5 Colored Diamonds that Will Look More Attractive on Your Wedding Ring than Fancy White Ones

When it comes to wedding rings, there’s no alternative to diamonds. However, long gone are the days when white or colorless diamonds were all the rage. Now, it’s all about colored diamonds.

Here are five colored diamonds that will look more attractive on your wedding ring than white ones.

#1 Black Diamonds

White or colorless diamonds don’t have inclusions. Even if they do, they are not much. You may notice these inclusions in such diamonds as tiny dark specks. When these dark inclusions reach extremely high levels, you get black diamonds.

Having such high quantities of inclusions is rare. That’s why finding natural black diamonds is a rarity. They are often more expensive than colorless diamonds. Treated black diamonds are less expensive. The heat helps these treated diamonds get a black color.

Black diamonds are very valuable. Not only are they unique and pretty to look at, but they also symbolize inner strength and courage.

These diamonds also symbolize your ability to stand out in the crowd. Wearing them will also put you in a similar position, literally. That’s because it’s not every day that people see black diamond wedding rings.

#2 Blue Diamonds

A vivid blue diamond has almost the same color intensity as blue sapphires. These rare diamonds get their blue color due to boron impurities.

The color intensity that makes a blue diamond look more beautiful than a sapphire at times depends on the boron contamination.

The best boron to carbon atom ratio is 1 to 1 million. The more the concentration of boron, the more intense the color gets. You can find more blue diamonds FAQ answers on this page.

Natural blue diamonds are more expensive than treated ones. They are also more beautiful to look at. Sapphires are becoming common day by day.

So, to get a similar intensity and stand out at the same time, you could go for a blue diamond wedding ring.

Use a platinum or silver band if you’re buying blue diamonds for your ring. The color contrast will look fascinating here.

#3 Red Diamonds

Most colored diamonds get their natural colors from impurities. Usually, contaminations from high nitrogen, boron, or hydrogen levels can cause color changes.

Excess pressure can also lead to a change in colors (purple diamonds). The specialty of red diamonds is that their natural forms don’t contain any impurities.

They occur naturally without such contaminants or high-pressure situations.

Red-colored diamonds symbolize passion and power. Having them on your wedding ring will make you feel confident and draw all attention to you. Not even rubies can give you such glamor and appeal.

Given how rare they are, red diamonds are super-expensive. You’ll find them in Australia, Africa, and Brazil.

For red diamonds, go with a golden band. Platinum isn’t a bad option either. However, the golden color of the band will complement the red. It’ll be a perfect pairing.

#4 Yellow Diamonds

Yellow diamonds get their color thanks to high levels of nitrogen. These diamonds come in different tints including brown, orange, and green. These tints complement the yellow color and make the diamonds more appealing and eye-catching.

Yellow diamonds have another name – canary diamonds. They are some of the most popular colored diamonds in the world.

Natural fancy yellow diamonds are often more expensive than white ones. For instance, a 0.7-carat cushion cut diamond costs $1,500. The same diamond in yellow will cost upwards of $5,000.

When you’re buying a yellow diamond, always look for the perfect hue. The hue shouldn’t be too light or too dark.

#5 Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds are simple yet elegant. They have this soothing appeal that even fancy white diamonds don’t.

These diamonds differ in shades. They can be faint, light, very light, fancy intense, and deep. All of these shades or tones occur naturally.

The higher the grade, the more expensive the diamond will get. Intense shades cost more. The highest grade pink diamond can cost around a million dollars per carat.

Pink diamonds look great on platinum bands. A plain platinum band with a small but visible round pink diamond will make the perfect wedding ring.

So, which one will you pick for your wedding ring? Whichever you do, know that you’ll look stunning wearing a colored diamond ring at your wedding.

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