50 DIY Bar Shelf Ideas

50 DIY Bar Shelf Ideas – If you’re looking to transform the interior of your house into a bar that you can use as a home bar Home bars are getting more popular with each passing year. There are some home bars that are big enough to accommodate large bottle collections and others are smaller with bar-like areas.

Bar shelving that is efficient is crucial when it comes to storing your glasses, bottles, and other things. This will let you showcase your collection to guests as well as prepare drinks in a timely manner.

Prior to putting up these shelves, they will be arranged to make your wall in a distinctive way. To enhance the bar’s personality and atmosphere, you could create custom bar wall decor on the internet with the bar’s logo, name, slogan, etc. I’m sure they’ll make the perfect decor.

If you’re bar owner, you can also create small labels with the logos of your bar or wine labels for your patrons to give to give as small gifts. It will not cost you a dime!

Tips For Using Shelves To Organize Your Bar

Here are some suggestions to get you organized with your bar.

1. Entertainment items: make an exhaustive count of all the items your bar contains. It is likely that you will have mixers, cocktail napkins, straws and more. When you’ve got all your belongings organized, decide on how you’ll place them on your shelves units. When you organize bars, particularly small ones, you need to think about the quality of your bar rather than the quantity.

2. Create sections: Similar to the pantry in your kitchen It is important to make areas for the bar. You can keep your bottles together and your mixers in a group and other things. Create shelves to be used to store your glasses for beer wine glasses, wine glasses, as well as shot glasses. Each category should have its own shelving unit in order to keep your bar tidy to the fullest extent.

3. Be sure to keep things in their place: one benefit of having a home bar is the possibility to make use of a large dresser or shelving unit to store the smaller things. The furniture pieces that resemble a dresser are able to house trays that be used to store mixer and alcohol accessories. It is also possible to use these shelves to store.

4. Decorate your shelves: This is the most enjoyable part of creating your own shelves! The art of styling a bar is equally important to organizing. Showcase your most loved canvases that you can place at the top of your shelf. Include accessories and artwork that reflect your personal style to your personal taste.

5. Drink up. Now it’s time to relax and make drinks!

Top DIY Bar Shelf Ideas

These are 50 Bar shelves’ ideas to organize your bar.

1. Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Pinterest

floating shelves are well-liked with bar styles that are rustic. They are great for holding liquor bottles, and even the bottom glass storage space for wine and champagne glasses.

2. Panel Shelves: DIY Bar Shelf Idea

Photo Credit: Renee Romeo

We have a long shelves that resemble panels to house the collection of liquor bottles. The black shelving unit at the bottom is home to the most distinctive bottle choices. The dresser shelving can also be used to store small items such as straws for bar and napkins.

3. Pipe Shelving

Photo Credit: Pinterest

This bar shelf comes with everything you need in one spot! The pipe shelving units store glasses and bottles of liquor, and the middle wooden rack is home to the wine selection.

4. Glass Shelves

Photo Credit: Caroline Sharpnack

Glass shelves make great for bars equipped with mirrors. The three-tier shelving system holds glasses, bottles and mule cups, as well as many more! The lower shelf includes the bar tray, which holds the entire mix equipment.

5. DIY Bar Shelf Idea: Backsplash Shelving

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The floating shelves are constructed using materials that you typically see in of backsplash material.

6. Metal Shelves

Photo Credit: Drinks Feed

Metal shelving units are stunning for bars with modern designs. They can be made up of bottles, bar glasses and their top shelf unit containing decor items to give a unique look.

7. Custom Built-In Shelves

Make a bar that is designed to meet your requirements. Create space for barware, liquor bottles and of course taps for beer.

8. Glass Cabinet Shelving

Photo Credit: Kelly Stone

Glass doors on cabinets can be a fantastic way to keep your bottle collections open and also keep them safe.

9. DIY Wooden Shelves

Photo Credit: Foter

If you are a homeowner in a tight budget, you can also build an easy Bar shelving system. They are perfect for storing wine bottles and the slides at the bottom keep your wine glasses and in the right place.

10. Mirrors & Illumination Shelves

Photo Credit: Customized Designs

Ideal for basement bars as well as large selections of bottles. There are a variety of glass shelves. The lower shelf unit can be illuminated to showcase your most popular items.

11. X Marks the Spot

Photo Credit: Homesthetics

Shelving units with X-like design are ideal for storing wine bottles. This is an excellent method to keep your wine bottles in different categories, or even brands.

12. L-Shaped

Photo Credit: Customized Designs

The L-shaped design is ideal for shelving units at the corners of the walls. They’re great for illuminating bottles and adding warmth to bars of all kinds.

13. Pipe Shelving & Aluminum

Photo Credit: Houzz

Pipe shelving units look stunning in aluminum backdrops. The shelving space will have an industrial style.

14. Stair Shelving – DIY Bar Shelf Idea

Photo Credit: Making It With Danielle

Stair shelving is a different way to add some flair to your bar. Make use of any floating shelf unit you like and put them to create the form of stairs.

15. Bookshelf

In the event that you’ve got an older bookcase that you have lying around, you can use it to store alcohol bottles and other objects. Create it using any color of paint that you want to match your style and colour scheme.

16. Kitchen Shelving

Photo Credit: Cannibal Kitchen

They are commonly located in kitchens. However; they are also used in bar areas. The lower shelf is perfect to store coffee cups in order to serve your guests a beverage before heading out onto the road.

17. Small Shelving Unit

Photo Credit: The Creativity Exchange

This tiny shelving unit is ideal for outdoor spaces. The top shelf can hold bottles. The bottom shelf is able to hold glasses for bar use, and the lower shelf can be used to store ice buckets. All you require all in one spot.

18. Natural Wood

Photo Credit: Houzz

Do not paint your shelves. you should keep your shelves in their original wood condition. This kind of condition is perfect for boho decor and look stunning when paired with countertops made of wood.

19. Pipe Floating Shelves

Photo Credit: Customized Designs

We’ve discussed stackable piping units, but you can also purchase shelves made of single pipe. Like you can see in this picture, the homeowner has used a single pipe shelving to house their bar decor as well as other items.

20. Coffee Nook Shelves

Photo Credit: Bob Vila

The shelves in the coffee nook aren’t only employed in dining areas and bars too. The lower counter space could be used as a bar tray as well as your higher units can be used to store glasses and bottles.

21. Entertainment Shelving

Photo Credit: Lonny

Does your bar come with a television? This big entertainment center includes everything you require and is able to keep all your belongings in order and out of your way.

22. Narrow Shelving

Photo Credit: Foter

For bars that are smaller with narrow shelves, these units are ideal for wine glasses and bar glasses. In smaller spaces there is a chance that you will not be able to set up large entertainment centers , so these will give you ample space to put in other essential things.

23. Glow In the Dark

Photo Credit: Customized Designs

Glow in the dark setting could have been all the rage as teenagers, but they’re still well-liked in bar settings of in the present. These are great for bars that have darker lighting settings.

24. Bolt Design Shelves

Photo Credit: Pinterest

The majority of shelves come with simple bolt designs that will ensure that your shelves stay in place. If you’re looking to add attractive features, look for shelving units with attractive designs like the shelves with swirls.

25. Green Illumination – DIY Bar Shelf Idea

Photo Credit: Colorful Of Lights

If you have a bar that is large You can create your shelves with any colour of illumination. We particularly love this style of green lighting. Blue and green lighting is ideal for bars.

26. Marble Backsplash

Photo Credit: ISD

If you are planning to put up glass shelving units like those shown here you can add the granite backsplash to enhance the bar’s decor.

27. Rustic Farmhouse Shelves

Photo Credit: The Gritty Porch

For bars that are rustic it’s impossible to be wrong with shelving units similar to this! The shelving units at the bottom are equipped with sliding barn doors, and the shelves on top are wooden and float over. We particularly love this one decorated in navy blue and gold trim.

28. Black Shelves

Photo Credit: Sebring

If you’re planning to keep your bar modern in style, then paint your bar’s hues with dark black shades. Black shades work well with the recessed lighting.

29. Glass Shelving Storage

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A lot of times, when homeowners install shelves, they do not think about the way they would like to hang their glasses. It is possible to install an overhanging shelf unit that can elegantly hang your wine and champagne glasses without falling off or breaking.

30. Tile Backsplash

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Glass shelves, we’re sure of it. are beautiful in any setting, but in this instance they are beautifully set against a tile backsplash. This is a great way to make your wine selection the main focal point of your bar.

31. Industrial

Photo Credit: AAD

This bar with an industrial design is a stunning way of organizing and displaying their wine selection. You can see that on the left, they have built a tall rack to store your wine bottle.

32. Floating Wire Shelves

Photo Credit: Medvedsky.kz

They are like pipe shelving, but utilize wire shelves instead. They are great for contemporary settings. However, the pipes for shelving it could create a rustic setting.

33. Matte Bar Shelves

Photo Credit: Mumemories

If you’re looking to upgrade your bar into a larger area, this five-tier cabinet is absolutely stunning! It features black matte shelves that attach to give it a modern style.

34. Stained Wooden Shelves

Photo Credit: Mumemories

Staining wooden shelving units look stunning in warm bar spaces. They can also be paired with almost every design.

35. LED Shelving

Photo Credit: Sorbis

They are usually in department stores however, they can also serve a great purpose of providing bottles storage. Most light comes from the bottom but this illumination comes from the rear.

36. Old School Shelves

Photo Credit: California Prod

The shelving units of old school are reminiscent of bars that my father would visit. They are a nostalgic feature to older generations.

37. Bamboo Shelves – DIY Bar Shelf Idea

Photo Credit: HGTV

If you’re planning to install an outside bar it’s impossible to get it wrong with bamboo shelves. If you’re looking for designs that bring you back to being in a tropical paradise bamboo shelves are essential.

38. Archway Shelving

Photo Credit: Architecture Lab

If you’re seeking to have your bar to be decorated with more of an architectural style consider creating archway-style shelving for your bar. These are great for lighting bottles.

39. Shiplap Shelving

They are usually found in dining areas, however they can also be found in bar areas. The large unit is painted blue and has wooden countertop, blue-colored backsplash and shelving units that have cabinets to store glass items.

40. Large Cabinets

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Large cabinets are an excellent way to keep your things away from the view of. The temptation of having bar furniture scattered throughout your home appear messy and cluttered, so if you’re looking to avoid this look this is a good option to look at.

41. White Farmhouse Shelves

Photo Credit: Revision Design

Another option that’s great for rustic settings are shelves made of white. To to the right we have floating shelves in white, while on the left side, we have glass cabinets that have x-like designs to hold wine. The storage style is finished by metal knobs in black.

42. Elegant

Photo Credit: Counter and Bar Stools

Great for families and friends who want a more refined style of bar setting These shelves with lighting are exactly what you require. They have bright light settings and keep everything glass on the lower shelf.

43. Whiskey Bar

Photo Credit: Lewis and Weldon

The wooden shelves and counters are beautiful for displaying the whiskey collections you have. There are two levels, with one serving glasses, and the other containing your bottles. It is recommended to buy more alcohol by purchasing an annual subscription to ensure that your bar is always stocked.

44. Black Matte Entertainment

Photo Credit: The Times

Similar to the previous entertainment center we discussed however, it is constructed using matte black paint. Each side is constructed with glass-mirrored shelves.

45. Blue Farmhouse

If your bar is decorated with a blue-flourish theme it is a good shelving idea to take into consideration. The glass top cabinets store wine glasses, while the bottom counters can be used to store bottles and other mixing accessories.

46. White & Black

Photo Credit: Revision Design

I love a gorgeous black and white color scheme for bars. This shelf features top cabinets and interior lights to provide light, and the black counters are ideal to store wine bottles for guests.

47. Bottom Shelving – DIY Bar Shelf Idea

Photo Credit: Drinks Feed

Instead of having all your possessions being stored in overhead shelving units. You can put your items in cabinets that are concealed at the bottom for a less cluttered space.

48. Sheer Shelving

Photo Credit: Extra Space Storage

The majority of the shelves we reviewed have transparent glass, you may also think about adding top shelves together that offer a stunning view of the bar’s items.

49. Bungee Cord Shelving

For those in a tight spot consider these DIY alternatives for bungee cords. You’ll need an even surface to set your bottles on along with a bungee cable and hooks to attach your bottles. Although this could save you a significant amount of money, you must ensure that your hooks and securely secured with bungee cords to stop any damage to your bottle or breakage.

50. Wired Shelving

Photo Credit: Trendehouse

And lastly, but certainly not least we have these stunning wired shelving units for decorative use. They are perfect for displaying your decor items but you can also utilize them to display your wine objects too.

While the primary focus of your bar’s project could include the actual bar as well as various seating options, you should not overlook the storage systems required to store the bar equipment. Glassware, bottles and other items serve to enhance your bar’s function.

If there isn’t a bottle display on the wall it will detract from creating a bar atmosphere. Whatever way you decide to display your glasses, bottles and other bar equipment shelving units are essential.

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