5 Pieces of Furniture with the Biggest Impact to Home Décor

A careful combination of exceptional furniture and a blend of colour and décor in the home can turn an ordinary space into one that you want to be in and show off to guests. Here are five pieces of furniture that can have a big impact on your home’s décor.

Your Lounge Suite

Your guests are likely going to spend most of their time in your lounge or sitting room, and that means the furniture that you have in this space is probably going to be seen by the most people. The lounge suite doesn’t only provide a visual impact both for its style, colour, and material choices but it’s a functional piece of furniture that should provide comfort too.

Look for colours that complement your existing paint and flooring and don’t shy away from visible wood that can match other elements in the room too.

You’ll also want to try and strike a balance between form and function with your lounge suite and sofas because you’ll want somewhere to relax at the end of the day comfortably, so it’s not all about style and design here. Plus, as any married man will tell you, a comfortable couch is essential!

Your Coffee Table

Situated close to the lounge suite and providing the same important double role of not only a piece of décor but also functional furniture.

Here, design, wood type, and finish are likely going to be the elements that you can choose to make the impact and blend into existing furnishings and colours. For example, a deep brown wood can bring together a classy den or study, or a whitewash coffee table can present a light, seaside-inspired space.

Your Dining Room Table and Chairs

We make our way to another entertainment area now, and once again, the focus is on natural wood colours, types, and patterns to make your dining room stand out. You can have customized tables and shop board game tables online.

A dining room table and matching chairs can be the difference between wanting to hide it under a table cloth or having it on display to add style and elegance to a dinner party.

Choose a table that is the right size for the room – not too big or small and decide if you want it to be functional or a statement piece in its design. Interesting patterns and variations in wood colours and shades on its surface can draw the eye if that’s your intention.

Your Bed Frame

It might not be the centrepiece of the home when it comes to furniture, but the bed frame deserves a mention too. Bed frames provide you with both style and practicality in the bedroom depending on what it is you need.

In the master bedroom, you might look for an elegant wooden frame to support your all-important slumber, while a sturdy metal bunk bed might sleep two in a kid’s room, or one with a desk underneath might free up floor space in a teenager’s room.

The bigger the furniture, the more impact it’s likely to have. Before you buy any furniture, consider what impact you want it to have in your home, and the space it’s going to occupy.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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