10 Expert Tips When Dealing With Carpet Accidents and Stains

You don’t always need the help of professional cleaners when it comes to maintaining your carpet. Carpet maintenance can be tricky at first but it is actually pretty simple. All you need is a regular routine and a lot of patience.

There is absolutely no need to spend extra on professional carpet care. You can keep it fresh, clean, and in pristine condition by simply doing and not doing the following.

Do the Following:

Expert Tip#1: Have a Working List of Proper Cleaning Remedies.

You need to commit to the responsibility of maintaining your carpet. Part of this commitment will require you to research proper carpet cleaning remedies.

The fact that you’re reading this now means that you’re taking the task seriously. For effective research, you need to first be fully aware of the specifics of your carpet:

  • What is its material?
  • What is it made of?
  • How big is it?

Checking out the website of its manufacturer will greatly help you. Once you know important details about your carpet, you may then duly proceed with researching cleaning remedies that match its materials.

Expert Tip#2: Deal with Spills Immediately.

Your spill mindset should always be this: the quicker the better. Panicking is never helpful so it would be silly if you’d panic yourself out of a spill.

That simply won’t work. What would work is immediate solid actions with results. You can have such if you plan ahead. You can plan ahead by having ready tissues and clothes that can absorb spills. You and everyone in your household should have the same mindset.

Everyone must know what to do when it comes to spills.

Expert Tip#3: Know the Proper Cleaning Direction.

There is a right way to clean your carpet. Cleaning it should never be done haphazardly. You should deal with spills from the outside-in. Work on the outer borders of the spill first. Working on the outer borders will prevent the spreading of the spill.

Expert Tip#4: Handle the Solution Properly.

Always know the proper way to apply your cleaning solution. Strictly follow the instructions that they come with as different cleaning solutions require varying application techniques.

The general rule though is you should at least let it stay on the accident spot for at least 15 minutes. Such a period will allow the solution to truly get through the stain.

Stains are easier to remove when solutions are applied properly.

Expert Tip#5: Know when To Contact a Professional.

You should know when it’s time to contact a professional. Contact one like Boas Carpet Cleaning, if the stain still remains after you’ve done everything you could to remove it. You should not go overboard with cleaning as such can easily damage your carpet.

Professionals will make everything easier for you as they will come with friendly cleaning solutions and high-powered cleaning tools that will make stain removal hassle-free.

Do Not Do the Following:

Expert Tip#1: Do Not Use Strong Cleaning Solutions.

You should never use strong cleaning solutions for your carpet. Always remember that carpet fibers are extra sensitive. As such, strong cleaning solutions can easily damage them.

It’s close to impossible to restore and repair a carpet’s fiber once it is damaged so you should always be careful. For best results, always refer to your carpet manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solutions.

Expert Tip#2: Do Not Delay Cleaning.

Never wait for a spill to dry before proceeding with cleaning. Delaying cleaning will lead to drying and dried stains are harder to remove. You should make it a point to vacuum your carpet at least twice a week.

Failing to do such will result in the accumulation of grime, dirt, and dust that can cause allergies and skin rashes. Take note though that carpeted floors with heavy traffic should be cleaned and vacuumed at least every other day.

Expert Tip#3: Never Scrub or Wipe Stains.

Instruct everyone at home to never scrub or wipe stains. Carpets have unique materials and fibers that can easily be damaged when such harsh cleaning is done. Scrubbing is too harsh for carpet fibers.

So much so that one simple scrub can effectively detach and damage sensitive carpet fibers. Wiping is not advisable as it can lead stains to further penetrating the carpet pad. Stains that have penetrated a carpet’s pad are so much harder to remove.

Such kinds of stains will already require cleaning tools and techniques from professional carpet cleaners.

Expert Tip#4: Never Wait.

This expert tip could never be stressed enough. Not waiting directly parallels the other expert tip of always cleaning spills immediately.

Everyone in your household must have this intentional mindset. Promptly dealing with spills in the soonest time possible will save you from the need to contact professional cleaners and spend extra. A once-a-year professional carpet cleaning should be enough.

Spending more on such is not practical at all. Hence, everyone must always know what to do during carpet spills and accidents.

Expert Tip#5: Do Not Get Your Carpet Too Wet.

Never get too carried away when cleaning your carpet. Water usage should be kept at a minimum because too much water can cause excessive moist and lead to the following:

  • moist build-up that promotes the growth of bacteria
  • mould build-up that causes allergies
  • mould and moist build-up that lead to foul-smelling carpets
  • foul-smelling rooms
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