How to Make Your Garden a Social Space & Party Hub

Now 2022 is in full swing and the winter months are underway, it is natural to start looking forward to the time when you voluntarily spend time in the garden, rather than only nipping outside when absolutely necessary.

With the still-present dangers of too much social exposure to people you don’t know in bars and clubs, this year should be all about smaller, but just as exciting and raucous, social events and parties in your own backyard.

Throwing a party in your garden can be a great way to get creative with your outdoor space. Planning to have succulents as the main attraction can turn a regular garden gathering into something special. Succulents come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and combine nicely with planters or trellises of other plants for an even richer look.

Invite your friends and family to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and converse about an unexpected topic — succulent gardens! Remember to plan where everyone will stand or sit and do fun activities like a potting-it-together competition. Then, light up the succulents with little solar lamps to create an even more magical experience in the evening!

Here, for your information and of course reading pleasure, is how to make your garden a social space and the ultimate party hub.

Striking Backdrops

Dependent on the floorplan and space available in your backyard, a fantastic addition is a statement wall or wall art at the top end of the garden.

You could choose solid and bright color, or else a monochromatic pattern or even cover the wall in artificial grass, moss and other weather-proof plants.

Instead, why not source a beautiful, surreal and ultimately statement piece of outside, waterproof artwork, sculpture or metal creation to become the centerpiece of your outside party space.

Inflatables are an additional option to take into account for your garden party hub in addition to backdrops in solid colors or patterns. Your outside area can benefit from the humorous and whimsical addition of custom inflatable blow-ups, which can also be tailored to match the party’s theme.

Inflatable arches, balloon walls, and even enormous inflatable animals are just a few of the options available. These inflatables can be used as entertaining party decorations or as photo backdrops.

Pergolas & Gazebos

There are no better structures to invest in the building of your own garden than strong, sturdy and aesthetically attractive pergolas or gazebos.

Essentially, choosing one of the myriad of beautiful and low-maintenance pergolas available from reputable and established industry suppliers will transform your outdoor space into the perfect place to wine and dine; no matter what the weather.

Pergolas in particular are fabulously multi-beneficial structures and you can use one as an outdoor dining area, to cover a hot tub and for any other social activity and the bonus is that pergolas are available in a wide range of styles, colors, sizes and designs.


Lighting is one of the key fundamental elements when designing the ultimate party space in your backyard and the beauty is that solar lights are as cost-effective and low maintenance as they are bright, colorful and striking.

Attach chain solar lights across the length of your fence, hang statement lights from your pergola and solar lanterns on the sides of your decking.

Additionally, if you have a pond or pool in your backyard, waterproof floating lights are a brilliant idea to place on the water for parties you’d like to have in the evening.

Plenty of Seating

There is nothing more inviting when stepping through into a garden at the beginning of an outdoor social gathering than seeing plenty of large, bright and fun furniture and furnishings.

If you are somewhat of a self-described DIY expert, then you could even consider upcycling old pieces of garden furniture and covering them with brightly colored and waterproof covers that tie in with the colors and style of the rest of your yard.

Additionally, consider investing in giant, waterproof and exceedingly durable outdoor bean bags to provide additional and more relaxing seating which are absolute perfect for children and adults alike.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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