Bathroom Mess: Avoid the Stress with Smart Storage Solutions

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms of the home, and as such, they’re prone to clutter because they’re utilised on a daily basis and shared by the whole family. On this note, it’s crucial to tackle organisation and make the most of these rooms if you’re aiming for a fresh, happy, and efficient start of the day, every day.

Just think about it, a simple glance at the messy shelves, and the lack of storage, can ruin even the finest of mornings. You can cheer up if this is the case with your home because the great news is it’s possible to fix this common bathroom issue even with a limited budget. 

That is, as long as you implement the right elements that would save you much-needed prep time, as well as enhance the aesthetic aspect of the interior. And, in turn, you’d get to elevate the value of your abode. Wonder how to achieve all this? The following ideas shed some light on the matter!

Add a Vanity Cabinet as Your Centrepiece

The bathtub, shower cubicle, and toilet area aside, you can use stylish vanity cabinets made from durable materials as the crucial pieces functioning as focal points. You’d be able to pull off an incredible outcome by putting the room together if you team up the vanities’ hardware with the material and finish of the bath tapware, and the rest of the bathroom’s hardware.

There’s no doubt these furniture elements are the workhorses of the bathroom given that they’re multi-purpose. Beyond their basic role of housing the undermount or above counter basins, they’re the main features you can use to your advantage when it comes to neatly storing your toiletries and belongings, and keeping them out of sight.

Mind you though, just because something’s concealed doesn’t guarantee order, so to make the most of the storage provided by your vanity, it’s advisable to pick out a design that’s equipped with plenty of drawers and compartments.

Some of the different types of bathroom vanity units you’d get to choose from when shopping at the homeware stores include two basic models: the traditional timber constructed designs with timeless stone countertops, and the modern floating vanities perfect for small bathrooms.

Additional designs you might appreciate are the contemporary vessel cabinets for the above counter sinks, the freestanding cabinets that seamlessly cover up pipework, and the decorative pedestal vanities with little to no storage. What happens if you have your eyes set on a floating or pedestal design lacking the needed compartments?

It’s pretty simple actually since you can take care of the order of the practical vanity cabinets by using plenty of accessories, in the likes of fancy organisers, mason jars, and trays to eliminate unsightly clutter and facilitate accessibility.

One of the materials, in particular, that would help you inject the space with charm, interest, and surprise you with the versatility, functionality and beauty is rattan in the form of home accessories such as baskets, bags, and bins.

Use Up the Vertical Space

Messy sight aside, the bathroom can also become dangerous from the clutter scattered all over the floor – posing serious slipping and falling threats. Thankfully, it’s a problem that can easily be solved with adequate vertical organising accessories and elements.

I don’t have to tell you how useful this solution proves to be in any bathroom, especially the tiny ones where every bit of floor space is essential. Depending on your style, as well as bathroom storage preferences, there are various options you can incorporate, starting from open shelves.

The mirror cabinet above your functional vanity cabinets is yet another neat feature, but if you opt for a design that lacks a cabinet, the shelves could come to your rescue.

You have the opportunity to install them anywhere, even the space above the door. Other valuable additions you’d come to appreciate are the space-savvy shower niches you can install where you see fit for your shower toiletries, or even add one on the wall right beside the bathtub for your convenience.

Robe and towel hooks are nice and all, but if you want to benefit from more space, then it’s advisable to get towel rails instead. Heated designs are advantageous in numerous ways, from serving as an extra heating source, and quick-drying solution for cloths, to keeping your bath towels warm before your relaxing soaks and washes – perfect for increasing your overall bathroom comfort!

Put Your Hair Styling Tools in Order

Nobody likes bad hair days which is why most bathrooms are filled with all sorts of hair styling products plus the right hair styling tools that are essential yet at the same time only add to the mess. Well, with the ideal storage solutions, you’d never have to worry about misplacing them, or damaging them in any way.

There are various options you can use to solve the issue yourself – perfect if you’re DIY oriented. Did you know you can fully optimise the spacious bathroom vanities if you add storage on the inside of the doors? And the great part of it all is you can use whatever you choose for this purpose: toilet paper, magazine holder, and baskets are just some of the suggestions.

The toilet paper is one of the most affordable solutions, and, at the same time, one of the easiest to install – simply glue up the card paper log to the door and you have a holder for the tools like a curling iron and hairdryer. Besides keeping them in place, it’s perfect for keeping cords neat and detangled.

The magazine holder and baskets can be glued easily too, and they provide the much-needed space for your great hair styling products in the likes of hairspray, volumizer, wax, gel, mousse, and pomade. And, if you organise everything strategically and within reach, you might just get enough room left for the electric hair and beard trimmers too.

With tricks such as these, there’d be no more morning stress from trying to find each and every tool and product. Nor the hassle of having to put everything back afterwards! 

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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