Top 15 Garage Bar Ideas

Garage Bar Ideas – There’s nothing more relaxing than staying home for the evening regardless of whether it’s an intimate dinner for two, watching an evening of games or movies or relaxing with a handful of your friends. Additionally, it’s easier to manage your budget rather as opposed to going out all the time.

In actual fact, the concept of having a home party is so appealing, a lot of individuals have decided to build the perfect space for hanging out which has led to garage bars appearing in cities across the nation (and across the globe).

It’s easy to see why There’s something incredibly cool about not having to travel beyond your driveway to have a blast. The possibilities are virtually unlimited, only limited to your own imagination.

Top 15 Garage Bar Ideas

1. Backyard Biker Bar

Image source: Pinterest

It’s industrial meets rustic with the garage, which has been converted into a biker bar for the backyard. The metal panels create an edgy and stylish look and the bolts and black paint used for this studded trim.

The Harley Davidson’s signature orange shade is a splash on one wall, and the biker-themed decor covers all the rest, connecting the whole look together.

The somewhat unfinished appearance due to the plywood ceiling as well as the concrete flooring provides the space with the vibe you’d expect from this laidback rough-edged hangout.

2. Catch the License Plate – Garage Bar Idea

Image source: Pinterest

How perfect is this license-plate-wrapped bar for the focal point in your converted garage? It is easy to recreate the design. All you need is some screws or adhesive to fix your license plate to the bar’s front.

And license plates — you’ll require plenty of license plates. There are old plates available in salvage yards, on the internet or even make sure to spread the word and begin collecting from your family and friends.

3. Posh Man-Cave


Image source: Team Taylor

Anyone who said go large or go home probably was speaking about this garage. This is an amazing man-cave. The floor made of stone makes a wonderful job of bringing in the outside creating the area feel huge.

Natural elements and warm wood tones lend the entire area a masculine look which gives it an almost elegant gentleman’s club feel. The bar is equipped with everything you require and more with five large-screen televisions are certainly noticed.

4. A Wine Cellar Above Ground

Image source: Danley’s

If you’re a fan of wine then your garage could transform into the ultimate wine cellar, similar to this model by Danley’s including wine racks and a taste space and more.

Naturally the conversion will bring several additional concerns including making sure your garage is at the right temperature, the best way you can store wine and many other crucial aspects. So, if you’re considering this seek out an expert for the best way to utilize your space’s potential.

5. The Ultimate Garage Party Room

Image source: Hoedemaker Pfeiffer

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer transformed this garage into a perfect party space which includes a fully-stocked bar, lounge-style seating and a pool table.

The stained concrete flooring will help create a space that is distinct from the driveway. Keeping the garage doors open, allowing the garage to be opened during a sunny day. The vibrant colors set against a white background give the room a contemporary, yet warm and warm feeling.

6. Staying True to the Garage Theme

Image source: Pinterest

If you’re planning on creating the space for a bar, then why don’t you embrace the whole concept of garages and choose an automotive-inspired bar such as the one on the Pinterest site.

This idea can be brought to your space in many ways, including an attached truck grill with a bar or creating seating from automobile seats, shelving made from license plate holders, or hanging old car parts in the walls.

7. A Tropical Staycation

Image source: HGTV

Many people’s idea of a garage-bar begins with the desire to be away from everything for a bit. While you aren’t able to just hop on an airplane to Hawaii or a distant tropical destination, you are able to go into your garage.

Design a bar with a Tiki theme similar to the one on HGTV with a blend of bamboo and wood for the ceiling, floor and bar, together with tropical plant life to make a tropical paradise in your backyard.

8. Create a Cabin Getaway

Image source: Man Cave Boutique

This garage-turned-man-cave features a rustic feel thanks to its wood-covered walls and ceiling, while the vaulted ceilings are reminiscent of a luxury cabin in the mountains.

Man Cave Boutique introduced classic bar games such as the skeeball and pool table, as well as an basketball toss, in order to make the entire conversion feel like a relaxing to relax. Two TVs let you increase the number of teams you follow along with fun accessories and memorabilia contribute to the overall feel of the bar.

9. Vintage Speakeasy

Image source: Medford Design-Build

The entire ambience of this chic garage conversion located in Medford will transport us back to past of high-end speakeasies, starting from deep woody tones, the dim lighting, and the old car parked on top of the bar.

It will make you want to make a promise to enter the bar and dance all night long or play games and meet people who would like to enjoy similar.

10. Convertible Pool Table

Image source: The Barn Yard & Great Country Garages

The pool table is perfect to pass up as the garage bar. Incorporating fun elements such as this one that comes from Barn Yard. Barn Yard plays with the concept of using a garage to transform it into something brand new.

If convertibles aren’t your style, you can pick an alternative version. The extra benefit that comes with “parking” the car on an elegant, metal garage flooring is fantastic giving a modern look to the appearance.

11. Laid-Back Garage Pub

Image source: Birmingham Live

It would be nice to have somewhere to unwind after a long day, enjoy an ice cold pint with your friends and listen to live music? This is precisely what Emily Barrat created with this pub-turned-garage that is featured in Birmingham Live.

From disco balls to the drum placed in the corner, this bar is equipped with all the necessary elements to make it unique and useful.

12. Cozy and Coastal

Image source: Etsy

A garage that isn’t huge could be transformed into a fantastic bar with the right accessories such as these personalized bar signs that are available from Etsy. With just enough room to accommodate a bar and seating All you have to do is open the door to open up the intimate space.

The exposed bricks, with the minimalist bar and stools, make one feel as if you’ve come across a unique beachside restaurant situated in New England.

13. Swank Auto Lounge

Image source: Atlanta Magazine

If you’re not in a hurry then you can make a big splash and design an extravagant hangout such as this one that was featured by Atlanta Magazine and developed by Simone Alisa.

The mixture of white and black with pops of red yellowand chrome gives the space a contemporary appearance, and the shiny old automobiles make the perfect décor for this luxurious bar and lounge. And, the little details such as stripes of red as well as chrome grommets help to incorporate the theme of cars.

14. Taking It Outside

Image source: Axios Charlotte

If you’re not going to make use of your garage to place your vehicles (heads to the right: You may require an authorization) You can learn to the Bohemian Wine Bar located in Charlotte, NC.

Make an instant access out to the outside by building your bar inside your garage door. The door is functional, however it is secured at the bar’s at the top. If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful weather all year, this is an ideal way to extend your space for parties.

15. Quintessential Palette Bar

Image source: Pinterest

Sometimes, the most simple things can provide the most effective solutions. The trend for palettes has grown exponentially in the last few years, and many have transformed these easily accessible wood boards into anything from sofas to plantersand, obviously bars.

This diy palette bar made from Pinterest is the perfect complement to this simple and functional garage lounge. Add a simple-to-clean counter. Finally, make it look more professional with LED rope lights for additional glam.

Garage Bar Essentials You Must Have

If you’re looking to put the cork in a brand-new garage bar, you should take some time to think about. Start by deciding how you’d like your new gathering area to serve. Do you want it to be a place to enjoy a game and have a few beers?

Do you wish to organize special wine tastings? Or, would you like an elegant lounge area which can host a small group of your close and most beloved?

Comfortable Seating

It doesn’t matter if it’s just barstools or an additional lounge area such as a comfortable couch or a few comfy chairs for your guests, you require a spot to relax. If space permits, you can create several seating areas for an atmosphere that resembles a bar, and then plan to put tables near the seating areas so guests can have a place to store their drinks.


The bar you choose to have should be a comfortable and relaxing space to relax and have fun, which requires that you have everything you require in reach. So, make sure you have a space in your bar’s garage to store all the things you’ll need, such as glasses and drinks.

Think about the drinks you intend to serve and make sure you have enough storage space. Examples include an alcohol chiller, a beer fridge, and so on.


Lighting is an important element of any design for any room However, the method you choose to use it depends on your personal preferences and the overall appearance you want. You can decide to go with the lighting you have or add some lights to add atmosphere, or completely revamp the electrical.

Be aware whenever you make modifications to electrical components and plumbing, or the design of the area it is likely that you will have to check with your local planning department for the need for a permit.

It’s All About The Bar

What’s garage bars without a bar? Right?! However, the way you choose to design the bar in your life is up to you. There are plenty of possibilities. You can purchase a pre-made bar, or a custom-designed one by a local builder or even build it yourself and create your own.

Whatever you decideto do, here are a few important things to consider.

A typical bar is about 42 inches high, while the bar stool is typically approximately 30 inches high. Consider who will use the space as well as the layout in your garage. For instance, if a part of the garage’s flooring is more elevated than the others and it’s the area you’re planning to put your bar, you might need a smaller bar to cover the rise in floor.

If the stools are set to stand on the lower section on the floor of your garage then you may require the taller stool. Take your time to think about and measure before purchasing and building.

The average thickness of a bar’s the top can be between 15 to 20 inches. It’s recommended to select the top of the bar with a surface which is easy to wipe and clean, as spills will happen. You can choose to work with materials such as tile or butcher block, poured concrete or any other surface that is easy to clean.

The bar itself doesn’t require an foot rail, however it will help make the time spent in the bar relaxing. The typical location for a footrail is approximately 1 1/2 ” to 3/4 ” from the ground. Before installing a footrail, you must choose the stools you want to use. Snuggle into one in the bar and observe what the ideal railing position is to suit your specific needs.


Though it’s not essential, you might be tempted to add other things such as games, unique accessories, or other unique elements to create your personal design on your home bar. For instance, you can put a dartboard up on one side of the wall and an neon sign on the other, or put up a huge flat-screen TV to bring the main event to life.

After you’ve put it all together, all you have to do is to drink a cocktail and toast the ultimate place to hang out.

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