How to Make a Truss Attic Suitable for Storage?

How to make a truss attic suitable for storage? – Of course, the storage space is most valuable and essential in every home. It is because the storage space helps to keeps decoration, childhood possessions, and many more.

Foremost all, it would help if you learned how to make a truss attic suitable for storage. Space is a useful one!!

Everyone wants the attic to get more storage space. Among others, the truss attic helps to give the more freedom for your purposes. Getting the more attic space are possible to get after making small changes.

If you want to make more storage attic space, then you have to add the shelves. Now, you can easily install the shelves simply in between the instrumental chords of the truss.

But in this condition, you have to make sure that your truss attic can support the weight before making the changes.

All the homeowner needs to add the space in their attic space, which helps a lot. But, if you want, you have to follow some tricks and tips.

To know further, you have to keep reading these guidelines!! Then you can get an idea to transform it into the best storage space.

Things To Remember Before Making a Truss Attic Suitable for Storage?

There are various reasons for people need to make the changes to add the space in their attic. The features of the truss attic are truss.

When you have the enormous wooden structure under your roof, it is the main thing to support. The truss is highly reinforcing your roof area, and it gives proper support to your attic walls.

Generally, all are having the truss attic, but the problem is more storage space. The wooden beams span of the room gives the ways to make it easier.

It is highly possible to add the area in your attic by using simple things. But when doing that job for setting the new space, you have to be careful.

All the things you have to keep in mind that help to make it easy. Without any risk and issues, you can do it. There are no difficulties you face, and also, there is no damage that will happen when you are careful.

The Presence Condition Of Roof

Before doing anything, you have to inspect more things in your old attic. For instance, you have to consider the leaks in your attic that are not simple to find.

The damage to the roof is essential to notice. It is time consuming one, and also it is pretty crucial.

Once after deciding what to do in your truss attic, you have to check the condition thoroughly. The trusses are highly supporting one for roof and also it is sturdy with no issues.

However, it is liable to damage. Commonly, the truss is highly getting hurt because of leaking when that is not stronger.

If the truss attic is getting damaged means, then you have to hold off on using it. It is because the damaged truss is not suitable to support the added weight. Therefore, check the truss first!

Available Flooring

Some homeowner is like to add the flooring to get a truss attic with better storage space. They are highly considering the area that should be flexible and strong and able to support the floorboards.

Before adding the flooring, you have to consider the two main things. First, what are the strength of the truss, and the other is insulation inside your attic?

But the trusses you have to make to get support the roof. It is because that should be carrying a weight even keep the top.

It is always ideal to hire the professional before getting the truss. The professional are helps to make the truss that supports the additional floorboard. Suppose your truss cannot do that, then you have to make any changes inside the attic.

The insulation has more factors!! You can compress the insulation by choosing the laying-down sheets with the bottom of the truss. However, once after compressing the insulation, it is not adequate for temperature regulation.

The homeowners who are having the truss attic without flooring have many folks. If you are planned to add the storage area, then you have to know more about it. The storage space is easier to get even without flooring. But it is beneficial.

Inspect The Condition Of Attic

If you have the truss attic, then you have to check the temperature and humidity level. Therefore, it plays a more significant role in getting more storage trusses.

Did you know? The temperature and humidity can damage your items in the attic. Once you ignore that for a longer time, it will affect all your items.

Even when you store valuable things in your attic, you have to check the humidity and temperature.

You have to save your items by checking the humidity and temperature in your attic. For instance, if you cannot prevent it properly, you have to use another part of your home storage space. Otherwise, reconsider or make change your attic.


Depends on the job or attic size, you have to use the tools. Here the essential tools you use to make the storage space are:

  • Level
  • 1 2×4 per piece of plywood
  • 2×2 boards
  • Drill
  • 2″ screws
  • OSB plywood
  • Marker
  • Circular saw
  • Measuring tape
  • 3″ Spax screws

Steps to Make a Truss Attic Suitable for Storage?

Step 1: Measure The Distance

Foremost you have to measure the distance!! It will help you to do the job quickly and perfectly.

And when you measure the space, you can know how much plywood you need to complete the job. To get the correct measurement, you have to count from one end of the rafter to the other end.

The measure of the distance is included vertical space, even building shelves. But you cannot move pipes and other air ducts. Also the air machines are great options.

That’s why you have to measure the dimension from ceiling to floor. It is very easier measure the distance of your own. Without others knowledge, you can do it yourself.

Step 2: Mark The Measured Distance 

Once after measuring the distance, you have to mark the distance between the rafters 2×4. Now, you can cut by using the tool like a circular saw. You have to repeat the step until you have enough pieces you need. 

It is very important to mark the distance. It is because by using this mark, you have to make it. That’s why this step is essential need to make a truss attic for storage.

Step 3: Screw The Board Into The Place

In this step, you have to use the drill because attics are tightening on space. Using a drill and some screws are enough for this step.

Use a routine instead of the hammer is essential it is because that can quickly become overwhelming warm.

In this place, you have to cut up 2×4 and place it on the side of the existing board that holds in insulation. Use one screw in every corner and screw it in this piece. Otherwise, the rafter is going down at the same height.

It gives the more significant support board, and also, it is easier to install. The job you can do effortlessly with take one panel and put the screw in the proper position. Use the board where the screw goes in all supported boards.

Step 5: Add More Support 

Here, you have to take 2×2 pieces and apply them to the rafter. Including, you have to know how much shelves space you need before this step.

If you want a shelf 18 inches deep, screw-in 2×219 inches into the rafter, you have to add the other board at the front of the rafter. The ending part is to install two more panels on each side of the rafter.

If you decide to store heavy boxes on your shelves, you have to add even more support. Once after installing the board, you can get the look as adding on a rectangular base. 

It is always safe to add more supportive beam to make a storage you want. Depends on the added support, you can make it stronger.

Step 6: Measure The Add Screws And Plywood

Measure the plywood pieces now that are helping to act as the flooring of shelves. After that, you have to do a simple task like taking a two-inch screw and fix them on top of the base. Try to repeat this step for all space you want.

Step 7: Add The Items You Want

Hereafter, you can add the items you have. The truss attic is not only for storage space. It is also helpful to pack light.

You can keep any of thing as well as an empty suitcase on a shelf etc. Adding the item on storage is always important to consider.

Before adding the item, you have to make sure you add the items with even space. It is because many people place the items on one end. Don’t do that. If you have heavy items, you have to use the middle of space on your shelves.

How to Make a Truss Attic Suitable for Storage?

There are many more ways are accessible to change your truss attic into storage space. Some valuable ideas you can see in this section.

Add The Shelves Between The Chords

Add the shelves are among the best and popular ways to make your truss attic storage space. Add the distance between the chords is an easier one. And the beam inclined down from the roof is enough to do it.

Of course, you can create the shelves from plywood. Similarly, the benefit of shelved pre-made is that are come under packaged together with hardware for installation purposes. However, if you want to build the shelves yourself, you have to lock those using screws.

Install the shelf per gap in the truss are possible. The chords are held more, but you have to push them to limited. Now, you can get safe and reasonable from damaging the truss.

Adding The Flooring

Before doing this idea, you have to check your attic with professionals. Therefore, you can get the green light to install the flooring.

If you are planning to make it, you have to install the premade of your own or build the floor panels.

Homeowners are needs to save money by adding floor panels. Creating the boards are high fits perfectly, and it is challenging over the insulation.

Moreover, you can save time by choosing the pre-made panels. It comes under with supportive pieces that are preventing them from overweight on insulation. It is your own choice, but the pre-made board are simple to work with.

Add The Storage Solution

Install the dedicated platform are also one of the ways to add storage space to your truss attic. This platform should be attached with a truss. But this key does not add extra weight if the numerous beams are supported.

The pre-made platform helps to work with all kind of truss attic. And it will work appropriately in the attic when they are incapable of supporting flooring.

The downside of this kind of storage platform is that it does not give a lot of space. Therefore, you have to reserve the attic for few times if you want to use the storage platform.

Related Questions

What Are the Items Not Being Stored in the Attic?

Some of a handful of things you do not store in your attic. It is because that is highly changing the condition of temperature.

The level of temperature is less than the stable condition is makes a problem. The things like papers, electronics, delicate fabrics, and others made of natural material you do not store in your attic.

And also, you have to avoid candles, explosives, and other perishable foods as well. It is simple to understand what kind of item you store in your attic. You have to keep simple things even for a shorter time.

What Kind of Load That Attic Truss Can Hold?

It varies from one attic to another and depends on the condition of the attic. It can hold 40 pounds per square foot typically. It permits larger boxes to keep but not suitable for large furniture etc.

If you want to place heavier things in your attic, you have to add more support beams. Of course, this job requires more work. Otherwise, if you did it without the appropriate support, it can prevent buckling the shelf.

Is Using Attic Trusses Are Worthwhile?

Yes!! The attic truss is worth using. If you want to get, then you can get more storage space. The homeowner is always like to get extra space to hide some items. And you can keep more things in these attic trusses.

Apart from that, the attic truss is helped to increase the living space and gives more floor area to make your room into your desired space.


Enjoy your new truss attic storage space!! You can make your dream space of your own by using some simple steps as mentioned above.

Now, you can get the answer to how to make a truss attic suitable for storage. Utilize the ways and complete them correctly. Try to make your virtual storage space soon!!

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