoid damaging your clothing while trying different methods to remove nail glue.

1. Don’t Wipe Wet Nail Glue

Wiping off wet nail glue can make it difficult to remove completely. Nail glue not only spreads on clothing, but it also penetrates deep into the fabric of the clothing. Dry nail glue stains can be easily removed, so if you want to get the glue off your skin and clothes, then wait for it to dry completely. You can scrape it off your clothes with a dull kitchen knife or even fingernail.

2. Be Gentle While Rubbing Clothes

Be very careful when rubbing or scraping nail glue off clothing. Applying too much force will only damage the fabric. The weaker the fibre, the easier it is to tear. Also, do not pull the nail glue too hard; the fabric may break or stretch. If you want to get the glue off clothes without acetone or nail polish remover, then rinse the fabric under cold water for a couple of minutes so it can dry up.

3. Wash Clothes After Treatment To Remove Residue

Whichever method you choose, be sure to wash your clothes thoroughly—this will help remove any leftover nail glue. Heavy-duty laundry detergent and soap also remove odours and residue created from used household items during the stain removal process. Although acetone ruins clothes made of delicate fabrics, it can help you in getting the glue off your skin pretty quickly.

4. Wear Protective Gloves When Working With Harsh Chemicals

It is recommended to wear protective gloves when working with strong cleaning products as your skin might get damaged by the chemicals. You can wear rubber gloves or other cleaning gloves too.

You can take the help of a product advisor on the internet to select the best protective gear while working with such things. If you want to remove super glue from your shoes, then you can scrub with a toothbrush for faster results.

5. Take The Help of A Professional Dry Cleaner

If you are not able to remove super glue from shoes, clothes, carpets, etc., then take the help of a professional to get it done. They will help you in getting glue off clothes without acetone or nail polish remover with minimal or no damage at all. Not only super glue ultra and hot glue, but these services can also clean your furniture and carpets pretty easily.

Summing It Up

You can protect your favorite clothes stained with nail glue by learning about methods telling about how to remove nail glue from clothes. You don’t have to buy expensive stain removers to remove super glue as there are household products like a nail brush, or you can follow our soap and water method to remove nail glue from your clothes.

More methods are available that can help you in removing the glue from clothing or fabric, but the ways we have mentioned here work the best. We will keep this post updated with more ways to do that, so keep visiting our blog to learn about them. If you have followed any other working ways to remove the nail glue from your skin or clothes, then do let us know about them too.

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