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Trip lever tub drain won’t stay open – Of course, missing your warm and hot bath on a dry day is frustrating. Specifically, if the trip lever tub drain won’t stay open it will worsen the tub.

When the water stays back without draining will make a huge mess.

Thus, once you sense that your bathtub is not working like before, then you must choose to examine it as soon as possible. But, first, check the article beneath to know it completely.

What Is The Functionality Of Trip Lever?

You are required to know the work of the trip lever. As in general, it will be situated behind your tub wall that is precisely the bottom of the faucet and controls the drain stopper.

Also, a metal plate will hide the trip lever. Finally, you are all set to operate using the connected switch.

At the same time, a metal link system attaches the lever to a rod that controls the drain stopper. So now you can get that is the exact mechanism of the bathroom sinks. Thus, when the faucet gets pulled up, then the drain stopper goes down.

For sure, you all have seen the visible toggle. Of course, you use it while bathing. But if you need to look at the trip lever, then you must remove the plate. That’s why to understand the way water is present in the tub. In case any issue arises, better check it.

What Are The Two Types Of Drain Systems That Trip Levers Will Function?

Of course, the drain systems are of two, and they will be functioning on the trip lever, such as lift-bucket plungers and pop-up stoppers.

About Lift-Bucket Drain

If you look at a lift-bucket system, you can witness a switch linked to a vertical rod inside the overflow pipe. If you check the front end, then there the overflow pipe will be available.

The vertical rode here is belongs to the plunger. That will helps to seals the drain at the bottom of the overflow tube. Also, there is no pop-up stopper.

What Is Pop-Up Drain?

The pop-up drains make use of the horizontal rocker arm. Also, the trip lever is the one that will control the arm it alone present in the pop-up plug. It will be mounted on the drain opening. It is what makes the plunger gets a link with the horizontal rocker arm.

The plunger is nothing but the spring that will help push down on the arm to make the stopper into an open position. Thus when the trip lever moved closer then the gravity drops the stopper down and seals the drain.

Why The Trip Lever Will Get Damage?

The reasons are so many. But once the trip lever gets damaged, then its time to change it. For example, suppose you look at a lift-bucket system in that the plunger can get caught in the overflow tube.

Once it happened, then no way for the plunger to quickly move in any direction.

In the case of an ill-adjusted vertical rod, the rod will get placed in the wrong way. This will cause the plunger to stop dropping. So, automatically the seal won’t work correctly.

In the case of pop-up stoppers, the horizontal connecting rod will get damage.

It will bend, so then is no control over the stopper; thus, it will never drain the water from the tub. Instead, it will present as such.

Fix The Repaired Trip Lever Tub Drain Won’t Stay Open

Suppose if your bathtub drain stops draining as well as it is not retaining enough water, then you must indeed check it. Additionally, if you feel hard to handle the switch, it gets loose or stuck, which is also a sign.

To resolve it, not much fixation is needed. All you need to do is performing basic steps. After you need to take the cover plate and check the metal link system, make sure all the wires are connected correctly.

If the parts are filled with lots of dust and debris, you need to clean them. You are all set to use CLR, lime, and calcium to clean the rust present. At the same time, if the mechanism is wholly collapsed, you must fix it for sure.

At the same time, if the link system gets affected, then change it. Then, you can choose any drain stopper easily.

What Is The Procedure To Change Stuck Trip Lever?

In case if the bathtub trip lever won’t stay open. The reason why you need to consider means then it will get stuck. If you want to replace it, look at the tools you want to do the project.

Tools You Prerequisite To Do The Project


Small scrub brush

CLR or similar cleaner

Adjustable wrench

Step 1: Initially, You Must Remove The Cover Plate And Stopper Or Plunger

Make use of the screwdriver to remove the overflow cover plate, and then you need to place it near the side of the screws thus you can stop losing it. For those who have a lift-bucket system, you must adequately replace the vertical connecting rod and the plunger by opening it.

If you have a pop-up stopper, all you ought to do is take out the horizontal arm and the spring. But, at the same time, suppose the stopper fits between the spring’s coils you must extract the stopper for sure.

Step 2: After That Sanitize The Plunger Or Spring

No matter the category of the drain system you have, you are required to clean the plunger and spring. All you need is the scrub brush that will help you to clean the equipment superbly. If you want, you are all set to clean the whole metal link system using CLR.

Step 3: You Ought To Make Adequate Adjustments

If you are available with the lift-bucket system, you can either extend the vertical connecting rod. To perform this, all you need to do is change the linkage to let the plunger drop lower into the overflow tube. Along with that, if your tub is not draining better, you can tweak it.

It will help the plunger to comes up. Alternatively, for the pop-up stopper, you are required to make some adjustments to the connecting rod. Of course, you need a lot of practice.

Step 4: Reunite The Stopper

You are required to insert the applicable items again using the overflow opening and connect. After that, you ought to use the screwdriver to put the cover plate back into place. Now you must on the water supply and then make sure the stopper has fitted correctly.

If this procedure didn’t bring any changes or else if it has so much rust, it is required to replace the whole system. Here, you need the help of the professional who has a lot of experience in it.

Steps To Follow To Change The Bathtub Trip Lever Stopper

If you choose to replace the bathtub trip lever stopper, it never makes you put much effort and all. Most people think that it is hard to do. At the same time, if you have more knowledge, it never makes you use up much time.

That’s why few people efficiently deal with this issue within some seconds. On the other hand, some think that this project is challenging to do.

The reason why you ought to prefer trip-lever drain stoppers it is available with some complex mechanism when compared with some other drain systems.

No matter what purchasing the new stopper is always great, and it will never make you spend much effort and time.

What Are The Equipment’s Required To Do The Project?

  • Screwdriver
  • Gloves and goggles
  • Hacksaw
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • New stopper and stopper body
  • Rubber gasket
  • Plumber’s putty

Step 1: First Of All You Need To Remove The Cover Plate And Linkage

You are required to make use of a screwdriver to remove the cover plate. After that, you need to fix the screws in the correct position. Later you need to take out the linkage from the inside of the drum and set it to the side.

Step 2: Try To Remove the Old Stopper and Stopper Body from the tub 

Of course, in this step, you are required to take the stopper and the stopper body. At the same time, the stopper body is nothing but the metal ring which will be around the tub drain. There is also another easy you can use to remove the stopper.

You can pull or else twist the stopper, and that will effortlessly open. Never forget to wear gloves as well as goggles when it comes to remove the stopper’s body. Along with that, you can avail the hacksaw to cut a small notch in the ring.

Then it would be best if you extricated it with the hammer and chisel. The reason why you ought to use gloves and goggles will protect you from any random shards that will come to your face and hands. It is the way to remove both stoppers as well as stopper bodies.

Step 3: Now You Need To Mount The New Stopper And Stopper Body

The second you have removed all of the old systems, you must install the new system. That is why you need to change the rubber gasket at this time. Also, you are required to use a plumber’s putty on the stopper body/flange bottom.

It will undoubtedly be present in the tub, so check for it. After that, you need to screw the stopper into the drain. Then, finally, you are required to install it properly in the hole present.

Step 4: Eventually, You Need To Change The Linkage And Cover Plate

Finally, it would help if you chose to change the linkage and mechanism. After that, you need to change the cover plate. That’s all. The bathtub is ready to take the best bath.

If you choose to change the new trip mechanism, it is always best to connect with professionals. That’s why you ought to follow steps to change it.

Check The Related Questions And Answers

What is the best way to resolve the bathtub won’t retain water issue?

If your tub is not retaining water for your use, you can quickly solve this problem. All it needs is simple DIY tools. You are all set to purchase a silicone suction tub stopper anywhere fast, and it costs only $4.

At the same time, if your tub drains without any issue, all you ought to do is make the tub complete. It will help you in many ways.

For sure, it will instantly fix the problem in case if the issue gets wider. Later you can go for some permanent DIY, or else you can contact a plumber as well.

What are the different kinds of drain stoppers available for a bathtub?

If you look for trip-levers, some drain stoppers include lift-and-turn, push-and-pull, pop-up, toe-touch, and flip-it stoppers. You ought to choose these kinds of pins which you can efficiently operate and clean too.

It will work both trip-levers and pop-ups. So if you want to change the trip-lever, then all you ought to do is swap it with a stopper, and it is adequate to use.


Thus, you ought to follow the above procedures to avoid trip lever tub drain won’t stay open still the issue exists instead of wasting time consulting a pro.

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