7 Strange Things Caught on Home Security Cameras

Surveillance cameras have become a hot commodity in the past few years. They are used to keep an eye on kids and pets while at school or work, and they can also be installed in the home to monitor activity when you’re away.

But this doesn’t mean you’ll always see what’s happening at home onscreen. Sometimes, strange things sneak in through the feed. Here are some of the most bizarre things caught on Home security San Antonio TX cameras:

A Guy Holding a Bag of Trash

A camera was set up to monitor a dumpster in an alleyway. However, it caught a person holding a bag full of trash, and they could make it into the dumpster before emptying it.

Why? Because they were carrying it in one hand while using the other to shove trash into the hole with their foot. What’s weirder is that this person wasn’t trying to hide anything — he just wanted some privacy for his business!

A Curious Cat

This cat has been watching over her owners’ home for years without them realizing it! The family only discovered this when one day they looked up on the camera’s screens and saw a shadow of what appeared to be a tall human standing in front of their window! They were shocked when they realized it was their cat.

A Bear in the Backyard

The homeowner installed a security camera in her backyard, and a few days later, she noticed a bear in her yard through her cameras, looking around for something. She called animal control officers, who promptly showed up and removed the animal.

They told her the huge black bear was probably looking for food because it suffered from malnutrition and was very weak in appearance.

A Person Wearing a Mask

When it comes to Halloween parties, it’s essential to be prepared! One way you can do this is by dressing up in costume before going out in public with your friends or family. Sometimes though, people forget that there could be cameras around them when engaging in suspicious activities (like when they’re trying not to get caught with illegal narcotics).

In this case, a camera caught a middle-aged man wearing a mask while driving down the road. It’s unknown if he was a bulger or a person with harmful intentions, but you can conclude that this is strange.

A Burglar on His Way Out

A man came home one night to find two men breaking into his house through an unlocked window.

One of them ran out of the house after seeing the homeowner coming downstairs with a gun pointed at him, but the other stayed behind to steal some jewelry he saw on the wall nearby before leaving through another.

Baby Stroller on The Lawn

A baby was sleeping in a stroller when it rolled away and landed on the lawn. It wasn’t until a neighbor intercepted it through her camera and called 911 that anyone knew about the abandoned child.

Final Thoughts

Home security cameras are an ideal way to ensure your home is protected. You can keep tabs on your property when you’re away and even have a look at the footage from time to time if something suspicious happens.

Home Base Project Team
Home Base Project Team
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