Five Signs You Need to Get Your Thermostat Checked by A Professional

Checking the thermostat on your home can be a chore, but it’s important to remember that it needs to be done. Also, heating and cooling systems don’t function properly without human intervention. Here are five signs your thermostat needs to be checked by a professional.

Weird Sounds From Your HVAC Unit

If you hear a high-pitched whine or shrill whistle, it’s usually an indication of a problem with your air conditioner.

The most common cause of AC noise is a loose hose, line, or even a bad fan bearing. You can check for this by opening the cabinet, turning on the fan, and then listening for any unusual noises.

If you hear anything unusual, try turning off the HVAC unit and standing near it until the noise stops. Then turn it back on and listen again to see if that resolved the problem.

If not, call for an HVAC Contractor in Grand Rapids | Haisma Heating & Cooling immediately.

Energy Bills Keep Rising

Many factors contribute to your energy bills, but it’s important to look at your heating and cooling system. Is your system working properly?

If it isn’t, then you need to get it checked out by a professional before you can make any changes.


Thermostat Temperature Keeps Fluctuating

If your thermostat is not working properly, it could be because of several issues. For instance, if you have a manual thermostat, you may notice that the temperature setting doesn’t change as much as it should. That’s because your home’s heating and cooling system is still functioning but might not be working as efficiently as it should.

Alternatively, if you have an electronic thermostat, its settings may not seem to be working right – even though they’re clearly displayed on the screen.

If this happens to you, there are two things you can do. First, try adjusting the temperature setting yourself. If that doesn’t work, consider getting your thermostat checked by a professional who understands how these things work.

The Thermostat is Showing Signs of Physical Damage

A damaged thermostat can signify that your HVAC system needs to be repaired or replaced. If not done on time, you may not get the desired temperature in your home.

This can cause overheating, and you may experience discomfort because of the reduced air quality. Getting a professional opinion on your thermostat before any irreversible damage occurs is important.

House Isn’t Heating Or Cooling

If this happens, you first should check if there is any mold in your home. If there are, then it’s likely that there are leaks in your plumbing system, which can lead to issues with the heating or cooling in your home.

If you have an HVAC system, you must check your thermostat’s temperature settings. Setting too high or too low could cause problems with your HVAC system and ultimately affect how well it functions.


HVAC systems, especially remotely controlled ones, can be tricky to deal with. When they go haywire, it can be an expensive and frustrating ordeal.

To help you avoid the worst-case scenario and get the best service possible, we tried putting together a few tips to know when to service the system. We hope these tips were helpful.

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