5 Popular Garage Door Types: Which Style for Your Home?

Picking a new garage door for your home can be fun until you’re faced with different styles and functions! Suddenly the task of finding the best door for your garage becomes a dilemma.

Will it be the fashionable sectional garage door or should you select roller doors to replace the old tilt style you already have?

You could always stick with what you know and opt for the adaptable tilt garage door but customise it to blend in with your home surroundings. This brings you the option of having a bespoke garage door, choosing timber-style or metallic finishes, green or brown, automatic or manual!

Need some info to make the right decision? Let’s talk about the popular types of garage doors you can pick from to enhance the aesthetics of your home façade.

5 Popular Garage Door Types: Which Style for Your Home?

1. Tilt Garage Door

The tilt garage door is one type most of us are familiar with. This traditional up-and-over style is easy to use and is an affordable option for homeowners renovating on a tight budget. Customising this type of door is possible with cladding and colours of your choice. Or, you can simply install a standard design for a fresh look.

Tilt garage doors can be manually operated or motorised. You’ll need to have driveway space to allow you to open and close the doors with minimal interference. When opened, the door lies horizontally to the ceiling. This no-fuss garage door is convenient and secure, fitting in with most home architecture.

2. Sectional Garage Door

A popular choice amoung homeowners is the sectional garage door. Not only does it look attractive but it’s easy to operate and a cost-effective option. The sectional garage door is made of multiple panels that slide up as it opens. You have the option of customising the door to suit your home design, be it modern or traditional, by picking timber-style, metallic finishes or powder coating.

This type of door is ideal for garages with limited headroom space. They can be made to fit most door openings and can be operated remotely. The other advantage of this type of garage door is that it doesn’t open out into the driveway. So, install this type of door if you have limited space outside your garage.

3. Roller Garage Door

Roller garage doors are similar to the sectional type by opening vertically. The design allows for more space inside the garage as well as outside. The ceiling and side walls remain free, giving you more space for installing lighting and storage shelves. This type of garage door can handle heavy usage, making them the ideal choice for commercial buildings.

The roller garage door can be motorised or operated manually. Roller doors can be customised, with various materials and colours of your choice to match your home design. Roller doors can be made to fit both single and double garage openings. This heavy-duty garage door gives you high performance, making them a good pick for all home garages.

4. Side-Hinged Garage Door

Made with wood or steel, the side-hinged door design is a robust option for homeowners looking to maximise on space inside their garage. The doors are designed to open outwards, giving you more storage or working space. Home carpenters and mechanics will find this design a feasible option! This type of garage door may also suit the style of your home especially if you like the barn-style look.

Side-hinged garage doors are normally operated manually and they require ample driveway space when opened. They’re relatively easy to install, but make sure you comply with bylaw standards in your state.

These doors are also easier to maintain, depending on the type of material they’re constructed from. And, with no springs to worry about you don’t have to stress too much about rusting problems!

5. Custom Garage Door

If you’re looking for a unique design for your home, you can deal with a professional company that can help you create a bespoke garage door. While most garage door types can be customised, the custom option gives you more leeway in design and fit.

The custom garage door allows you to:

  • Get the right fit according to the specifications of your specific garage opening.
  • Pick colours and hues to suit your home style and surroundings.
  • Choose between timber, aluminium or steel materials.
  • Select styles with panels, slats, attractive inserts, flush-mounting and more.

Custom garage doors allow you to be creative while matching your home’s unique design. They’re also ideal for non-standard openings with specific requirements. This option also gives you more freedom to decide how you want your home façade to look.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right type of door for your garage needn’t be a painful experience! It’s about deciding what you want from your garage doors such as more space, better aesthetics, ease of use, security or affordability.

Installing a popular garage door type is a worthwhile investment. But, it also influences your home’s value, so make sure you get the style that best suits your home design as well as personal needs.

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Home Base Project Team
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