How to Use Mirrors to Enhance Your Rental Home

Mirrors are a popular hack amongst interior decorators for their remarkable ability to transform a room. You can install them as temporary fixtures, making it ideal for tenants looking to create a mindful home and save their security deposit. Strategically placed mirrors can significantly elevate your rental’s interior design, serving as an invaluable tool for enhancing aesthetics and functionality. 

Are you a tenant looking to amplify the visuals of your rooms? Do you want to know how to use mirrors to enhance your rental home? This article highlights how renters can leverage mirrors in their temporary abode, from creating an illusion of space to maximizing natural light and adding artistic flair. We’ll also share some damage-free decorating tips you can use. 

Importance of the Right Mirror Placements in a Rental Home

Enhancing Aesthetics

Amplify the aesthetic appeal of any space with a well-placed mirror. By reflecting carefully selected decor elements, artwork, or unique architectural features, mirrors can become stylish accents that elevate the overall design scheme.

Besides drawing more attention to your decorative pieces, mirrors can create an illusion of space, making smaller rooms appear larger and open. This benefit may especially appeal to tenants in rentals with limited spaces, allowing you to enjoy a more spacious feel without structural modifications.

Utilizing Practicality on Usage

Placing mirrors near crucial areas like the entryway, coat closet, or bedroom can allow you to perform daily tasks more efficiently. Reflections in carefully selected zones can make it easier to quickly check your appearance before leaving or finding belongings in piles. Mirrors are essential for daily grooming and dressing routines in bathrooms and bedrooms. These practical uses go beyond usual aesthetics and make your home more efficient. 

Feng Shui Principles

Mirrors align with Feng Shui principles, where they can redirect energy (chi) and balance the flow of energy within a space. If you’re not a fan of ancient Chinese design principles, you can still stand to benefit from the organized layout it preaches. According to Feng Shui guidelines, proper mirror placement can promote harmony, positive energy, and well-being in a rental home. Rental property managers in Washington DC agree that decor plays a role in tenant satisfaction, so incorporating a more tenant-friendly design can help you feel more at home.

Natural Light Amplification

Brighten up your space by hanging a mirror near your window. This placement will maximize the reflection of natural light during the day and can improve lighting where that might be a concern. Besides, it can also help you cut back on your electric bill by reducing the hours you need to keep your bulbs on. 

Artistic Expression

Showcase your more artistic side with a detailed frame to encase your mirror. Your reflective furnishings can also be the creative elements, especially if they feature unique frames or shapes. These vivid patterns, details, or pictures can serve as art pieces and enhance the overall decor of your rental. 

Damage-Free Decorating Tips for Renters

Removable Adhesive Hooks

Invest in removable adhesive hooks that hold a mirror and other items like artwork, photo frames, or even lightweight shelves. These hooks are a go-to for damage-free decor since you can easily remove them without leaving holes or residue on the walls.

Temporary Wallpaper

Consider using temporary wallpaper, also known as peel-and-stick wallpaper. It adheres to walls without damaging the paint or plaster; many are reusable. So you can remove it and reinstall it in your next location. 

Command Strips

Command strips are versatile and can hang picture frames, posters, and lightweight decor items. They come in various sizes and strengths, making them suitable for different applications.

Over-the-Door Hooks

Utilize over-the-door hooks for additional storage or hanging items like coats, bags, or towels. They’re an excellent way to use your vertical space without crowding your cramped shelves. 

Floating Shelves

Install floating shelves using command strips or adhesive brackets. These are useful for displaying decor, books, or plants. They also add a minimalist touch to your home, making it visually appealing. 

Freestanding and Modular Furniture 

Opt for freestanding and modular furniture that doesn’t require wall mounting. This addition gives you flexibility in arranging your space without damaging the walls.


In conclusion, you don’t have to be an interior designer to know how to use mirrors to enhance your rental home. From enhancing aesthetics to utilizing practicality and embodying feng shui principles, mirrors can be a great way to amplify the style and space of your home. 

You can also decorate your rental space by hanging them with an adhesive hook command strip or leaning them against some modular furniture. These damage-free decorating tips make home makeovers possible without the risk of permanent damage. By embracing these practices, tenants can create beautiful spaces without blemishes while ensuring a smooth transition when moving out. Decorating a rental doesn’t have to be a challenge. Your property manager or landlord could also share tips to help you with your creative and damage-free endeavor.


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