Ultra Modern Houses: Top Luxurious Houses Worldwide

Ultra-modern houses: Time never stops and neither does innovation. To incorporate as many of these latest innovations, architects have developed a style called modern architecture.

The ultra-modern houses use the latest types of building materials while staying minimalist and functional. The ultra-modern houses use glass, steel, or reinforced concrete along with natural materials to create breathtaking views through glass walls and floating decks.

Fluidity is an important feature of ultra-modern houses and spaces flow into each other in these houses. The ultra-modern design focuses on the open spaces where energy can flow freely and inhabitants of the house can move easily from the living area to the dining area to the study. With such a combination of techniques and designs, the outcome is bound to be fabulous.

Are you confused about selecting the perfect house design for your dream home? Then do not worry, here are all the latest trends and designs that can be found around the world when it comes to ultra-modern houses. Ultra-modern houses combine innovation with functionality as well as aesthetics seamlessly and give you a beautiful house that you have always dreamed of.

Ultra-modern luxury houses have everything from a retractable glass roof to million-dollar chandeliers in their entranceways. If you are looking for some design inspiration for your new home, we would request you to read this article till the end. We are sure that this will be able to help you with creative inspirations.

Here are the top ultra-modern houses from all over the globe that will make you fall in love with their interiors and exteriors, and convince you to hurry up and get an ultra-modern property of your own!

What Are the Top 5 Ultra Modern Houses Around the Globe?

Here are the 5 top ultra-modern homes in the world:

1. Ultramodern Shell Residence

Ultramodern Shell Residence in Kitasaku, Japan by ARTechnic Architects
Image source- homedoo.com

Location: Kitasaku, Nagano, Japan

Architect: ARTechnic Architects

Area: 3,500 sqft

Year: 2008

This breathtaking and one-of-a-kind ultra-modern house is set in a forest in Japan. Japanese are well known to blend nature with man-made techniques in the most beautiful manner and they have done it again with this property.

Created in the shape of an oval shell, the modernist architecture is blended perfectly with the natural elements that surround this stunning house.

The house was designed specifically for the tired folks from the city and to give them a place to relax and unwind over the weekend or holidays.

The self-heating floors are a blessing in winters and will keep you warm. You do not need to worry about security as the house comes equipped with biometric locks and high-tech security systems.

The large glass windows will give you spectacular views from everywhere in the house. The floor plan was made in the form of the letter ‘J’ while the fir trees surround the house in the ‘C’ section.

The skylights let the natural light in and also allows you to stargaze at night. This is a great place to get refreshed after an exhausting week at work in the lap of nature.

2. GM1 House – Ultra Modern Houses:

GM1 House / Giovanni Moreno Arquitectos | ArchDaily

Image source- archdaily.com

Architects: Giovanni A. Moreno Espinosa

Location: Girardot, Colombia

Area: 513 Square meters

Year: 2011

This is a very functional house made for two families. It has three areas connected through corridors and balconies, and bedrooms are placed on the second level.

The integration of nature (wind, light, water, vegetation) as elements with Geometry and proportions are key features of this ultra-modern house.

Since the homeowners are two families with teenage kids, the floor plan is made in such a way that it seems open but at the same time, gives equal privacy to the inhabitants.

There is a social space, a swimming pool, the living room, kiosk, and kitchen along with a service area where they have constructed the baths, laundry, storage, and even a guest bedroom with storage spaces.

The exterior of this house is a monotonous white theme to compliment the custom-made furniture of the house. The house is extremely aesthetic and an epitome of minimalism.

3. V4 House

The V4 House by Studio MK27
Image source- cdn.home-designing.com

Architects: Studio MK27

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Area: 1291.0 square meters

Year: 2011

This one-story house was quite a challenge for the architects due to the paucity of space but still, they managed to create a spectacular ultra-modern house that is practically invisible from the streets.

The front part of the house is covered by a concrete roof that serves as a great place to chill but it is not too safe for kids due to the absence of fencing. Meanwhile, the glass doors will allow you to fully immerse the house with nature and create a beautiful blend of interior and exterior living space.

The open kitchen is well-equipped and the Scandinavian furniture design compliments the natural wall texture of the house. The house comes with a rooftop garden and was even shortlisted in the Housing category of the 2012 World Architecture Festival.

4. The Ultra-Contemporary Beach House

Listing of the Day: Cayman Island Contemporary - Mansion Global

Image source- mansionglobal.com

Architects: Nicolas Tye and John Doak Architecture

Location: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Area: 8,000-square-foot

Year: 2015

This house is the winner of the Governor’s Award in 2015 in the Design and Construction Excellence in the Cayman Islands category. This house consists of a beautifully neat and sharp exterior and bold architectural angles and costs $6,500,000 US Dollars!!

This ultra-modern house makes the most of its surrounding beach with floor-to-ceiling glass windows and balconies with three terraces.

There is also a private L-shaped swimming pool and a garden in the beach area. It has four bedrooms with views of the Caribbean Sea, four full bathrooms, and two partial baths.

5. Roca Llisa Luxury Villa

Roca Llisa Luxury Estate – Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain 🇪🇸 – The  Pinnacle List
Image source-thepinnaclelist.com

Architects: Stefan Antoni & Mark Rielly of SAOTA & ARRCC

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Area: 9,096 sqft

Year: 2014

Ibiza is already a beautiful place. This house will give you the best of the views of the spectacular Ibiza. Roca Llisa house is situated in the hilly area and was made for intimate, casual family living.

This Spanish style has three stories and the interior flows seamlessly outdoors to give the view of the stunning Mediterranean. The client had bought the old property and requested the architects for a modern space that will also allow them to hose parties for their friends.

The soft color palettes and minimalistic design of the house with equally aesthetic interiors make this house a perfectly modern and luxury house.

Final Thoughts on Ultra Modern Houses:

There are many more modern houses with jaw-dropping features. You can get inspiration for your dream ultra-modern house from any of them and turn your dream into a reality.

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