2 Ways to Lock Your Home Without a Key

The process of purchasing and installing a smart lock or smart home device may seem foreign to many who are accustomed to traditional deadbolts.

However, the intimidation of smart home devices seemingly disappears once you start the process of installation. In fact, the process of switching to smart devices and swapping your keys for a code or smart system has never been easier.

The process of keyless entry is easy for people of all ages. Smart locks make monitoring and managing both your home and its guests simple.

There are several variations of keyless entry, allowing users to unlock their door with the tap of a button or by simply entering a code instead of carrying around physical keys.

Some may think that using a code instead of a physical key may be risky. However, the accessibility of each passcode can be different from one to the next and their level of protection is proven impressive.

Bluetooth and Wi Fi Smart Locks

Smart locks can connect to your home or business’s WiFi network or Bluetooth through the use of your smartphone or smart hub. The connection to a WiFi network is necessary for certain locks in order for the lock to receive the request to lock or unlock your door.

With both Bluetooth and WiFi smart locks, your smartphone is in control and the concern of forgetting to lock your door disappears with the touch of an app on your phone.

Bluetooth and WiFi smart locks have now become the future of locking your property and keeping both your home and your loved ones safe.

The accessibility that keyless entry provides exceeds the benefits of a standard deadbolt. It makes managing your property incredibly convenient whether you are nearby or in another state.

With smart locks, property owners are able to monitor and control the access they give to their guests or workers. And for those guilty of losing and misplacing items around their home, smart locks eliminate the inconvenience of forgetting your key and locking yourself out.

Depending on the type of lock, users can use a key code, smartphone, key card, or combination to enter their property.

Smart Garage Door Locks

Similar to smart locks for your front and back doors, smart garage door locks give users the opportunity to open their garage remotely just by using a smartphone.

These types of smart locks provide a way of entering a property without a physical key. The majority of smart locks for your garage door do not need to be connected to a smart hub.

However, these devices do need access and will need to be controlled via a smartphone or a smart device of some kind.

Automatic garage door locks also notify users when their door is open or if it’s closed. The only thing comparable to worrying about if your front door is unlocked is the uneasiness that comes with leaving your garage door wide open for unwanted visitors.

Luckily for smart garage door users, they are able to see if their door is open or closed by simply checking an app on their phone. Before purchasing a smart garage door lock, be sure to check to see if it is compatible with your installed garage door itself.

Certain smart garage door locks have specific features that may be more appealing to some than others. For instance, certain locks have WiFi access and Amazon Prime delivery capabilities.

Some garage door locks also have cameras built-in that can detect and alert users when there is motion by the door. And if someone forces entry into your house or apartment while you are away or even inside, some smart locks will alert you. This is an added level of security that a standard garage door opener cannot provide.

Countless devices and home features, such as headphones, fans, televisions, and more, are connected to smartphones now. Many individuals rely on their phones for nearly everything.

Bluetooth and WiFi smart locks as well as smart garage door locks give property owners and renters an easy way to enter their space without a physical key.

The process of switching to smart locks and swapping your keys for a code has never been easier. As long as you have access to a smartphone and know your code, getting inside your home or business is simple.

And for those looking to not get rid of their keys, certain smart locks are designed to attach to an existing lock without any extra maintenance or hassle to give users the option of using their traditional key or a code.

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