How to Fix Vertical Blinds That Won’t Rotate?

How to fix vertical blinds that won’t rotate – The vertical blinds are made of thin fabrics hung with the help of the plastic wand or chain to maintain privacy and control the flow of sunlight inside that covered area.

It will allow the natural light to pass through it and make things visible throughout the day.

Specification of Vertical Blind

At times, due to an error in the mechanism and it stops rotating. You can rectify the issue by contacting the service providers and can find a solution on how to fix vertical blinds that won’t rotate.

It is necessary to know about the vertical blinds and know about its specialty for the best knowledge.

The covering of the windows are done with the vertical blinds; they are diverse with the other products in all the ways. While the vertical blinds are used, the user must know how to fix vertical blinds that won’t rotate.

The fabrics used in making the vertical blinds are referred to as louvers, and they are the most commonly used window coverings consisting of a headrail and vertical stripes.

The materials used in the manufacture of the vertical blinds are of high quality, and most commonly it is used in official and commercial premises. The principle of using the blinds is to enhance the area’s look and for the circulation of pure air.

Variations of Vertical Blinds

It is available in different styles, and it differs in the material that is used. The windows in modern homes use the vertical blind solution to use the contemporary architecture in their construction.

Fabric Vertical Blinds: The most common affordable vertical blinds available in the market are the vertical fabric blinds, which are available in different colors and patterns.

The fabric’s specialty is its seamless blending with the surrounding atmosphere, and it also offers a great deal of versatility. It can be partial light filtering, and complete light filtering depends on the need, and it is effortless to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

Wooden Vertical Blinds: the elegance of the living space is enhanced with the wooden blinds, and it calms your mind and gives a soothing effect.

The wooden blinds are part of the nature-based home décor patterns where the wood is the prominent factor.

Several kind of wood are available in the market, and they are selected based on the texture of the floor, furniture, floor, and overall design of the constructed area. Quality wood is used to make wooden vertical blinds, and it is capable of lasting ever.

However, you must maintain them and try not to hang them where the sunlight directly enters the specific space as it would diminish the coating of the wooden panes and keep it away from the moisture for its durability.

Metal Vertical Blinds: People who wish to decorate their interior with various colors and designs would prefer vertical metal blinds as they are available at an affordable price and cost-effective.

The only metal used in this type is aluminum, and high-grade metal is used to make for attraction and long-lasting purposes. It is suitable for commercial and residential purposes, and caring for them is very simple as they remain resistant to rust.

PVC Vertical Blinds: An alternate material available for plastic is PVC, and it is the apt material used in the hanging of vertical blinds. It is selected based on its wide ray of hues, thickness, and translucency options that satisfies the customer’s choice.

Moreover, it is heat resistant, and it is advisable to use it in the kid’s room and in the household areas that need protection from the heat. These are the best realities as they are available in vibrant colors and shades and exactly mix up with your interior color and style.

Problem with Vertical Blinds That Won’t Rotate?

At times, the vertical blinds will find troubleshooting, and some of the issues are mentioned here

  • Slats got damaged
  • Breakage of the slat connecting chain
  • Non-sync movement of the slats
  • Slats won’t rotate
  • Blinds are hard to open

The problems mentioned above are identified as the troubleshooting factors, and you can solve them by finding the proper solution for your issue.

Non-Rotation of the Vertical Blinds

It is necessary to fix the issue as the vertical blinds find the perfect solution for your windows and are available at a reasonable cost. Several reasons are there for the vertical blinds not rotating, and some of the reasons are

  • The vertical blinds might have caught up in reverse
  • Obstructions such as dirt, dust balls, smaller particles that prevent the movement of the slats
  • Rust of the rod or necessity of lubricant
  • Holes that are present in the blinds
  • Damage of the gears in the body that needs replacement

How to Fix Vertical Blinds That Won’t Rotate?

  • Please make the necessary adjustment to make it work efficiently
  • Spray WD-40 to provide lubrication
  • Remove the obstructions from the blind
  • Patch up the holes

These are the ways that you could adopt to fic your non-rotating vertical blinds.

It is essential to follow some of the procedures to prevent the regular replacement of the vertical blinds and avoid the issues. A few of the maintenance techniques are listed below for your benefit

  • Remove the blind from the headrail
  • Clean it with warm water and soap
  • Scrub using a soft sponge
  • Vacuum it regularly to make it dust-free.


Vertical blinds add to the aesthetic appeal of a workspace or home while allowing light and fresh air to pass through, making the environment very pleasant.

The life of the blinds can be extended with routine maintenance, and their aesthetic appeal is preserved for a very long time.

You need to know how to fix vertical blinds that won’t rotate, but it is simple to do. It is offered in all the hues and patterns that go well with the built-in environment.

The materials that are used to create vertical blinds are durable and economical.

To keep the blinds free of issues, adhere to the suggested methods of maintenance. Make it a habit to regularly clean your vertical blinds, as this can lengthen their lifespan.

Your mind and spirit will be calmed and refreshed in your workplace by the light and air that comes in through the blinds.

Vertical blinds in a residential setting retain privacy nicely, and you may enjoy your solitude while letting in natural light and air.

Use vertical blinds that complement your painting, texture, and built-in area’s design to increase the beauty of the space and draw attention from guests!

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