What Are Some of The Best Ways to Modernise Your Home?

A home that feels slick and modern can make a big difference to your quality of life – and to the amount that you might sell it for.

In some cases, you might feel compelled to invest thousands of pounds in achieving that contemporary look. But much of the time, you can get the same effect without spending very much at all.

Let’s take a look at a few strategies for modernising your home.

Increasing Natural Light

The more natural light you get into your home, the larger it’s going to look. There are also inherent benefits to receiving natural light in the daytime. It’ll improve your mood, and your circadian rhythm – making it easier to get to sleep during the evening.

If you’d like to modernise your home, then, replacing heavy curtains with lightweight blinds might be a great start. You might also go further and enlarge your windows – or supplement them with skylights.

Upgrading the Bathroom

The bathroom is one area of the home where you can go super-contemporary, and give yourself that all-important sense of luxury. Go for modern tiling, or install a modern shower enclosure.

You might even look to create something that’s ultra-specialised, like a downstairs wet-room.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen, increasingly, is the hub of many modern homes. You’ll do a great deal of your cooking and eating here, and it might also function as a social hub. Again, refreshing the tiling or the splashback might be worthwhile.

You can also do kitchen makeover by refreshing all of your cabinetry. Sand and repaint everything and you might find that the entire look of the room is completely altered.


Installing a few choice pieces of artwork around the home can help to create that contemporary vibe. In most cases, going for something abstract or minimalist will tend to yield the best possible result.

But you should also pay attention to your personal taste, since you might spend quite a lot of your personal time looking at these artworks.

Increasing Space

Most modern homes rely on an open-plan structure, with clear eyelines running in several different directions. This helps to create the sense of space, even if it means that there are actually fewer rooms in your home.

If you have stud walls separating one space from the next, then you might find that you can get good results by knocking it down. Joining living and dining areas, or dining areas and kitchens, can often create good results.

You might also find that you can increase your subjective impression of space by eliminating clutter. Make sure that you have adequate storage space and dispense with all of the loose items you don’t need anymore.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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