How to Add More Natural Light to Your Living Space

It’s no secret that natural light affects people tremendously. Exposure to natural light helps human bodies produce vitamin D and even improves overall circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. 

These are just some of the main reasons why architects love incorporating as much as possible natural light inside the living areas. 

Overall, natural light affects positively physical and psychological well-being. 

Do you feel like you could use more natural light, or that your home is a bit darker than it was originally panned? 

If that is the case, you might start thinking about how to add more natural light to your living space… Or you can just keep on reading because you will find the right tips below. 

Make Your Home More Inviting

If you want to make your home more open, or if you want to make the living more inviting you need to think about your windows. 

Also, if you want to invite more light into your living space, you should think about expanding your window area. 

Do you have a patio, but the patio doors are too small? You should think about upgrading to patio doors of the maximum width. 

Windows are a great investment when it comes to making your living area better, and making your home more valuable on the housing market.

Plus, when you want to add more natural light into your home custom replacement windows should be your first option, because glass areas on your dimensions are the best way to let the sunshine in. 

Plus, great customer replacement windows can be energy-efficient which means lower bills throughout the year. 

Use Mirrors 

This tip is great if you are on a budget and you do want to make major house improvements. 

To spread out natural light use mirrors. Place them in a hallway to reflect light into a dark room and make the area wider. 

When it comes to brightening up a space, mirrors should be your first option. Just know how to use them. 

Always Pick a Door with a Window

If you want to let more light in without changing your windows entirely, think about swapping existing doors for those with a window on. 

For example, if your hallway is too dark, but it’s positioned on the good side, a door with a window should help tremendously. The same applies to other areas that are often dark, such as the laundry room. 

Door with windows is making you feel too exposed? Think about installing a door with a frosted window. 

7 Simple Ways To Add More Natural Light To Your Living Space Today

  1. Make sure that your furniture doesn’t block the sun
  2. If you love curtains, use the ones that are light in color
  3. A light rug will help you open up a space if you cannot add more sunlight into your room
  4. If possible, avoid the blinds entirely
  5. If you have enough light choose light-color furniture to open up an entire space
  6. Do not paint your walls in heavy colors
  7. Minimize decor to lighten up a dark room
Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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