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Demon Slayer Bedroom – Are you ready to unleash your inner Demon Slayer wildly? It’s time to create a bedroom that reflects your passion for the popular anime series. Whether you’re trying to capture the esthetic of Hashibira or create a monster-filled scene, there are plenty of ways you can turn your bedroom into a place fit for demon slaying.

Think of it as an opportunity to get creative and channel some of the characters within the show. With just a few materials and pieces, it’s easy to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary of demon-slaying fun! In this article, we’ll dive into some of the best decorating tips and tricks so you can be comfortable in the company of demons. Let’s get started!

Channel the Demon Slayer Esthetic

Demon Slayer Bedroom Ideas

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You can create a demon slayer bedroom aesthetic without any major renovations. All you need is a few design elements that add a bit of flair and give your space the feel of a real demon slayer’s hideout.

A great place to start is bedding. Pick up some bed sheets and pillowcases with a bold print featuring your favorite demon slayer characters, or in colors inspired by their costumes. For example, a set in yellow and black will give off that Midoriya “Deku” vibe, while light pink and purple will create an Uraraka “Uravity” theme.

You can also pair this look with wall décor that reflects your favorite characters: a few posters featuring Deku or Todoroki, some wall art with interesting iconography, or even some wall decals that you can place strategically around the room. These items will help pull together the overall look of your demon-slaying bedroom while also showing off your fandom pride!

Demon Slayer Mask

Demon Slayer Bedroom Ideas

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Are you ready to take your Demon Slayer game to the next level? Well, start with a standout centerpiece: a demon slayer mask. You can find these masks in various colors, sizes, and styles to fit your bedroom decor. Plus, they come in all types of materials, from wood and metal to plastic and latex.

Whether you want a realistic mask or something more whimsical, there are plenty of options out there. If you want to make the mask extra special, consider customizing it with engravings or even adding LEDs for a cool light-up effect. Once you’ve decided on the perfect mask, hang it up on the wall above your bed or on a shelf near your window—the perfect place for showing off your inner demon slayer!

Hang Posters and Wall Scrolls | Demon Slayer Bedroom

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Bring your demon slayer dream to life with posters and wall scrolls. Show your devotion to the show by filling your living space with its memorabilia. Wall scrolls are especially great since they have an old-school anime vibe to them, plus they come in large sizes that are perfect for a feature wall.

You can also choose from a huge range of framed or canvas prints—they look just as eye-catching and will tie in perfectly with the rest of your décor. If you want something that’s totally one of a kind, try creating your own poster design on a website like Canva. From there, you can print it out at whatever size you like and find something for it to hang on, framing is optional!

Light Up Your Room With Demon Slayer Decor

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Do you want to take your demon slayer bedroom to the next level? Light up the room with demon slayer decor! Not only is this a simple and affordable way to add some extra personality, but it will also make your room look like an official demon-slaying chamber.

Nothing will make your bedroom look more professional than a neon sign showcasing the characters of Demon Slayer. These signs are vibrant, and eye-catching, and come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Get creative and choose one that will match your other room decorations!

These string lights are perfect for setting a soft glowing atmosphere in your bedroom. You can choose from various characters from Demon Slayer and hang them alongside your curtains or around the TV area!

Get inspired by Kamado Tanjiro and his friends with some unique wall art pieces. These pieces can be framed or hung up above the bed or any part of the wall that needs extra decorating oomph. You can also opt for some 3D paper cutouts to add texture to your walls!

Get Ready for Battle With Accessories – Demon Slayer Bedroom

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Time to add a few accessories to get ready for battle! Layering rugs and adding wall hangings can be the perfect way to bring your demon-slayer bedroom to life. Layer a couple of smaller rugs with one larger rug in different textures, like wool and jute, for an interesting look.

In terms of wall hangings, consider something that hints at your demon slayer theme without going all-out. For example, a large piece of abstract art with sword or dragon imagery is sophisticated and subtle—perfect for any adult or teen room.

If you’re looking to make your bedroom cozier, consider adding fairy lights in the shape of vines, leaves, or even swords. It’s a fun way to bring some light into the room and add more color.

Finally, don’t forget about throwing pillows! Pillows are a great way to add texture and color to your bedding set—for instance, pair solid-color bedding with vibrant pillows that have touches of gold or silver to give it an extra kick!

Demon Slayer Plushies

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If you’re a fan of the Demon Slayer style, you can’t forget to bring your favorite characters into your bedroom with some plushies! Plushies are a fun way to show off your fandom in an adorable way. Plus, they’re super soft and cuddly, so you’ll always have a friend around for movie night.

You can find Demon Slayer plushies of almost any character from the manga or anime series. For example, you might want to get Tanjiro Kamado with his Nichirin blade, Nezuko Kamado with her bamboo katana, Zenitsu Agatsuma with his thunder-breathing swordsmanship, or Inosuke Hashibira if you’re feeling brave.

Don’t forget to mix and match characters as well! Having different characters in different poses will make your bedroom’s decor extra unique. You can also add some other props like pillows, blankets, and wall art featuring all your favorite characters to really bring the Demon Slayer universe alive in your room.

Demon Slayer Lamps

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Bringing the world of demon slayers into the bedroom doesn’t have to be overwhelming. One simple thing you can do is add a few lamps with demon-slaying-themed designs. These lamps will be statement pieces that will draw attention to any room and give it a unique touch that celebrates your favorite show—they’re sure to be conversation starters if you ever have friends over!

There are so many unique designs available for demon-slaying-themed lamps, from traditional bedside wall sconces to more modern takes on desk lamps. Search for styles that feature popular characters or symbols from the show, or mix and match various figures or elements for an eclectic look. And don’t forget about colors — choose bold colors like crimson red and deep blue for extra drama.

You can also choose from lighting fixtures with whimsical touches such as twinkle lights or chandeliers with hanging trinkets. Incorporating these unique pieces will make it feel like you’re stepping into a different world every time you enter your bedroom! And they don’t have to be flashy—choose subtle fixtures with clean lines and muted colors, like black-and-white chevrons, if that’s more your style.

These demon slayer lamps are just one way to get creative in bringing this cool fantasy world into your bedroom — but no matter what type of lamp or design you choose, it’ll bring a bit of life (and personality!) to any space!

Creative Storage Solutions for Your Outfits & Props

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Bring out your inner demon slayer bedroom with creative storage solutions for your outfits and props. Even if you have limited space, you can easily create storage solutions to keep everything in its place.

One of the easiest ways to store weapons and other items is by using hooks and wall ornaments. You can find a variety of unique hooks, shelves, and wall art that will look stylish while still keeping your items safe and organized. With enough hooks, you can even hang up a full-length version of your favorite demon-slaying outfit!

Another great option for storage is open shelving. If you have the space for it, an open shelving unit with baskets and labels provides a neat way to keep your demon-slaying props sorted in an attractively organized fashion. This also makes it easy to quickly grab the items you need before heading out on your next mission!

Finally, if open shelving isn’t quite right for your space, baskets or boxes are a great alternative. You can find plenty of decorative options that will work perfectly in the bedroom and make it easier to corral all your weapons and armor in one place. With labels like “demon-slaying swords” or “demon-slaying boots”, you’ll always know exactly where to find what you need — no more hunting around for it!

Get the Perfect Pillows and Blankets to Rest On

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To make sure you have a restful sleep and to get the perfect demon-slaying dream, it’s important to have the right pillows and blankets. Whether you’re looking for something plush and soft to keep you nice and comfy, or something heavy enough to keep your bed warm, there’s a pillow and blanket out there for every Slayer.

Your two main options for pillows are down or memory foam. Down pillows are incredibly lightweight, but it’s important to get one with a fill power of 600 or higher — this is the ability of the pillow to expand after it’s been pressed down. Memory foam is heavier, but gives great support and will contour your shape.

When it comes to blankets, you have lots of options—fleece, cotton, wool — each one with its own unique characteristics. Fleece is incredibly soft and lightweight; cotton is breathable; wool keeps your body temperature more consistent throughout the night—so choose one that works best for you!

Demon Slayer Figurine – Demon Slayer Bedroom

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Finally, let’s talk about a really cool way to really bring your Demon Slayer bedroom theme to life: a Demon Slayer figurine. This is the perfect way to show off your passion for anime, and it’ll make an awesome centerpiece for your bedroom.

You can get an awesome figurine of Zenitsu Agatsuma or Nezuko Kamado—or why not both? They’re usually made with high-quality polyurethane, so you know they’ll last for years and look great no matter where you put them. Plus, it’s something that you can use in any type of décor—pop art, classic, modern—you name it.

Grabbing a Demon Slayer figurine to display on your shelf or even in a mini shrine is definitely one of the most fun and exciting ways to bring your room together.


So, you are a Demon Slayer fan and currently, if you’re looking to add some demon-slaying flair to your bedroom, you don’t need to conjure a portal to the Underworld. You can easily find decorative items, wall art, and other pieces online or in stores that will unleash the demon slayer in you. And don’t be afraid to mix and match; you can combine the classic theme with faux-antique and modern touches to create a unique, personalized look that expresses your inner demon slayer.

At the end of the day, your bedroom is your own special space, and it should reflect your individual style. So unleash your inner demon slayer and turn your bedroom into a space you can be proud of! Your bedroom is now set for any Demon Slayer fan.

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