Self Storage In Calgary: How To Pick The Right Storage Unit Size

Choosing the right self-storage unit can be a critical decision, especially if you’re in a bustling city like Calgary, where space can be at a premium. Whether downsizing, moving, or simply looking to declutter, storage units offer a flexible solution for personal and business needs. But with various sizes and options available, it can be overwhelming to determine exactly what kind of unit you require. This article will guide you through selecting the appropriate self-storage unit size in Calgary that aligns with your needs and ensures your belongings are stored safely and efficiently.

Understand Your Storage Needs

Before diving into the various sizes of storage units available, take stock of what you need to store. Inventory everything from furniture and appliances to boxes of personal items. This step is crucial in determining the amount of space you’ll require. Consider not just what you need to store now but also whether you might need to add items shortly. Also, think about the value of your items and whether they may need a climate-controlled environment. These considerations will affect the size and type of unit best for you.

Know The Unit Sizes Available

Self-storage facilities typically offer a range of unit sizes. From small lockers perfect for a few boxes or personal items to large units that can hold the contents of a full-sized house, there is usually something to fit every need. Familiarize yourself with the common sizes – from 5×5 feet for small units to 10×30 feet or larger for vast spaces. Understanding the dimensions and visualizing your items within them will help you gauge the appropriate size.

Calculate Space With Precision

Once you have a list of items, use online calculators or apps provided by self-storage facilities to get an estimate of the space required. Be meticulous in your calculations, considering not just the floor space but also the vertical space. Remember that you can stack boxes and certain items, which can significantly affect the unit size you need. Be realistic about how packed you want the unit to be; you’ll need space to maneuver around and possibly retrieve items without emptying the entire unit.

Consider Access And Maneuverability

When considering self storage in Calgary, it’s not just about how much you can fit into a unit but how easily you can access your items. If you need frequent access to your belongings, it might be worth getting a slightly larger unit to allow for an aisle or some organizational space. This ensures you can reach things at the back without hassle. Also, consider the unit’s location within the facility; ground-floor access or a unit close to the elevator might be more convenient, especially for heavy or bulky items.

Factor In Your Budget

Your budget plays a significant role in the size of the storage unit you select. Larger units will naturally cost more, so balance the need for space with what you can afford. Consider the duration you plan to store items, as this can affect the total cost. Look out for special deals or discounts that storage facilities often offer. These can sometimes make a larger unit more affordable or a smaller unit a steal if you can pack things more tightly.

Account For Special Items

If you have items that are unusually shaped or particularly delicate, they may require special consideration. Items such as pianos, large pieces of artwork, or electronics might not only need more space but also specific conditions, like climate control. Factor these into your decision-making process and ensure that the unit you choose can accommodate these needs without compromising the safety of these items.

Think Long-Term Versus Short-Term

The duration of storage is a significant factor in deciding on the size of your unit. For short-term storage, you may be able to pack items more densely, knowing that you’ll be removing them soon. For long-term storage, however, you might prefer a larger unit to keep items accessible and well-preserved. Assess your long-term plans and consider how they might affect the size of the storage unit you need.

Review Security Measures

Security is paramount when selecting a self-storage facility. Ensure that the facility has adequate security measures in place, such as 24-hour surveillance, secure locks, and well-lit areas. This is important regardless of the unit size you choose, as you want to be confident that your belongings are protected.

Understand The Rental Agreement

Read the rental agreement thoroughly before signing. Understand the terms, especially as they pertain to the size of the unit, the flexibility to change unit sizes if needed, and any fees associated with early termination of the agreement. Knowing these details upfront can prevent unexpected issues down the line and ensure that the unit size you choose is indeed the right fit for your requirements.


In conclusion, selecting the right storage unit size in Calgary requires careful consideration of your storage needs, budget, and the specific items you need to store. With the right planning and knowledge, you can choose a unit that not only fits your belongings comfortably but also provides easy access and security. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding a self-storage solution that meets your needs perfectly.


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