What to Know About Wall Lights

Wall lights are one of the few light fixtures people like to use for different purposes, depending on the room. And it’s one of the oldest types of light fixture that has not faded into obscurity. Today, you can find different styles of wall lights sold in stores like VONN

As you may know, almost all light fixtures are installed or mounted in or on ceilings. And others are placed on a table or floor. But, because wall lights are exclusively for walls, you won’t clutter up your ceilings or take up space on your floor or table. So if you are curious about this amazing light fixture, continue reading the article.

History and Origins

When people discovered fire, they finally had a tool to help them against the dark. And to bring fire with them when they walk around at night or explore the depths of a cave. They most likely had a torch or a burning stick.

But once you are inside a cave, having a torch in your hand can become a hassle, especially when you need to use both hands. So, early humans would’ve most likely looked for a wedge on the walls of a cave to place their torch. 

By wedging the torch in the walls, people have now ensconced their light source, which means it’s now in a secure place. That is why another name for lights is a wall sconce. Now your hands are free, and you have a secure light source. But how did wedging torches on cave walls become the wall lights today?

Well, people probably started to improve the spots where they placed their torches. They had to find a better way to secure their light sources since wedges are not always available. As people began moving out of their caves to build structures, having a secured spot on their walls to place their torches became essential. And that is when people first started using wall lights, which they still enjoy today.


If you have a corridor, wall lights can illuminate and add interest to it without obstructing the space. You can put them in your reading corner or be the bedside light to free up your nightstand or bedside table. You can also use them for accent lighting in hallways or living rooms.

Wall lights are excellent for lighting up dark corners and can make a room seem larger. If you have a large chandelier, placing some wall lights on the walls will balance out the light from the chandelier, which can sometimes be harsh.

People typically don’t require too much lumen from wall lights in most locations. But for places like your bathroom, it needs to be bright enough so you can properly groom yourself in the mirror.


Wall lights can be bold, rustic, subtle, or elegant. Since it’s been around for so long, you can choose different styles, from Victorian to medieval. To contemporary to revival. In that sense, wall lights may just be the oldest type of all lighting fixtures. 

Installation Tips

Wall lights typically work best if you place them high enough. So people don’t accidentally bump into them. Maybe between 6 and 6 ½ feet above your floors. You may install it lower in places where you use task lighting, like your kitchen or reading corner. Just ensure that it’s out of harm’s way. 

But wall lights are also decorative as well as practical. So don’t mount them too high so that people have to crane their heads just to see them. People won’t appreciate them if it is hard to see.


Wall lights are one of the most versatile light fixtures. That is why you still see people using them in modern homes. So if you know anyone curious about this light fixture, sharing this article will help.

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