How to Style Your Garden for Outdoor Living

More and more Brits are using their gardens as an extension of their home’s living space. With the right styling, you can create an outdoor area perfect for relaxing, socialising, or even working from home when the weather allows. The weather in the UK isn’t always suitable for spending a lot of time outdoors, but with the right approach, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy your garden on cooler, wetter days.

Follow these tips to style your garden for outdoor living this summer. 

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Opt for furniture that can serve several purposes rather than dedicated outdoor sofas or dining sets. Bean bags, folding wooden chairs, and padded benches are great flexible seating options. You can cluster chairs together to chat or pull them apart for solitary reading. Look for tables with wheels or foldable legs to move them around easily as needed. Dual-purpose furniture lets you rearrange your space for different activities.

Incorporate Colour

Bright cushions, throws, and planters introduce pops of colour to your garden. Herb planters along the patio edges infuse fresh greens and let you season foods cooked outdoors. Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers add vibrant punches of colour to the garden backdrop. Use weather-resistant fabrics on cushions and outdoor rugs to inject colour that lasts. Exchange shades with the seasons for an evolving look.

Provide Shelter and Shade

A pergola, gazebo, large umbrella, or canopy allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when it rains or shines brightly. Position a waterproof canopy near the house for shelter that lets you move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Place lounging chairs in a shady corner under a tree for reading nooks. A pop-up gazebo creates an instant space for dining al fresco or working outside. 

Consider investing in a more permanent structure, like a summer house. Bespoke summer houses come in many different designs and can even add value to your home. Shop around for the best prices and bear in mind you’ll need a level area that’s paved or concreted.

Illuminate for Nighttime Use

To extend time spent outdoors, incorporate lighting so you can use the space after sunset too. String fairy lights across fences and trees to create a magical ambiance. Place lanterns on side tables or light up foliage with strategically angled spotlights. Flickering candlelight instantly makes an outdoor area feel cosier for evening gatherings. Choose solar lamps to reduce outdoor wiring.

Zone with Pathways and Planting

Break up your garden into functional zones connected by paths. A paved patio near the kitchen doors makes an ideal outdoor dining space. Stepping stone pathways through planted borders lead to a secluded lawn ringed by flower beds, perfect for playing, practicing yoga, or picnicking. Frame a chunky wooden bench with evergreen shrubs for a private reading nook tucked away at garden’s end. 

With the right mix of multi-use furniture, shade sources, colours, lighting, and planting, your garden can become an extension of your living space. The summer months will open up countless hours to relax, entertain and enjoy the outdoors at home.


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