How to Improve Your Home Security

You might think that the chances of someone breaking into your house are low, but you’d be mistaken. You’re more likely to be a victim of property crime than any other type – according to data published by SafeWise, property crime makes up 85% of all US crime as of 2021.

In this article, we’ll explain why you should improve your home security, how you can pay for it, and share three popular measures you could implement.

Why Improve Your Home Security?

There are many reasons why you should improve your home security.

In the first place, it protects your family and your valuable possessions by making it harder for criminals to break into and enter your home. The mere presence of a robust home security setup is enough to deter many would-be burglars from targeting your property.

But there are many additional benefits that come from improving your home security, such as lower homeowners insurance, remote access to your home, and greater peace of mind.

How to Pay for Home Security Improvements

First, decide which home security improvements your home would most benefit from. Then think about what you can afford and compare your options. Consider what would be the best way to pay for the improvements.

If you use savings, then you might be limited by a smaller budget and may not improve your security as much. But on the other hand, being rejected for a loan could negatively impact your report. But if you take regularly take steps to improve your credit score, there’s less chance of this happening.

Three Popular Home Security Measures

So, what security improvement measure could you take around your home? We’re sharing three of the most popular options below.

  1. Install security cameras: A set of home security cameras give you surveillance over all areas of your house, at all times. The latest models sport futuristic features that enhance your home’s security even more, such as remote feeds that let you view your home on your smartphone or alerts that warn trespassers when they’ve been spotted.
  2. Add bright lighting: A well-lit home makes a bad target for potential thieves, as bright lights make it easy to spot anyone lurking around your property that shouldn’t be there. Consider adding outdoor lighting, lights activated by motion detectors, and lighting around your garden landscaping.  
  3. Upgrade to smart locks: Most burglars have worked out how to pick or circumvent normal locks. Yet smart locks offer a more secure solution, using keypads and codes instead of traditional mechanisms. You can lock and unlock your door remotely via your smartphone, the password of which provides an additional layer of security. And you can usually programme them to lock automatically after a few seconds, removing the risk of forgetting to lock the door.

Property security should be a major concern for every homeowner. Choosing the right improvements and finding ways to fund them can be a challenge. But hopefully, you have a clearer idea of the options available after reading this article. Which home security improvement will you make?


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