What to Look for in a Professional Pest Control Expert

There’s nothing worse than looking under the sink and finding a roach infestation. Every time you turn on the lights, they scatter away, but you know they’ll be back before long.

Sure, traps can ensnare or kill a few of them. However, there are no half-measures when it comes to eradicating pests. You need to get them all, and nobody does that better than a professional pest control expert.

But how do you know which service to hire? Please read on to learn what to look for in professional pest control.

Custom Chemicals

Leading professional pest control services use much stronger chemicals than are commercially available at the hardware store or corner store. You can’t buy these solutions and use them on your own. Hiring companies is the only way to access the sprays that genuinely work.

If you want to waste time and money purchasing commercial chemicals that don’t get the job fully done, go ahead. It’s smarter, faster, and cheaper to let the professionals at it. Make sure the company you hire has their own patent solutions. You don’t want to hire someone to apply a spray you could do on your own.

Before you hire anybody, confirm that the strong chemicals they use aren’t too strong. In other words, they should be safe for pets and for the environment. Hire a pest control company that makes its own sprays using ingredients approved by Health Canada.

You don’t want to accidentally cause another problem downstream while fixing this one.

Expert Knowledge

For most people, the only thing they know about pests is that they don’t like them! If you were to ask if they could differentiate between different species of cockroaches, they’d come up short.

Leading experts need to understand the habits and tendencies of every type and subspecies of pest to kill them more effectively. It’s not enough to know that roaches gravitate toward food and water sources.

The best pest control experts can visit your premises and get rid of other things that draw them to your property and know many secrets to uproot an infestation.

Proactive Protection

You’ll feel incredible relief when a pest infestation is eradicated, but it’s even better to prevent one from arising in the first place. Leading pest control experts offer a Home Protection Plan which gives you proactive protection from pests.

First, the expert will visit your home and inspect for pest attractants. If they see things like piles of wood or construction materials where pests tend to burrow, they’ll remove them before they attract unwelcome visitors.

If they find any existing pests on your property, they’ll remove the infestation root and stem. They’ll also do a preventative treatment with follow-ups to ensure it works. Such a comprehensive approach should fix the problem of food.

If somehow there are still pests afterwards, they’ll get rid of them for free.


It’s hard to read a website and truly know what the company is like. Every business tends to praise itself in its own promotional literature.

That’s why it’s a good idea to look for a company that has been in operation for years, as they’ll have a track record you can examine. User reviews can help you here.

The longer the company has existed, the better. If they’ve become a local fixture over a number of years, you’ll feel a lot more confident before letting them into your home to eliminate a pest infestation.

Friendly and Professional

Finally, the leading pest control experts are sensitive to how you’re likely to be feeling during an infestation. Any visitor in someone’s home should be well-mannered, and technicians should always be professional.

This goes double for pest control experts working to safeguard your home from a gross, icky threat. The sight of pests makes people understandably squeamish, but these little critters also play a role in spreading diseases and illnesses.

There’s never a good time to have a strange stranger in your home, but when these gross little creatures are crawling around, that’s probably the last thing you need. Look for a local business run by people who know the technicians they’ll dispatch to your door.

Pest control experts have a lot of skills, experience, and knowledge that most people don’t, but some are much better than others. To kill any pests in your home or pre-emptively prevent an infestation from occurring in the first place, look for a company that can deliver on all the above points.

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Home Base Project Team
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