Can Iguanas Be Trapped?

In the last few decades, more and more people in the United States opted for exotic animal companions rather than classic pets like cats, dogs, or fish. Animals such as snakes, tarantulas, frogs, and lizards became quite popular instead. According to recent surveys, 3% of American households have at least one reptile as a pet, the most common being lizards.

However, because of their specific environmental and dietary needs, pets such as iguanas are more challenging to take care of and require more attention from their owners. That is why many of these reptiles ended up being abandoned in the wild, which led to an invasion of iguanas, especially in the region of Pompano Beach, Florida.

If you happen to be a citizen of that region, we have prepared some basic instructions for how you can deal with those uninvited visitors around your house.

Setting Up the Bait

Iguanas are swift animals, so they can easily run away if you try to catch them by hand or even with a rod. To increase your chances of catching the iguanas that have invaded your property, you should set up some bait, and while it is distracted by the food, you can act.

If you don’t know what you should use, firstly, you should know that citrus fruits are not an option because they act as a repellent for iguanas. Sweet, ripe fruits like strawberries, papayas, bananas, or mangoes usually attract reptiles, along with flowers and vegetables.

Trap the Iguana In a Cage

Probably the safest and most efficient way to catch iguanas is by using a metal cage that the lizard’s claws or teeth cannot damage. Also, these types of cages do not have holes large enough for the iguanas to slip through.

The cages can be small and designed for one or two iguanas or large enough to fit 20-25 of them. The larger and more efficient cages are called repeating reptile cages and usually come with a place for the bait. After catching the reptiles, the best idea is to call a professional so they can be removed safely.

Use a Catch Pole

An alternative to catching iguanas in a cage or by hand is to use a catchpole. A catchpole is a long, extendable metal rod that is quite hard to break and has a claw or a rope loop at the end.

However, using a catch pole can be quite dangerous for both the user and the lizard since it can be difficult to use, especially if you have never done so before. To avoid injuries to both parties, you should call a professional who knows the best method to catch the intruders since there are companies that deal with iguana removal in Pompano Beach

Better Prevent

After finally catching the iguanas on your property, the next step is to take measures to prevent future lizard invasions. The first, most basic advice is to keep trash lids closed so that the odor doesn’t attract any other unwanted guests.

The second one would be not to leave food outside your house, whether it is fruits, leftovers, or pet food, because those are the things that attract iguanas the most. Also, take care of your garden by regularly cutting the grass and protecting the plants and trees with a wire net.


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