5 Tips To Improve Your Home’s Front Door Security

Whether you are at home or not, your property is subject to criminal activities, especially without proper home security. Thieves may search your home for expensive devices or jewels. A vandal may wish to enter and cause random damage.

The risk of a home invasion would depend on where you live, but you must take steps to avoid it from happening. Increasing the security of your front door is the first step to preventing a burglary.

Investing in front door security helps prevent house invasions. With a few items and reinforcements, they will significantly improve your door’s strength and give you peace of mind.  Your safety is paramount, so you should take action to ensure a well-guarded home.

To provide full security also use smart home security system. Read more as this guide will provide you with practical tips for keeping the premises secure.

1. Install A Security Bar

A security bar can be permanent or temporary depending on your needs. Adding a lock that only opens from within is a great idea. Not only will the bar physically close the doors, but it will also prevent the door from opening even if it is unlocked. A barricade, for example, will make it far more difficult to enter by kicking the door.

The product’s portability and size are big advantages. If you travel regularly, buying it would be a great idea as it fits in your backpack and protects you from door kick-ins. You could use it at night and during the day to make your door safer. You can buy security bars from trusted stores like Fighting Chance Solutions and other similar companies.

2. Test Your Door’s Strength

New steel three bolt door lock installed on the wooden front door of a new build house showing the three individual cylinders of the lock

You must ensure that an intruder can’t kick through your door, particularly if it’s made of wood. The finest lock in the world may be useless if an invader can force their foot through your door. To reinforce a wooden door, put a metal strike plate into the studs on all sides of the doorway. You could purchase strike plates in various stores or online. If you aren’t sure about installing it yourself, hire a professional locksmith.

You can also strengthen the security of the door frame by securing it to the surrounding walls with screws or bolts. Try using hinge bolts, which prevent the door from being forced off its hinges.

3. Add Security Screen Doors

A better option would be to have two doors than one. You could put a second door in front of your front door for more security. Of course, a security screen door will increase the overall security. First, they are made of steel. Unlike a regular door, this material is extremely hard to break. Additionally, the door’s hinges are fixed, making it extremely impossible to get around. This type of door increases security by deterring criminals. Many are aware that these doors are tough to open. So, most intruders won’t even try.

The strength of a security screen is your key concern. A better security screen with more metal and welding will resist damaging intrusion better. Even with poor security screens, you get more protection than a normal door. Even with a pierced screen, the original door remains.

Facial recognition and fingerprints scanner machine for access door security and for records time attendance. Close up and selective Focus.

4. Monitor Your Door

Observing your front door closely helps as an excellent method to improve its security. There are two primary methods for monitoring. You can either invest in a security system or a handful of the best security cameras.  Having a security system could add door security in several ways. For example, if your door is broken, the system will raise an alarm and call the cops.

Furthermore, discreet surveillance systems like doorbell cameras allow homeowners to view what’s going on outside their homes via smartphone apps or other devices. Some of these systems can add extra layers of security by turning on special light bulbs when the doorbell is pressed. You can, of course, combine both of these strategies, but you must understand them completely.

Security Consultant Fitting Security Light To House Wall

5. Install A Security Light

Improving the lighting around your doorway may deter opportunists from breaking in thanks to the increased danger of being noticed. Using a motion sensor light achieves this without leaving the light on. Before buying a light, be sure it’s suited for outdoor use.


Improving the security of your front door is a duty that every homeowner must consider, but bear in mind that there are other options available. For example, security fences, and good lighting all help to secure your home.

These measures will prevent criminals from entering your house. If you fear that someone might intrude on your house or wish you harm, act now. Secure your home properly with the steps discussed above.

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