Top 4 Benefits of Using a Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

When you plan to rent a self-storage unit, you are probably trying to figure out whether you should rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit or just standard storage. Sometimes you also ask yourself if the benefit of the unit is worth the added cost. And the answer is that it’s worth it because the unit helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year.

Other facilities offer humidity control. While such units can be a little more expensive than others, they will give you peace of mind while keeping your valuables there. The basic self-storage near me is suitable for various types of businesses, yard items, and households.

However, it is recommendable to use a climate-controlled self-storage unit to store sensitive items such as musical instruments, antiques, fine arts, and electronics. If you are looking for a climate-controlled self-storage near me, here are the benefits you should consider.

The Unit Has Great Air Quality

Many people tend to overlook the quality of air when shopping for a storage unit. However, the climate-controlled self-storage unit is not sealed like a standard storage unit. Since air keeps continuously circulating within the unit, it remains clean.

Such functionality also eliminates the need to open the unit for fresh air to enter inside occasionally. And therefore, when purchasing a self-storage facility, you should prioritize the air quality because sensitive documents and electronics need high-quality air.

Additional Debris and Dust Barrier

All climate-controlled self-storage units are placed in a building with insulated and sealed roofs, floors, and walls. Therefore, they are less prone to get in contact with dirt or be prone to minor flooding that might accidentally happen in the room.

There is also little chance of insects and rodents living in your self-storage unit. In addition, if you are looking for a climate-controlled self-storage near me, you will get an additional shield against debris and dust. Therefore, you will find your valuables the way you left them, even if they last in the unit for a decade or more.

You Can Choose Humidity Control Units

Many of the climate-controlled self-storage units are fitted with humidity control facilities. You may not see the essence of a humidity control unit until there is a natural variation of the humidity outside the room. With seasonal changes, there comes a time when the amount of moisture drastically changes and becomes intense, especially in winter.

Now at this time, you have to make sure that your self-storage unit provides efficient humidity control to make sure everything is safe. The humidity control unit helps in this case by keeping the base humidity to approximately 55 percent. It does so by removing the excess moisture from the air manually.

You will also find the importance of humidity control when storing antique furniture because the excess moisture can cause such items to start rotting, cracking, or even warping. Contrary to that, self-storage facilities that do not have humidity control may keep your things safe during the spring season and the entire fall; this promotes mildew growth. And at this point, they will no longer be secure regardless of what you keep there.

Everything will start smelling like you had kept them in a basement because high humidity hinders air circulation. It is important to note that humidity is the most significant problem during the stay of your items in the storage facility. Because, in the wake of the summer season, such items will get damaged when dry air now starts circulating inside the facility; they might craze or splinter.

Items Are Protected from Extreme Temperatures

In some parts, temperatures go down to freezing during winter and can rise to 100 degrees during summer. Therefore, if you live in such areas that experience a drastic change in temperatures, there is a possibility that your items will get damaged. However, you can find self-storage near me that protects your items against extreme temperatures.

Since such variations could cause damage to sensitive musical instruments, wood furniture and antiques will start splitting, warping, or even cracking when the temperature goes down due to sudden contraction.  The climate-controlled self-storage near me will help maintain consistent temperatures despite the variations in temperatures due to seasonal changes.


There are numerous benefits to using a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Some of these benefits include; additional debris and dust berries, high-quality air circulations, and some units have humidity control functionalities. The unit also helps maintain a consistent temperature despite the temperature variations due to seasonal changes. Which further protects your items against cracking, warping, or splitting.

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