NYC Living, Upgraded: A Guide to Automated Shades

New York City is all about the hustle and trying to make the most of your living conditions. However, with rising property and rent prices, people can’t seem to spend a lot of money on house decor, let alone smart home technology. Yet, many NYC residents are overcoming this problem with the help of motorized or automated shades and blinds. 

Finance Digest reports that the global automated blinds and shades market is expected to undergo strong development within the next few years. Much of this development within the automated blinds and shades market will take place in the US. In fact, NYC itself might lead the way here. 

The question is, how are automated shades upgrading NYC life for many, and what practical features do they really offer? Let’s find out. 

Using Automated Shades in NYC – What’s the Fuss All About?

Something is always happening in New York City, and it’s usually demanding people’s attention. It’s easy to assume that, like the city itself, people living in NYC also don’t mind a bit of attention.

As highlighted by Raconteur, NYC residents are almost always busy, usually for work purposes. At the same time, these people like to stand out, so they try their best to do that in whatever way possible. Investing in their NYC homes is one way many locals try to set themselves apart from the crowd. This is where the automated shades come in. 

Automated shades and blinds are inexpensive. According to How-To Geek, automated blinds can cost you between $150 and $300 per window. Given how advanced modern motorized blinds are, they are not that expensive. People looking to give their house some pizzazz opt for automated blinds, and why not? They are pretty to look at and also give off a smart-home vibe to visitors. 

Apart from the glamor factor, automated blinds and shades have a few other features that appeal to the NYC masses. We’ll discuss more about these features soon.

Are Automated Shades Readily Available in NYC?

You can easily find automated shades in NYC. From local window treatment stores to various online platforms, you can buy this type of shade or curtains anywhere in NYC. You just need to make sure that the shades you’re buying are from a reputed brand and dealer. That way, you’ll get the best window treatments with a proper warranty. 

According to The Blinds Source, some popular automated shades brands in NYC include Hunter Douglas, Lutron Serena, QMotion Blinds, and Axis Gear Motorize. Thus, these are some of the best-automated shade options that you can look into in NYC. 

What are the Advantages of Automated Shades?

Here are some of the major advantages of automated or motorized shades and blinds.

Adds Value to Your Home

It might sound weird, but motorized shades can actually add value to your NYC home. At present, motorized shades are considered high-tech decor. Their presence can help you turn any room in your house into a technologically advanced one. 

When it comes to showcasing how technologically advanced a house or apartment is, you hardly think of window treatments. However, automated or motorized shades can make it easier for you to add a bit of technology to your home. Such tech-based additions make your house feel more valuable. 


As mentioned earlier, New York is a busy place. People are always looking to save time in NYC; even the smallest amount of time saved can make a lot of difference. Automated blinds can help in this regard, especially the ones with light sensors.

These shades open and close according to lighting conditions outdoors. They may even be automated to open and close at certain times of the day. It’s not a lot of time saved, but it’s still something. 

Range of Options

You may not believe it, but electronic shades have a lot of options, even more than what many initially expect. 

For starters, there are your basic motorized shades. They open and close with the push of a button on the side. Then there’s the remote control one. It’s the same as the previous type except that it has a remote to let you control it.  

The sensor-automated ones open and close depending on the outdoor lighting situation. Finally, there are the app-controlled ones, which you can operate using a simple mobile app.

On top of all that, these shades come in various styles and designs. Thus, you can use them to enhance the overall aesthetic of your interior. 


If you’re an NYC resident and still haven’t gotten automated blinds, the above-discussed points should convince you to get some immediately. If not, you’re simply yet to explore the possibilities of having automated shades in your imagination. Thus, do yourself a favor and consider getting some automated shades for the full NYC living experience. 


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