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Gypsy Bohemian Living Room – Calling all free spirits! If you’re looking to recreate the effortless, eclectic look of a Gypsy Bohemian living room in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to break down some of our favorite ideas to help you curate an oasis that expresses your wild and unfettered spirit.

No matter your style, if you want you to want a sensual look while still being practical and cozy, this is the guide for you. By the end, we guarantee you’ll love your Gypsy Bohemian living room and make it your paradise.

Eclectic Color Palettes

gypsy bohemian living room

Are you ready to create a show-stopping Gypsy bohemian living room? Start with a color palette. Building an eclectic vibe is all about creating a balance between colors and textural elements, and it works best when you start with a bold color palette.

Think of colors that are inspired by nature—forest greens, bright turquoise blues, earthy browns, and sharp whites. Or mix in some bolder shades—vibrant pinks, purples, oranges- to bring in warmth and depth. To give your room depth, consider layering neutral tones such as browns and whites with eye-catching splashes of vibrancy.

Don’t be afraid to experiment—it’s all about playing around with different colors to develop a cohesive look that expresses your style. You can create a space that looks truly unlike any other with the right color palette!

Woven Wall Baskets | Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

If you want to add a unique and bohemian touch to your living room, consider adding varying sizes of woven wall baskets. They are perfect for holding decorative items like plants and throws and are a great way to add texture and an interesting visual element to your room.

Moreover, you can use the baskets for practical storage, too. Try grouping different sizes of baskets on the wall for a quirky yet intentional look. Add items like books, magazines, art supplies, or even throws inside the baskets for an eclectic yet organized look that screams boho vibes.

You can also layer the walls with smaller baskets in front of larger ones to create a soft visual balance that adds dimension to the entire room. Plus, these small touches will bring in some global appeal that’s distinctly gypsy-bohemian.

Incorporating Color and Texture

When creating your bohemian living room, you’ll want to keep the color scheme eclectic yet inviting. Think bright and vibrant hues, like jewel tones or pastels. This will give your space the lively feel of a Gypsy caravan.

In addition to color, texture is equally important when creating a boho vibe. For a plush look and feel, incorporate rugs, throws, and curtains in luxuriously-textured fabrics like velvet or chenille. Leather also adds a vintage vibe that’s essential for achieving the perfect Gypsy atmosphere. Don’t forget to add a few wall hangings with intricate patterns or bold colors like yellow and teal for an extra special touch.

These small details will come together to create an eye-catching atmosphere that will make your guests feel right at home in your cozy bohemian living room!

Mismatched Textiles and Patterns – Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

gypsy bohemian living room

Adding a rich layer of texture to your space is one of the easiest ways to give it a boho vibe. Consider blending mismatched textiles and patterns with rugs, throws, pillows, and more. An ombre rug with a chunky knit throw blanket and velvet pillows will instantly add a touch of old-world charm while maintaining the modern boho style you’re looking for.

Don’t be afraid to mix different colors, patterns, and textures—it’s all part of the free-spirited bohemian style. From bright stripes and florals to earthy solids and lush velvet textures, you can create a unique look by combining them creatively and unexpectedly. And if you want to go the extra mile and ensure your living room has that boho style, opt for vintage items like tapestries or macramé wall hanging for an additional layer of texture.

Metallics And Mirrors – Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

Metallics and mirrors can add that special touch to a boho-style living room. They lend the room an industrial, vintage look and can be used creatively. For example, you can use metallic paint on furniture and walls, metal chairs and tables, light fixtures with metallic finishes, or a large mirror for a dramatic effect.

The beauty of metallics is that you can mix and match different tones, shapes, and sizes for a more eclectic look. Plus, mirrors’ reflective properties help open up your space by reflecting natural and artificial light. Just make sure you balance out the cool tones of metal with warm accents like wood or textiles to create a softer feel.

Global Influences

Who said a boho-style living room needs to be limited to one culture’s influences? Why not incorporate some global influences to add a worldwide air of sophistication to your space?

Look for subtle ways to bring vibrant colors and patterns from different cultures into your boho living room. Exchange bright Mexican tilework for an accent wall or blend many different cushions with many fabrics, styles, and colors. This blended look will help any room achieve that nomadic vibe you’re after.

Different accessories like handmade baskets, earthenware vessels, and unique artifacts can bring a more exotic feel. Also, don’t forget about art! Look for pieces with global designs that will help pull this eclectic style together.

With the right accessories and accents, you can create the perfect boho-chic oasis right in your own home — it’ll feel like you’re traveling around the world without ever leaving your living room!

Vinyl Records and Floor Pillows: Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

Want to bring on the boho? Adding some vinyl records and floor pillows is a great way to do it! Vinyl records are a great way to add a bohemian touch to your living room and can add an element of nostalgia. You don’t even have to exclusively listen to the vinyl—you can just use them for décor if you want, but having the option of listening is great too.

Floor pillows are boho-friendly and provide extra seating for when you have unexpected visitors and need extra space. They come in all sorts of patterns, colors, and textures—so it’s easy to find something that fits your living room aesthetic. Plus, when you’re done using them, you can quickly stack them or tuck them away in a corner or closet.


Bringing nature inside your home is a great way to add dimension and texture to your Gypsy bohemian living room. Houseplants are an easy and effective way to enrich the air quality in your home, as well as add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral room. But don’t just settle for the traditional plants—go for the ones with bold colors, such as pink succulents or tropical-hued foliage.

Plus, houseplants don’t have to take up all your living room space—you could put them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling. Or, if you’re feeling brave and creative, why not try building a living wall? Include all sorts of plants, incorporate wicker baskets and macramé hangers hung against a vibrantly painted wall to give that desired Bohemian feel.

Swing and String Lights – Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

Do you want to make your living room feel a bit more magical? Of course, you do! One great way to do this is to hang strings of lights from the walls and ceiling. Ensure your lights are plugged into a safe, multi-set outlet, and you are ready to go.

Swinging and string lights add a delicate ambiance to any room, especially in a bohemian-style space. These lighting fixtures come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can find ones that will fit your unique style. Whether they be thin strands of twinkling fairy lights or large colorful paper lanterns, these additions will bring both plenty of light and plenty of personalities.

You can even use the lighting to incorporate other elements into the design—for example, hanging colored glass jars filled with shells or flowers in front of the light fittings. This creates an amazing effect and adds more layers to the design by simply playing around with lights!

Low-Lying Furniture | Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

Low-lying furniture is one of the key elements of a bohemian living room. You don’t have to have high-end furnishing to get the look, and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune on new pieces. Reusing furniture you already own can be a great way to get the look.

Poufs and ottomans can be used as seating or simply for accents around the room. They are often very versatile and can move around easily, so you can easily switch up your design as often as you’d like.

A low-lying coffee or side table is also essential for your bohemian living room look. If you don’t want something too big, opt for a smaller-scale table that won’t take up too much space. Rugs are also important to bring in that chic boho style — think kilim rugs with bold geometric designs or vintage rugs with bright colors and patterns.

Oriental Vintage Rug: Gypsy Bohemian Living Room

An oriental vintage rug is perfect for tying together the entire look and feel of the room, as it offers an eclectic combination of traditional and modern design.

When choosing your oriental vintage rug, you’ll want to select one that works with the other elements in your living room, including furniture, textiles, and wall art. An oriental vintage rug has a rich history and can bring a touch of culture and color at the same time to your space. They’re perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere while also adding a sense of elegance and refinement.

When you decide to shop for an oriental vintage rug, consider factors such as the size and shape of the room, the amount of traffic the rug will get, and the existing decor. Look for a rug that matches or contrasts with your other pieces, depending on your desired look. Consider textures and patterns to help add layers of interest and warmth to the room. 

Once you’ve chosen your oriental vintage rug, don’t forget to choose a high-quality pad to protect it from wear and tear. This will help prolong the life of your rug and keep it looking its best for years to come.

Wood TV Stand

A wood TV stand can be the perfect complement to the charm of your bohemian living room. Wood TV stands come in all shapes and sizes and can be found in a variety of finishes and materials. Depending on the style of your home, you can choose from dark woods like mahogany and cherry to lighter woods like pine and maple.

To complete the bohemian look, pick a TV stand that has carved accents or an aged patina. Be sure to match the color of your furniture and decor to the shade of wood for a cohesive look. You can add extra storage and style to your living room by including a few shelves around the TV stand. These shelves can be used to display books, collectibles, and other items that bring the boho theme to life.


So, if you’re ready to infuse your home with a bit of Gypsy bohemian style, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match bold colors and prints, incorporate warm woods and natural elements, vintage source treasures, and show off your favorite pieces in unexpected and creative ways.

And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. A bohemian living room isn’t about following any decorating rules—it’s about being creative and having fun with it. Add something unexpected to the room, like a statement wall, a vintage painting, or a vintage piece of furniture. With a few creative touches, you’ll be well on your way to a beautiful boho-inspired living room.

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