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Toilet flapper closes too soon – In every home, the toilet is the most crucial part. Therefore, you have to maintain it properly.

Even the toilet flapper is the best part of the system, and it must work properly. The toilet flapper closes too fast, and then you need to know some effective fixes.

Generally, all are using the flush toilet system. Once this system is having any issues, then you have to repair it quickly. For example, some people find the toilet flapper closes too fast. Of course, it is repulsive.

Once it happens, your toilet runs the water all time. Don’t worry and you can overcome the issues quickly by yourself. When you know the fixes, then you can do it effortlessly.

For instance, if your toilet flapper closes too fast, you have to check different things like slack adjust the float, examine the condition of the flapper etc.

Including, you have to inspect the drainage hole is clogged or not!! Even you have to check the water level in your tank. Many people do not know what to do when the toilet flapper closes too soon. It is all about the power of flush!!

In this article, you can quickly learn all possible solutions to fix your toilet flapper issues. Once you start testing the flapper, then you can find the problems quickly and fix them by yourself.

All these fixes are common for all kind of toilet flappers, from old to new. So try to solve the problem with proper fixes.

Effective Ways to Fixing Your Toilet Flapper Closes Too Soon Issues-

1. Inspect The Slack

The slack can make the chain get looseness between the flush lever, trip lever, and flapper in the toilet. The slack are keeping the flapper open when you are flushing the toilet. But sometimes, the slack will not open the flapper, and it will keep the flapper open too long.

The slack in the toilet system are considered as a most significant issue. To overcome this problem, you have to check the chain with the quarter to half an inch of slack. Now, you can flush the toilet quickly and also you can easily pull the chain.

Even it allows you to get fresh water to flush your toilet. Similarly, there are various possible reasons are accessible for closing the toilet flapper before flushing. For these reasons, the toilet flapper does not stay up!!

2. Adjust The Float

In the toilet system, the float is the buoyant cork that is highly triggering the valve. Including, it will prevent the overflow of filling water once after flushing.

Otherwise, the float is accessible in the shape of a big ball, and it always depends on the type of flush you use. The float in the toilet comes under height adjustable!!!

If the floater height is low means, the tank not is filling with enough water. Therefore, the result is the toilet flapper closing too soon.

But the waste is not disposed of correctly once the flapper closes too soon. When you realize your water pressure is low while flushing, then this problem may be the reason.

3. Examine The Condition Of The Flapper 

The toilet flapper has the air bubble inside, and the flapper in the toilet may not work correctly. When the trip lever pulls the flapper, the toilet flapper’s air bubbles are made floating to stay open.

Once the water runs down, then through the drainage hole, the siphons the air bubble with the flapper. But that significantly triggers the flappers. Suppose the flapper does not have the air bubbles, then it does not maintain the floating to open. Then it is closed too soon.

You have to replace the flapper in that time but make sure you have to choose the right flapper. When you buy the new one, you have to consider the size of the flapper installed in the tank.

These ways help to solve these issues quickly. Try to change your flapper and get new on with a water level adjustable solution. Then you can get freedom at maintaining the flow of water.

4. Try To Clear Out The Drainage Hole If It Clogged

In some cases, the drainage hole is clogged with a calcium deposit in water. It can cause the water in the flush tank to make it slowly empty while flushing.

This will give the outcome that your flapper classes too fast. It is because this is not having enough water flushing down. To fix these issues, you have to stop the water supply and remove the flapper, empty the toilet tank.

Now, you have to use a long rod to poke the drainage hole to clear the path. Here pour the lime in the hole and leave it overnight. Connect the flapper the next day and open the water supply. Then, try to fill up the tank once again. Then you can resolve it!!

5. Remove The Foam Float.

There are many more flapper designs that are accessible, but some are having flexible foam float. The toilet system gives the option of half flush. In this condition, the half flush causes the flapper to close soon.

The flush keeps the flapper open and hold it flush for a longer time. Another method to deal with these issues is you have to remove the foam float from the chain. Then you can get a full flush ideally. You can quickly check the problems by running the test flush.

6. Inspect The Float

If your toilet flapper is working means properly, the problem is accessible in the float. The float ends up waterlogged. Moreover, the float has air and that are helps to keep buoyant in the toilet tank.

When the float is filling with water, then it loses its floating because of the hole. Then it is not having able to keep the trip lever valve open for a longer time. Now, the flush lever is released, and then the tension of the system is closed too fast.

Here, you can change the new flapper with foam. It will help to make the buoyant to keep the flapper open for longer. Before fixing any of your toilet flushing issues, it is a must to identify the problems.

Before you have to confirm that your toilet flapper closes too soon, foremost, you have to observe the flapper.

7. Use The Right Lever Hole To Hook The Chain.

The flush lever has numerous holes that are located from each other. The end of the flapper chain hooks is to get holes that maintain the slack. To the process, you have to remove the lid from the tank. Then you have to check what you want.

For instance, the chain does not connect the opening, and it is having an inaccurate slack. So now, you have to find the place of the hole on the lever to maintain the slack. This helps to keep the flapper open for longer.

8. Inspect The Water Level Height In The Tank

Once the toilet tank has the wrong water heights that are easily affect the toilet flapper. Therefore, the water height you have to consider. That should be ¼ inch from under overflow water level.

In the overflow pipe, you can find the marking that helps get the ideal water height. Then you can adjust the level based on your flapper issues.

Once after trying all the above ways, you have to hire the professional plumber to get help. With professional help, you can quickly solve the issues. If you install the modern toilet system, then you have to install it properly. Try to consider the water supply that should be flexible and efficient.

9. Things To Remember for Fixing Toilet Flapper Closes Too Soon

It is a common issue the toilet flapper closes too soon!! But you can solve the problems quickly. Otherwise, it is hard to find the problems in your toilet. Once you understand the issues, you examine them properly.

The issues may be more minor or more extensive, and you can solve them. For example, by checking the float adjusting, clearing the drain float and adjusting the chain, you can solve it.

If you are having the same issues once after adjusting and checking the flapper, you have to try some driano. If it also not works to fix the clogs, then you have to call the professionals.

They are connecting the situation and resolving the problem. If you want to find the toilet flapper closes too fast, then you have to find how to fix it to make it open for longer.

Call the professional is most important!! Then, you can get the solution properly as well quickly. Otherwise, you can figure out the issues you have with the professional. Apart from that, you can find and figure out what the problem is.

Then you can buy the material and work on your own. In this way, you can save a lot. Therefore, try to utilize the fixes!!

Related Questions

What Are the Methods to Make the Toilet Flapper Stay Open Longer?

Foremost, the flapper ought to rise. Otherwise, you have to adjust the tension if the chain is loose. By unhooking the chain from the handle, you can do this easily.

Now, you have to try to flush the toilet. When the flapper is rising vertically, then you can make it successfully.

Does It Need Afloat on the Toilet Flapper?

Of course, you need the chain float on your toilet flapper. It is because it will help it to stay open for longer. Moreover, the water can get into the bowl to allow flushing even though you can adjust the float based on your need. You can control the flapper and make it stay open. Then you can get the best flush.

Is It Available a Different Size of Flapper for the Toilet?

Usually, the toilet flapper is accessible in various sizes. Based on inches, you can choose it. Use two-inch of the flapper is common!! The new toilet is designed for three-inch flappers. Therefore, before purchasing the new one, you have to know it and check the flapper’s size first.


Now, you can clarify the toilet flapper closes too fast and how to fix it properly. Try to make your toilet flapper stay open for longer!! You need to check and find the issues on your own or call the professional.

Otherwise, you have to replace if necessary. This guidance helps to solve the problems in your toilet. Hereafter, you can resolve the possible issues with these fixes.

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