5 Must Have Wedding Decor Items For Hosting A At Home Wedding

You’ve combed the internet for the ideal location and made what seems like a hundred site visits, but nothing quite captures the cozy, nostalgic feeling of home that you’re looking for. So why not be married at home instead?

Although we and you both adore the concept, is it genuinely feasible? In short, yeah! When it comes to arranging an at-home wedding, there are several factors to take into account. You will need to start by mentioning it in your wedding save the date to let your outstation guests be a part of your special day.

And ending with planning the clean-up so that your home is not a disaster zone when you come back from your honeymoon. But the most important aspect of hosting an at home wedding is considering the decorations. The correct decorations can take a home wedding from drab to fab without breaking your bank.

Wedding Decoration

Without wedding decorations, no wedding can be said to be fully complete. No matter how basic they may seem, your decorations can transform a special occasion into the enchanted, once-in-a-lifetime party of your dreams. Wedding décor is not something that comes naturally; it takes careful planning and consideration.

Here is a list of the top five must-have wedding decor elements to avoid buying something unnecessary when you go shopping for your wedding decorations.


Flowers are a must in weddings and are an integral part of the wedding bouquet and the Groom’s Boutonniere. But even if it’s just your house, what good is a wedding location without flowers? Flowers, from vibrant ones to breathtaking whites, make weddings seem utterly breathtaking.

So, if you’ve always imagined having a fairy tale wedding at your house, don’t forget to prepare floral arrangements for the decorations. Put some flower pomander balls close to the tableware. Additionally, you can spruce up your backyard reception area by suspending floral chandeliers.

To add flair to the seating arrangement and make your wedding guests feel special, attach flower bouquets to the chairs. To give your event a dreamy appearance, hang mason jars filled with colorful flowers. These will undoubtedly provide your special day a joyful and lovely atmosphere.


Your wedding lighting should be both fashionable and practical. It establishes the tone and highlights all the elements you’ve spent months assembling. When planning your engagement party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner, think about purchasing lights and candles in quantity and reusing them.

Even after the wedding day, you may still use them in your house because we adore decor that serves as a useful wedding memento. You’ll need different lighting for your wedding ceremony indoors than you would with a breathtaking sunset as a backdrop. Your lighting selections will be influenced by the time of day, the amount of natural lighting, and the mood you want for your wedding.

If you want to throw a party outside under the stars in your backyard, you have to decorate the area and provide lighting. Edison bulbs and string lights are inexpensive decorations that give the occasion a romantic feel. Think about using dimmable bulbs so you may change the mood and illumination as the night progresses.


Candlelight creates a particular kind of romantic attraction that gives all aspects of a wedding a tangible and figurative glow. Candles lend your wedding a classic air of elegance, whether you decide to use them as centerpieces for your reception tables or prefer to use giant votive candles outside. Unquestionably beautiful in both real life and on screen is an open flame.

The amber glow generated by all those dancing flames gives off an atmosphere like no other and looks stunning in pictures. Additionally, everyone appears exceptionally lovely in a room with candles lit.

You need to locate the ideal candle lighting for your at-home wedding, whether it be pillar candles lining a winding staircase or tapered candles of various lengths on exquisite tabletops.

Unique Flatware

At your wedding, not just you and your bridal party will be dressed to the nines—your tables also need to look their best! Choosing your dishes and flatware comes after selecting your linens. The ideal dinnerware will complement your wedding’s theme and serve as a decorative element.

Switch your standard silverware or pewter for some unusual metal cutlery that no one will expect. Choose mismatched elements for a rustic at-home wedding to create a vintage vibe. Whatever your theme, whether it be modern, antique, beach, or enchanted garden, remember to select unique flatware for decorations to notch up your vibe.


Don’t be afraid to use additional creativity when designing your welcome wedding sign because this is the ideal opportunity to highlight the theme of your special day. Your wedding welcome sign should use elements that appear elsewhere in your overall design plan to maintain the event’s sense of coherence.

Repeat the fonts, hues, and flower selections from your invite and other significant décor moments for a design fit for Pinterest. It might have a sleek, minimalist design or be garish and exuberant with a tropical beach vibe. Alternatively, add a selected line from a sweet wedding song to your welcome sign to make it unique. Beyond that instruction, however, there are no real restrictions on what you can put on your wedding signage.


If home is where your heart is, then do not be afraid to hold an intimate at home wedding. Get your invites ready and have your dream wedding in your own backyard to create seamless memories.

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Home Base Project Team
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