18 Color Shades: What Colors Go With Maroon?

What colors go with maroon? – Maroon is a dark shade of red. Maroon is sometimes a close resemblance to brown because of its dark red hue. However, the color charts that web designers use consider maroon to be a shade of brown. This chart is referred to as the Hex Color Chart. Maroon is a color with a hex code of #800000 in this chart.

It is also very similar to the two red shades, specifically fire brick and dark red on the Hex Chart. The shades that are similar have the Hex Codes #8B0000 and #B22222respectively.

At times, the color maroon can be confused with that is burgundy, even though they are the result of two different shades of color. Although they have red in both of their makeups however, they differ by the different colors they follow. Maroon is a mixture of brown and red and burgundy a mixture of purple and red.

Apart from that maroon is frequently associated with conviction and passion. As a resultant shade of red, it’s thought to increase the energy of a person. It is commonly seen on menus, interiors of restaurants, and logos because it’s believed to increase appetite.

In addition, maroon comes with a myriad of applications when it comes to interiors in homes and also when employed in fabric. As an example:

  • Maroon is a great color for walls since it brings a sense of relaxation and warmth in the space it is used in.
  • In addition, because of its ability to stimulate appetite, it’s an ideal choice for dining room and kitchen areas.
  • It’s also an excellent option to bring color to an area, since the flecks of this bright color lighten up and add energy to any room where it’s applied.

Maroon is also an important component of the textile industry which includes products such as casual sweaters, dresses, leather jackets bags, and more. It is also the perfect option to wear school uniforms.

Let’s talk about a few and how they can be combined with maroon and the various ways they can be used as given below.

18 Colors That Go With Maroon | What Colors Go With Maroon?

Maroon and Blue

They blend seamlessly and can be utilized for the exterior of a structure or even in interiors. Maroon is a dark and rich shade that is a great match with the lighter or cooler shades of blue. You can also use blue-gray as the walls of the room as well as some maroon accents on pillows, bedding and other items. Additionally, teal creates an appealing harmony with the lighter shades of maroon and blue to create the perfect atmosphere for your room.

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Maroon and White

Maroon adds the characteristic of warmth and comfort white, creating a wonderful mix. In areas where white dominates, include maroon to give the warmth and depth. Consider mixing maroon with other colors as pillows, blankets, or smaller pieces of furniture like furniture with upholstered upholstery within the room. This results in a an airy and polished look within the room, while preserving the lively atmosphere of the space.

Maroon and Beige (Brown)

Brown, dull works well with more light hues of maroon to bring an air of freshness to your living space. Add a touch of maroon to your accessories like pillows, blankets and small pieces of furniture compliment beige furniture in the perfect way in a space.

The walls painted with maroon give an inviting and warm feel to any room. This, when paired with the dark brown shade in the room, creates an ideal equilibrium. Consider this scene in a library filled with wooden shelves.

Maroon and Purple

These two colors make for an unusual combination because both are dark, bright hues. They work well together since maroon seems to have the slight hint that is violet. To stop the brightness of the maroon and purple from taking over a space, it is recommended that the 60-30-10 rule be followed when mixing the two colors.

For a more pleasing final result, a neutral colour like off white, for example, it can be used as the base of the room with a percentage of 60 percent. Lastly, maroon can be added to 30 percent and an accent of purple on household appliances like a piece of furniture with a 10 percent value to make the whole equation complete, thus giving a stunning look to an area.

Maroon and Green

Because they are complementary colors maroon and green can be typically paired in traditional environments. But, the pair could be used in an upscale setting based on how they’re paired and in what locations they are applied.

Emerald green is a great complement to maroon’s richness than light shades of green. Additionally, you should give your room a bit of sparkle by choosing neutral colors or some gold accents. This helps distinguish the intensity of the maroon-emerald combination very well.

Maroon and Gold

This is among the most stunning works of art when it comes to interior decor. Both of these colors are warm and bright, therefore neutral shades are the best choice to cool them down. Use gold as your main appliances and lighting , and include a hint of maroon to your decorative fittings and you’ll be in good shape.

Maroon and Black

Both of these colors are incredibly rich. To prevent the room from becoming overwhelming and making it appear to be over the top, use the 60-30-10 rule. Also, choose neutral colors such as white such as, for instance, with regard to the structure of the room to the 60 percent range and then add black to appliances in the range to 30 percent then top it up with maroon in the 10 percent range to create the perfect balance of class and class in your living space.

Maroon and Gray

Add some warmth and brightness when you mix it up with maroon. It’s possible to create contrast in spaces with lighter gray shades by painting maroon-colored walls. Include a hint of maroon-colored appliances like table lamps or mount pillows on spaces with gray-colored furniture or walls to add an extra pop of colour.

Maroon and Red

As they belong to the same color category, choose more vibrant shades of red to complement the dark maroon. Both of these colors are frequently combined in the designs of traditional oriental rug. They provide a strong base for either traditional or contemporary areas. Select a rug that features strong maroon and red to bring an air of freshness to other neutral spaces.

Maroon and the Bright Green Color Hues

If you pair it with bright green colors A maroon dress is a great match with olive, pistachio or Khaki pants. Consider, for instance, how bold women can be by wearing maroon-colored handbags that match their army-plated sweaters.

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Maroon and Orange/Dark Rose

This is for brave fashionistas who want to be bold and challenge the norms. These colors are bold and, when combined with a sexy outfit, you’ll get an imposing, full-on feminine style that’s trendy and distinctive. Additionally, when paired with a pair of boots over-the-knee A maroon garment with a hint of brown is attractive and unique.

Maroon and Navy/Dark

This combo is typically found in clothes. A maroon sweater to navy pants is the perfect mix for casual outfits. The cool undertones of the navy trousers work well with the lighter tones of maroon, creating the perfect combination.

Maroon and Salmon Pink

This is an excellent choice, particularly in interior design. Both colors work well in a way, given that they’re arbitrarily chosen. You could put up curtains in maroon and match them with a salmon-pink accent rug, or even throw pillows.

Maroon and Charcoal Grey

Maroon, which is a bright color, blends well with gray and is neutral cooler, since the brighter hues of maroons are well-matched by the darker tones and undertones of grey thus creating a new stunning mix.

Maroon and Brown

As a warm-toned color, brown generally works well with other colors so it’s an ideal option. E.g. you can put an all-brown sofa in your living space. Apart from being a perfect match with almost every shade brown provides a stylish and stylish look to your home as well.

Maroon and Sky Blue

A maroon tank like this one is a great match with sky blue pants. The lighter hue of maroon will be well complemented by the cool as well as less nuanced undertones in the sky blue, creating an ideal blend.

Maroon and Mauve

This is because mauve, as a color that is less bright is a great match with the brighter color of maroon, making the perfect combination. For example curtains made of maroon could be a good match with accent pillows in mauve since the more bright color of maroon will be balanced by the subtle undertones of mauve.

Maroon and Cream

This is not your usual mix. The cooler undertones of the cream complement the lighter color of maroon and are able to blend nicely. However, it’s an extremely difficult color to achieve, and requires a skilled hand.

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