Guide to Choosing and Placing Area Rugs in Your Home

If there is only one thing that can completely change the look and the feel of a room at the same time, it is a rug. Rugs give extra dimension, more depth, a splash of color, or a more homey vibe to a room. Meaning a rug will give to a room what you want a rug to give to a room.

Nowadays, there are endless choices when it comes to choosing a rug. The process of searching for one can be existing.  There are so many things to consider and so many things you want your rug to be. Rug collections like Novogratz will definitely help you organize your potential choices into groups by having great options for every purpose.

From stain resisting and sustainable materials to unique pattern designs and amazing colors, you will find everything you need in this rug collection.

But what to actually think of when choosing and placing an area rug? Here are a couple of things that will help you make the best decision possible.

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Have In Mind The Size Of The Rug

The first thing that you would want to do is measure out the area where you want to put a rug. Some people might say that this is not necessary, but trust us it is. And for multiple reasons. The area where you want your rug to be placed can call for different rug sizes.

Maybe you want the rug to completely cover it, or maybe you’ll want a contrast with the floor, so you’ll be searching for a smaller-sized rug.

It also depends on how big of a statement you want the rug to make. If you are looking for subtle changes in the atmosphere of the room, we recommend a small to medium-sized rug. If you want to make the room revolve around the rug then by all means go for the biggest one.

One great way to get the sizing of the rug exactly rug is to take help from the rugs. This will help you get a good sense and benefit from the experience and expertise of professionals in area rugs allentown pa. You can also visit the showroom to get a sense of what looks best based on the size of your room and the multiple patterns that are on offer.

Watch Out For The Color

Again, it all depends on what exactly you want to achieve. If you are going for a more monochrome feel, choose colors that will slightly stand out but melt with the colors of the other things in the room. If you are in need of a contrast, go for the bright colors that will pop out and draw the eye immediately to them. 

A piece of professional advice is that if you are going for contrast, you should definitely use the color wheel as a guide or take notes from professionals on how to achieve the perfect color scheme.

Think Long And Hard Before Choosing A Fabric

Choosing a size or a color is easy business compared to choosing a fabric. Why is the fabric so important? Apart from the obvious reason – the look it gives to the rug, the fabric is the key characteristic that plays a role in the daily maintenance of the rug. We often tend to pick the fabric according to the fabric trends at the moment, but we should also take other characteristics into consideration.

The more fluffy-looking rugs are harder to clean as opposed to a rug made from chenille fabric. You should always read the labels of the rugs and see if they are water or stain-resited, vegan or not, and machine washable or not. All these things play a role in the ways you have to look after the rug. This is especially important if there are kids or pets in your home. 

You also want the fabric of the rug to work well with the other fabric and materials in the room, for aesthetic reasons.

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Pattern Or No Pattern?

When it comes to the design of the rug, there is one big decision that you will have to make. Does the area where the rug will be placed needs a patterned design on it or not.

In terms of decor, you can choose the simplistic route or the busy route. The simplistic route entails putting a patterned rug in a fairly modern and minimalist area that doesn’t have any other patterns. The busy route entails doubling down on patterns i.e. mixing different patterns, the pattern of the rug with the pattern found in its surroundings. 

If you want the rug just to give depth to the space, keep it simple and purchase one without patterns. Sometimes a single-colored rug can make an even bigger statement than patterned ones, depending on the space.

What Is The Best Placement For The Rug?

Once you purchase the rug, the fun part begins. You don’t have to settle on a permanent position for it right away. Try it a couple of different ways and see what works best for the area in which it is placed.

Sometimes even moving it an inch or two in a different direction can make all the difference. That is the beauty of decorating your home, the smallest thing can make it just right. You just have to keep trying to make it work best for you. 

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