The Importance of Regular Landscaping Maintenance

Research studies and surveys have repeatedly confirmed the benefits of having well-maintained green spaces around properties for both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Strategically planted trees also offer shade and cooling while acting as windbreaks.

Landscape maintenance is essential to increasing their property’s curb appeal, whether that means entertaining family and friends or seeking to sell or rent their home. A beautifully maintained landscape will help draw potential buyers or renters in, but how do you keep it up?

Seasonal Tasks for Maintaining Your Landscape

An attractive landscape adds value and benefits to homes, businesses and commercial properties alike. A properly maintained lawn also promotes healthy environments by increasing oxygen in the air and curbs appeal – as well as adding value. If you are seeking ways to add value and beauty to your property consider hiring professional landscape services to assist in handling seasonal maintenance tasks such as trimming, mulching, fertilization and watering for optimal results.

Maintaining landscaping maintenance can be an exhausting and time-consuming task, with endless weedings, dead plant pruning, bush trimming and grass cutting tasks to do on an annual basis. As such, many property owners opt for hiring a landscape service instead to handle seasonal maintenance needs in an effective and timely manner – saving both time and money in the process! Hiring such services could prove more cost effective in saving time than doing the task on their own.

Springtime is when your lawn and plants require serious TLC after the harsh winter, typically through cleaning it up and preparing it for growth season. A typical clean-up by the pros at includes tasks such as raking, mulching, mowing, trimming back plants and shrubs as well as pruning back shrubbery. It also covers weeding out and aerating the soil; this is also an ideal opportunity to conduct soil tests as well as purchase and plant new spring plants.

Proper landscape maintenance year-round ensures that plants and grass remain lush and vibrant – good for both the environment and overall health of your landscape. Regular mowing, weeding, trimming and watering prevent invasive weeds, help manage diseases in plants and keep soil healthier.

Trees, flowers, and shrubs that are in good health are much more resilient against adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, and heat. On the contrary, neglected landscapes may become susceptible to disease, pest infestation, and extreme temperatures resulting in damage and even disease outbreak.

Gardeners can take advantage of spring to prepare gardens for new plantings, trim trees and remove fallen leaves and debris, perform annual weeding and mulch beds to reduce water loss from soil, as well as fertilize lawns and shrubs with fertilizers.

As autumn comes around, planting autumnal flowers and bulbs for vibrant hues throughout your landscape is a good idea. Now is also an opportune time to prune deciduous trees and shrubs by cutting back dead or weak branches, encouraging new growth, shaping plants as needed, installing cold protection such as tree wraps or frost blankets or even cloches to provide extra cold protection and provide warmth during chilly evenings.

Once winter hits, landscape maintenance tasks include clearing away ice and snow to keep employees, clients and visitors safe from injury. Cleaning outdoor water features is also key as is checking climbing plants to make sure they can be tied safely onto stakes or trellises. Finally, mulch gardens and landscape beds with two to three inches of wood chips or evergreen bark to shield roots from frost damage during the cold months ahead.

Hiring Professional Landscaping Services for Maintenance

Professional landscape maintenance services can help relieve homeowners of some of their daily workload and ensure their outdoor space remains beautiful. Experienced professionals know all the ins and outs of gardening, planting trees and shrubs, mowing lawns, fertilizing ground coverings, controlling pests, shaping rocks and stones and more to get the most from their designs – saving time, money and energy over time.

Regular landscaping maintenance not only enhances your property’s curb appeal but can also increase property values by up to 15%, according to Virginia Tech research. Landscaping services provide you with numerous landscaping solutions for your yard from creating water features and installing walkways all the way up to providing plant feeding/protection.

Depending on your HOA rules (if you have any, like these) what can and cannot be done in your yard could be strictly limited. A landscaper can help you navigate these restrictions to ensure that your landscaping meets HOA specifications while simultaneously creating an annual maintenance plan to keep it looking its best year round.

Professional landscaping services will be able to identify issues and repairs before they become bigger problems, while they’ll also identify areas where you might be over or under watering plants and provide solutions that could save money in the long run. Hiring professional landscapers could save you both time and money over time!

As well as seasonal tasks, commercial landscaping teams offer year-round maintenance that includes mulching, trimming, hand pruning, weed control, fertilization, drainage system maintenance, irrigation testing and repairs as well as pest management to keep your landscape in tiptop shape year round – creating consistent and inviting appearances for both businesses or residences. This can help ensure consistent appearances for each season of business or residence life.

Understanding the difference between maintenance and management of your landscape is vitally important. While maintenance involves keeping things as they currently are, management takes a more preventative approach by identifying issues which might otherwise cause issues to surface in the first place and taking measures to address those problems before they cause irreparable harm to a space – this might involve performing a full landscape audit to ascertain which action are most suitable to taking place.

No matter if its retail property or corporate office, having an inviting commercial landscape can attract customers. A neglected or disorganized property sends the wrong message about your brand or customer experience and could harm sales. Hiring a landscaping service to manage maintenance needs year round will guarantee your property remains looking its best year round.

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