Modern Black Mansion at New York in Harriman State Park

Modern black mansion: The name black villa itself is distinctive in nature. It is designed by one and only Reza Mohtashami who also owns an architectural firm.

This beautiful stunning black villa is situated at Harriman State Park, New York State, United States and covers an area of 400 metres square.

It not only has a unique name but incredible features to explore and have a luxurious experience. This house is a true treasure in the field of architecture.

This villa’s architectural designs are remarkable on every level, from the exquisite interiors to the eye-catching extravaganza exteriors. Its extraordinary features are what attracts people.

The location of the villa is more interesting as everyone likes to be surrounded by trees and being a little closer to nature. More on the stunning home’s interiors in the next section.

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What’s the Deal with, Modern Black Mansion?                            

The Black Villa is a stunning antique single-family home that will be built in New York, a haven for hikers with more than 200 miles of hiking trails. And the view will be beyond our imaginations.

Details About the Location of Modern Black Mansion

At the heart of one of America’s most stunning natural areas lies the enigmatic Black Villa (New York). It’s the state’s second-largest park.

There are 31 lakes in the area, as well as numerous streams, public camping areas, and stunning views. Many people visit for hiking, as the area boasts trails totalling more than 200 miles (320 km).

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Black Villa: Know More About the Architect

Reza Mohtashami, an architect based in Mashhad, designed the Black Villa in Harriman State Park. He is well-known all over the world for his unique buildings and structures.

He and his design team, Reyhaneh Daneshmandi and Elham Daneshmandi imagined and built this magnificent villa.

The colour black serves as the home’s primary accent. The name “Black Villa” may have given you some idea of what to expect, but yes, everything in this place is black.

It has beautiful interior designs and some unusual features, such as an open living area with a large skylight taking up the majority of the ceiling.

Sneak Peek of Living Space Of Black Villa

The living area is open and well-lit thanks to the abundance of windows. The sitting area has a large skylight that lets in plenty of natural light while also giving off a feeling of openness.

Except for the centrepiece, the room is decked out in black-and-white decor. It’s made of light wood, which brightens up the otherwise gloomy setting while also breaking up the colour scheme.

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Look of Dining Room Inside Modern Black Mansion

There’s a dining area tucked away just behind the entertainment centre. The dining table is also made of dark wood, so it blends in perfectly with the rest of the furniture and decor in the house.

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To provide just the right amount of lighting, there are two large curved-shaped pendant lights suspended directly above the dining table.

The dining area is surrounded by floor to ceiling glass windows. So that residents can enjoy their meals while taking in the breathtaking views of their surroundings.

Modern Black Mansion: Design of Luxe Bedroom

The bedrooms are large and opulent. Hardwood floors cover a small portion of the ceiling and the floors, which contrast beautifully with the bedroom’s otherwise all-black decor.

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Everything in the room, from the bedding to the headboard, is black, in varying shades. To complete the grand look of the home, various fabrics are chosen and placed throughout.

The fireplace in the master bedroom is made entirely of stones and is located on one wall. Stones are used to covering the entire wall, ranging in colour from light grey to the deepest black.

Bathroom Also Known as Powder Room

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The bathroom matches the rest of the house in terms of design. To give the bathroom a raw, industrial feel, one of the walls has been left as rough stone.

The bathtub, which is also made of greyish black stone, blends in perfectly with the rest of the design.

Extra Edges Inside the Black Villa

Extra touches always bring some authentic look. More than a few things stand out, but the entire residence has numerous small touches that elevate it to the level of ultra-modern luxury.

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Just behind the dining area, there are some floating wooden stairs that connect the two levels.

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Little corridor spaces with some antique and unique art pieces and high ceilings are another attractive architectural feature.

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Outside, there’s a nice little pool to cool off in. Additionally, there’s enough of a lounge and a sitting area to take advantage of the poolside views.  


So this is all about the most ravishing Black Villa. Well by now you must be dreaming of staying in there already.

Who wouldn’t want to stay in this luxurious villa with natural surroundings, so start saving now for your dream villa? Go through each and every detail to decide and grab one for yourself.

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