7 Easy Tips to Help You Save Energy

Saving with solar energy on your electricity bill is a way to reduce your monthly expenses and collaborate with the preservation of the environment. In addition, with simple everyday actions, you can help the planet and save up to 85% on your electricity bill!

Electrical energy has become an indispensable element in the lives of all of us. Its use facilitated processes in daily tasks and also contributed to the emergence of other important inventions. The benefits are countless, however, the costs have become high and the conventional sources of extraction are increasingly scarce.

With this dilemma in mind, I have compiled a list of 7 tips to help you save energy at home. The actions are simple changes in habits, as well as the adoption of new behaviors, such as the use of renewable energy. Stay with us and find out what these tips are!

1. Invest in Solar Power Generators

There is already a more serious understanding that hydroelectric plants cause a great environmental impact. Therefore, solar energy is gaining space every day with its high level of solar radiation. This makes the sun an inexhaustible source, which requires little maintenance and does not pollute the environment.

Therefore, to save on solar energy, you’ll need photovoltaic panel, inverter, battery, which already offer an excellent cost-benefit ratio in addition to being highly efficient.

It is worth mentioning that some homes manage to save up to 90% on their electricity bills by implementing an ON GRID solar energy generator. There is also the OFF GRID system for remote regions or those without access to the concessionaire’s network, in addition to the ZERO GRID system for immediate consumption.

2. Use Air Conditioners with Zero Grid Generators

Air conditioning is always a big concern when it comes to saving energy and in the summer, things get worse. However, it’s nothing the sun can’t solve and you can still save with solar energy. We do know, however, that air conditioners need a steady supply of power. Therefore, installing a photovoltaic system connected to the grid is the best solution to use this energy source efficiently.

Companies that operate during the day can take advantage of photovoltaic systems with ON GRID generators. In this case, if the day is very sunny, the ideal production of energy for the proper functioning of the air conditioner is guaranteed. If the day is cloudy or rainy, you can rely on the conventional electricity distribution network. However, you can add more air conditioners to your system and include one more revolutionary generator model: the ZERO GRID.

It is a three-phase generator (380V) designed to connect to the grid with zero energy injection. Its function is to generate solar energy for immediate self-consumption, without storage. Thus, they are used to ensure more independence and savings in relation to the concessionaire.

To enjoy the benefits of this generator, you choose the dual combination ON GRID + ZERO GRID . It can be applied in medium and large projects, without having to change the contract with the electricity concessionaire. This system is used for condominiums and areas in which the concessionaire does not authorize injection into the network.

3. Use Photocells and Presence Sensors

Occupancy sensors and photocells help save energy, as they control the lighting system according to the need for use. The photocell helps to automate and control the activation of the light and monitors places that need to be illuminated at all times.  As for the presence sensor, it is a tool that detects movements and thus triggers the lamp lighting system. It is worth noting that LED lamps, with their advanced technology, do not wear out easily. They can be turned on and off countless times, as their useful life reaches 50,000 hours.

4. Cut Energy-Wasting Habits

Changing habits is an important factor in determining energy savings when there is no automatic device to help. So, to save energy, nothing like turning off the lights when you go out, taking quicker showers in case of electric showers, turning off the TV to sleep, keeping electronics on standby.

After years of cultivating the habit of wasting energy like there was no tomorrow, it seems impossible to change the way we deal with it. But, believe me, it’s quite plausible, even in a world overloaded with excesses. So start small, staying patient with yourself. Over time, you will see that these new attitudes can contribute considerably to saving energy in your home.

5. Invest in Equipment with Low Energy Consumption

And speaking of new habits, today, we can invest, whenever possible, in modern equipment that consume little energy. If you still use appliances with outdated technology, it’s good to be careful. Most of this equipment has never gone through a good review, which can end up in excessive energy consumption. Therefore, it is interesting to analyze and change, if necessary.

So, in addition to trying to use electronic devices more consciously, when buying new ones, choose those with the Procel seal of energy savings. And, give preference to category A, which consume less.

6. Replace Lighting with Led Bulbs

Firstly, we know that common light bulbs are cheaper, however, they use more energy and have low efficiency. On the other hand, compact fluorescents last up to eight times longer, which results in greater efficiency and savings. However, care must be taken with disposal, since they have, in their composition, materials that are harmful to health.

As an alternative, there are LED lamps, which have great performance, great savings and much longer durability. They also offer the advantage of not carrying material that is harmful to health and also to the environment. The price of these lamps is still not the most attractive, but the cost-effectiveness appears in the

electricity bill. Use without fear of billing.

7. How To Apply Energy Efficiency in A Profitable Way

Energy efficiency is the ability to perform at the lowest cost or with the fewest failures possible. So, to compare with our topic, we can immediately think of the subject we just touched on: the proper use of light bulbs.

However, the concept of energy efficiency is not restricted to indoor lighting in buildings. It expands to several other uses, such as automobiles, for example. And this is present in everyday life, every time we notice how many kilometers per liter of fuel certain models do. Some are more economical and others are more expensive, not to mention other factors related to fuel use and traffic in cities and on roads.

Thus, we can conclude considering that energy efficiency can assume a gigantic potential if you combine all this with solar energy. All these ways of saving electricity take on a much higher level if you start saving with solar energy involved in the process.

Finally, it is possible to adopt photovoltaic solar energy generators in conjunction with good consumption practices and the use of energy efficient equipment. All of this integrated turns into a smart way to use energy for everything you need, in a sustainable way. It’s good for your pocket and the environment.


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